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The spurious in India
2011.01.31 20:43:14


The other day the Bhopal edition of a national daily reported a raid on a local manufacturing unit of spurious Unani medicines. Unani is a traditional system of medicine which has been practiced in the country for centuries. Although the name suggests that the system is Grecian, it in fact is a Greco-Arabic system that is widely taken recourse to in South Asia. No wonder, it is generally patronised by Muslims, who would seem to have adopted it as their own. Certainly not as expensive as its allopathic counterparts, Unani for the poor is a default medical system. And, quite heartlessly, there are people who apparently are prepared to harm the hapless poor for a few quick bucks by having them treated by fake medicines.


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A Chinese national park - example for India
2011.01.21 18:39:32

China is generally known for the environmental degradation that it has wrought in its various regions in its quest for rapid economic growth. Reports of extensive desertification, contamination of its rivers, air pollution, acid-rains and so on frequently emanate from the country. That it has been taking firm steps to protect and nurture its natural assets – of late, with greater vigour – is, however, not so well-known. It has created numerous national parks in several batches since 1982, with the last and the seventh batch of national parks coming into existence in 2008. As on date the country has as many as 208 national parks. Massive investments are being made to modernise these parks, conserve their ecology and to provide good and sufficient facilities for inland and foreign tourists.


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It's time to introduce sustainable transport
2011.01.03 15:28:33

The news has just come in that Beijing municipal administration has decided to restrict the quota of passenger vehicles for 2011 to 20000 a month. The monthly quota will be distributed among fleet buyers and first-time private buyers of passenger vehicles. Only permanent residents of Beijing as well as those in police and military services would be eligible to buy new cars in 2011.


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The Tiger Summit and the Indian "Tiger State"
2010.12.28 17:58:45

With as few as 3200 tigers in the wilds of the world as many as thirteen tiger-range countries met in November 2010 in Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg in an effort to save the species.  They committed around $300 million during the next five years towards doubling the current world population of the species by 2022. Hosted by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, governments concerned capped a year-long political process with new funding to support the plan, known as the Global Tiger Recovery Programme


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Sehrish Khan
Viewing It The Pakistani Way on 'Doing More'
2010.12.19 18:49:14


The latest WikiLeaks exposures conclude that Pakistan has been under constant US influence and pressure to intensify the fight against terrorism, flourishing swiftly inside its borders.US President Barack Obama has praised the Pakistani leadership for the increased cooperation still the results are 'uneven' and 'unsubstantial' says a latest assessment report of the new Af-Pak strategy imposed last year. Pakistan on the other hand has been persistently complaining about the unsatisfactory world response towards its tremendous sacrifices in the war against terror.  Hasan Zafar, a defence analyst quotes, "This war is costing too much. We paid heavy price for it. Our economy is devastated and we are still losing lives, still we are being dictated to 'do more' ".

Tags: Afghanistan | Pakistan | US | Barack Obama | Terrorism | Taliban

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Of malls, hypermarkets and consumerism
2010.12.02 15:53:13

The other day our entire family visited Hyper City, the new hyper-market in the premises of the mall known as DB City. Promoted by a big vernacular media group, the Mall is situated close to the biggest business district of the central Indian city of Bhopal. Built on the pattern of any other mall, it is gradually filling up with shops, chain-stores, eateries and even a bowling alley, currently a curiosity in the town.


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Palestine Memorial Week to be held across UK
2010.11.24 20:00:39
As the Palestinian cause continues; the suffering of its people gets longer. Activities of solidarity grow day by day. More people are learning about Palestine. Whilst, Israel carries on with its apartheid and grim racist policies against Palestinians. In the United Kingdom, a number of organizations work tirelessly to lobby the politicians and mobilize the people for the sake of Palestinian cause.

Tags: Palestine

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India's "Tiger State" finds tigers dispensible
2010.11.07 15:09:59

The other day, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, chief minister (CM) of Madhya Pradesh (MP), came out with a startling statement. Speaking at the Panna Tiger Reserve he asserted that he was not in favour of creating a buffer zone for it. One could not “destroy” Panna only to let the tigers “survive”, he said. He further asserted that humans were more important than tigers.


