Friday, April 25, 2014
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#Israel suspends peace talks with Palestinians The Israeli government has decided to halt peace talks with the Palestinians in response to a new unity agreement between rival Palestinian factions.
Russian jets hold drills near #Ukraine border The Russian military has conducted fighter-jet drills in the southwestern Krasnodar region close to Ukrainian territory.
Move to curb foreign fighters in #Syria Delegates from several European countries and the United States, Turkey, Morocco, Jordan and Tunisia are to meet next month to discuss ways to stop young fighters from leaving their countries to join rebel groups in Syria, Belgium says.
UN fund pays $990m in #Kuwait compensation A United Nations panel that settles claims for damages resulting from Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait has paid out another $990 million.

The New Interventionists: Civil Society Activists

Civil Society ActivistsParticipating in the intervention debates that have raged periodically in the United States ever since the Vietnam War in the 1960’s, and of course earlier in less contested settings, and elsewhere, I have been struck by a defining encounter between those who are dogmatically opposed to intervention per se and those who rarely confront a call for intervention that they do not feel persuaded by. The traditional focus of policy discussion proceeds on the assumption that what is controversial concerns the forcible character of a proposed intervention by governmental actors to coerce some kind of major change in the regime or policies of a foreign sovereign state.

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Free Speech Or Bribery?

Campaign financeLegalizing Bribery

On Wednesday 2 April 2014 the U.S. Supreme court took another step toward the destruction of campaign finance reform with a five to four decision known as McCutcheon v. Federal Elections Commission. One gets the feeling that this is part of a general campaign, waged by class-biased, ideologically committed conservatives, against government regulation, which they see as somehow a violation of their constitutional rights. As if to suggest that this is so, the Court majority rationalized their decision in the name of “free speech.”

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Top Headline
Jewish and Palestinian Boycotts

Defending the Defensible
by Vacy Vlazna

“The Boycott is a Moral Substitute for War” -Bertha V Corets

Oh dear, poor Israel. Poor Israel - the world’s 4th largest nuclear military power. Poor Israel - the serial war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression violator. Poor barbaric Israel is being picked on by the non-violent Boycott Divestment...

Spain's rightward plunge

by Belen Fernandez

Following the 2009 coup d'etat in Honduras against President Manuel Zelaya, whose ever-so-slightly left-leaning inclinations were deemed unacceptable by the powers that be, months of overwhelmingly peaceful anti-coup protests took place....

Operation Parrot and the Crisis in Ukraine

One of the fascinating aspects of the crisis in Ukraine is the response of the mainstream media in both Russia and the United States. The response is precisely the same, with the press in each country offering unconditional support to the official line of its own government. The U.S. mainstream press pokes fun at the Russian mainstream press for parroting the official line put...

Military Occupation, Apartheid, and Torture

UN Report on Palestine

The outgoing Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Richard A. Falk, submitted in accordance with Human Rights Council (HRC) resolution 5/1 his last report on the dire conditions under which the Palestinian people have to live.  Falk’s final presentation addresses Israeli settlements...

An Oslo Criminal

The death of Ron Pundak, one of the original Israeli architects of the 1993 Oslo agreement, brought that historic event back into the public eye.

Gideon Levy reminded us that the Rightist rabble-rousers, in their furious onslaught on the agreement, called the initiators “Oslo criminals” – a conscious echo of one of Adolf Hitler’s main slogans on his way to power....

Where do we go from here?

by Adam Keller

John Kerry does not come over any more, but he still sends his personal representative Martin Indyk. Once again a meeting was convened between the representatives of the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, again an effort to achieve at least an extension of the negotiations, and again it failed, and again an American announcement  that...



Top Headline
American Democracy Now an Oligarchy

by Joel S. Hirschhorn

History has been made. But few Americans are aware of it or angry about it. I say: Wake up Americans. A war has been waged against US democracy, from the inside. Time to pick a side and fight back.

Obama Plays with Fire in Ukraine

“The U.S. is sending about 600 ground troops to Eastern Europe … to ‘reassure’ allies there as Washington resumes its campaign of pressure on Russia over the Ukraine standoff.” — POLITICO

How many American parents would proudly send their sons and...

Indian 2014 elections

Fight between secularism and communalism

The campaigns for the ongoing elections have since become too shrill, acrimonious and bitter for ordinary citizens to stomach. Allegations, insinuations, innuendoes, et al, have been flying thick and fast between the two major contending political parties, the Indian National Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

What Should the Palestinians Do?

by M.J. Rosenberg

The efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have ground to a halt. The Netanyahu government clearly has no interest in any agreement that would require it to give up the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority has no interest in negotiating until the Israeli government demonstrates willingness to negotiate seriously over the West Bank. And the Obama...

Johnny Racist and a White Jew With a Fat Arse

A black musician friend told me a funny story the other day. Among his sins he regularly attends black comedy nights here in London. On these nights the comedians are black and the audience predominantly so. But the other night a big white young woman settled in the front row. It didn’t take long before one of the female stand up artists picked on her.

Let’s Get Lethaler

You’d think that we Americans would have enough stuff to worry about. Severe drought desiccating a third of the country. A political system whose major talent is demonstrating stasis in action. The rich using the poor as fleshy paving stones for the road to mansions on the hill. Ben Affleck as Batman.



Top Headline

Russia starts military drills

Russia has started military drills near the Ukrainian border in response to operations by Ukrainian forces against pro-Kremlin separatists and NATO exercises...


To summarise today's developments

* Ukraine forces clear three checkpoints outside the separatist held town of Slovyansk. Up to five people are reported killed.

* Russian president...


Armored BTR troop carrier

Another video, this one showing what looks like an armored BTR troop carrier near the burning remains of a checkpoint. Posted by Igordolar on Youtube,...


Another video on the roadblock operation

Another video on the roadblock operation, this time uploaded to Youtube by Graham Phillips. It is described as showing the aftermath of an attack on a...


Russia warns Ukraine over use of troops

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, said on Thursday that there would be consequences if Kiev authorities had used the army against pro-Russian activists...

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