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The 'Silver tsunami'
2010.09.14 16:34:05


Ever since I crossed 70 I have been apprehensive of the future. With the rising life expectancy I just do not know how long I am going to live. The government from which I retired more than a decade ago provides a pension which till now is handsome. I do not know what happens in the future with the continuing double-digit inflation. For the present things are comfortable – the government supplies the basic medicines that I need and I can afford to buy the vitamins, micronutrients and other diet supplements. But their prices are also rising almost every month. That is, however, a minor worry. What gives me nightmares is what would happen if I develop some disabling ailment or if I happen to go into a coma. Geriatric care here being what it is, I may become an unbearable burden on my wife or may have to lie around uncared and neglected oblivious of my surroundings.


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Needed enhanced ecological literacy
2010.09.01 14:37:01

That ecologically India has been facing tough times has been known for some time. Things have not been happy and what is perhaps more forbidding is that they are going to become more difficult in the future, generally worsening the plight of the people. Many of those who are suffering perhaps do not even know what is really hitting them. Global warming may have been the reason for most of the misery, yet one cannot entirely rule out thoughtless human interventions with nature.


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'Israel a scum state,' says top Amnesty Int'l official
2010.08.26 12:12:38

The head of Amnesty International's Finnish branch, Frank Johansson, wrote in Finland's third largest newspaper this week that he views Israel as a "scum state."

Tags: Israel

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Uncle Sam Wants You
2010.08.15 00:11:37

I ran oligarchic British rule from America. I replaced it with rule "of, by, and for" the people.

I am not a man. I am the soul of America.  I am the spirit of 'We the People'.

I want you, the good people of America, to recognize me. I am dying.


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Top 12 reasons why same-sex marriage should not be legal
2010.08.10 05:12:33

1. Homosexuality is not natural -- much like eyeglasses, polyester, fellatio, indoor plumbing, and birth control.

2. Heterosexual marriages are valid because they produce children. (As we all know, infertile couples and old people cant legally get married, as they are utterly barren.)


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Innocents caught up in climate-change jam
2010.08.01 15:28:57

Not many would have heard of the Nenets who inhabit the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic Circle between the Kara Sea and the Gulf of Ob. I too hadn’t until I came across a feature on them in Geographical, the magazine of the Royal Geographical Society of UK.

Tags: climate change

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Zen And The Art Of Peanut Butter
2010.07.25 07:30:09

By W.G. McDonald

First, seek the most direct path
leading to the pantry.
Focus on the jar itself.

Tags: Zen | Art | Peanut Butter

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Palin's new pal
2010.07.22 01:07:43

New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher

SARAH PALIN'S endorsement of Kelly Ayotte for U.S. Senate should neither surprise nor upset the other campaigns. The race will be won by the candidate who impresses New Hampshire voters, and New Hampshire voters are rarely impressed by what outsiders have to say.

Tags: Sarah Palin | Kelly Ayotte | New Hampshire

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GDP growth with growing poverty
2010.07.19 19:54:28

The forecasts for India’s high economic growth have been coming thick and fast. Only late last year the Parisbased Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development predicted a 5.9% growth for India in 2009 and 7.2% 2010. In his budget speech earlier this year the Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherji, had promised to put the economy on a trajectory of high growth and there have been several occasions when he predicted that India’s GDP would grow at the rate of more than 8%.

Tags: GDP India

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Bhopal gas leak - messy controversies
2010.07.08 14:31:05

Any natural or man-made disaster raises controversies. A disaster of the scale that Bhopal witnessed because of the leak of the lethal methyl isocynate (MIC) on one cold December morning in 1984 was sure to raise controversies of huge proportions. That is precisely what it did, and more so after the June7, 2010 ultra-mild verdict handed out to the accused officials of Union Carbide of India Ltd. (UCIL). In the process, facts and fiction got merged and one doesn’t really know what is true and what is not and what to believe and what not to. A few of these are subject of this article.

Tags: Bhopal gas leak

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Solar power - the best bet for India
2010.06.26 18:29:43

Recently we had a 16-hour power outage commencing from midnight until 4.00 next afternoon. The inverter saw us through the hot and stuffy night but it, too, lost its energy by the next afternoon. There was no alternative but to bear the acute discomfort of an air-less hot afternoon. Outages are frequent but this was out of the ordinary.

Tags: india | solar power

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In Anticipation...
2010.06.17 03:56:17

In anticipation of what will probably be one of the more disappointing speeches delivered from the Offal Office, I am submitting the following cartoon to accompany the transcript of the speech.  I sincerely hope to be pleasantly surprised by the talk, but I am not holding my breath on this one.  BO is smart enough not to be too harsh with his masters--no matter what their crimes...


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