Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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Frustration with the Palestinian government
2014.07.26 02:39:53

Protests in the West Bank come at a time of increasing frustration with the Palestinian government:  

"Many view its security coordination with Israel as tantamount to collaboration with the occupying forces.

Palestinian security forces have previously been preventing protesters - often by force - from marching to friction points, such as Israeli-manned checkpoints and military installations.

"This level of frustration, coupled with the political stalemate and the bloodshed in Gaza, has so far intensified the magnitude of protests in the West Bank."

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Dutch will support sanctions of Russia
2014.07.26 02:38:31

The Dutch prime minister, seen as having a key role to play in shaping the European Union's response to the downing of a Malaysian airliner last week, said Russia could avert EU sanctions if it stopped arming pro-Moscow rebels in Ukraine.

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Israel imposed strict security measures in East Jerusalem
2014.07.26 02:37:12

Israel has imposed strict security measures in East Jerusalem in anticipation of fresh clashes after Friday noon prayers.

“A Day of Rage” has been called for by different Palestinian factions to protest Israel’s deadly campaign on the Gaza Strip.

The PLO issued a press release, calling on Palestinians inside and outside the territories to protest against the "genocidal war" that Israel has waged against "the steadfast people of the Gaza Strip".

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Rory Challands, reporting from Moscow on the US accusations
2014.07.26 02:35:56

"The US has a bit of a credibility issue here, it wasn't willing to reveal the intelligence that pointed it in that direction. The Kremlin can just ignore such accusations, which is what it has done so far.

"Both Russia and Ukraine say cross border attacks are taking place, but both say that they are innocent and the other one is guilty. If such things have been going on for weeks it probably won't make too much of a difference for the US to weigh in.

"Ukraine is calling for the OSCE to get in the area and be able to monitor the whole of the border."

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Iranians rally in solidarity with Gaza
2014.07.26 02:34:34

Iranians have rallied nationwide in a show of support for Palestinians as Israel pursued its deadly campaign against the Gaza Strip.

Demonstrations were staged in Tehran and more than 700 towns and cities across the country on Friday, state television reported.  

In the capital, footage showed demonstrators carrying placards saying "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" converging from nine different points on Tehran University in the city center.


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Mass grave uncovered
2014.07.26 02:33:19

Local authorities say they have uncovered the first mass grave in the former separatist bastion of Slovyansk in eastern Ukraine, containing the bodies of at least four civilians they say were executed by pro-Russian rebels.

Human Rights Watch, who were at the scene, emphasized that how the victims ended up in the grave would remain unknown until a proper investigation had been carried out.

Local authorities, however, said the people were executed by pro-Russia rebels.

"In this mass grave are the bodies of four Protestant parishioners, innocents who were tortured and killed by the rebels."

Anton Gerashchenko, a Ukrainian interior ministry adviser said the deaths were caused by rebels. He also said there were other mass graves in the town.

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New round of Israeli strikes
2014.07.26 02:31:41

Ten houses have been hit by a new round of Israeli strikes on Gaza this morning, including one that is believed to be the residence of a senior member of the Islamic Jihad group.

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People flee crisis in Ukraine
2014.07.26 02:30:35

A total of 230,000 people have fled their homes in the face of Ukraine's spiraling conflict, the United Nations refugee agency has said.

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Death toll update
2014.07.26 02:19:38

The 18-day Israeli offensive on Gaza has so far claimed the lives of at least 816 Palestinians, including scores of children, according to the health ministry in Gaza. More than 5,200 others have been reported injured.

Rockets fired from Gaza into Israel killed two Israeli civilians and a Thai migrant worker. The fighting also killed 32 Israeli soldiers.

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HRW: Unguided Rockets Killing Civilians
2014.07.26 02:18:28

A report released by HRW has criticized the apparent use of unguided rockets by Ukrainian forces, which the rights group says are killing civilians.

"The use of indiscriminate rockets in populated areas violates international humanitarian law, or the laws of war, and may amount to war crimes."

HRW report

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Clashes in northern Syria
2014.07.26 02:15:50

Dozens of people have been killed in 24 hours of clashes in northern Syria between regime forces and self-declared jihadist fighters, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Friday.

The watchdog reported on Thursday that the Islamic State (IS) group had launched multiple attacks on government-held territory across north and northeast Syria.

The Observatory said it was the first time that IS, accused by rival rebel groups of focusing its formidable firepower more on them than on the Damascus regime, had launched such coordinated assaults on army positions.

IS fighters went on the offensive near the main northern city of Aleppo, in Hasakeh province in the northeast and in Raqa province around their Euphrates valley stronghold, the Observatory said.

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International ceasefire efforts
2014.07.26 01:58:01

An Israeli defense official says the country's security cabinet is meeting to discuss international ceasefire efforts, but also the option of expanding its ground operation in Gaza.

He spoke on condition of anonymity because Friday's deliberations are taking place behind closed doors.

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had no immediate comment.


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Political change in Ukraine
2014.07.26 01:56:30

Following the resignation of Yarsenyuk, which is yet to be officially accepted, there are reports that the current deputy prime minister has been appointed to act as interim PM.

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Destruction of the Younis Mosque
2014.07.26 01:55:45

This video, posted on Youtube, shows the destruction of the Younis Mosque in Mosul today, according to the author.

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Jordan shot down a drone
2014.07.26 01:53:45

Jordan shot down a drone as it flew over the northeastern region of Mafraq, near the border with Syria, a security official said.

"The Jordanian armed forces shot down an unidentified drone with a missile as it flew over Mafraq," the official told AFP.

"It was a violation of Jordan's airspace. Jordan will take measures at a high level after identifying the drone."


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Palestinian armed group al-Quds Brigades
2014.07.26 01:43:15

Palestinian armed group al-Quds Brigades confirms the killing of one of its leader, Salah Abo Hassanien, and his son.

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Israel's security cabinet
2014.07.26 01:42:09

Israel's secretive security cabinet is expected to meet later in the day to discuss truce proposals passed to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by US Secretary of State John Kerry earlier in the week, according to Israeli media.

Israeli paper Haaretz quoted a senior Israeli official as saying that Kerry drafted a new ceasefire proposal and presented it to both sides.

"International efforts to achieve a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip are approaching the critical point," the report read.

There was no official confirmation. Israel traditionally does not comment on security cabinet sessions or acknowledge that they take place.

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The clashes in the occupied West Bank
2014.07.26 01:32:16

The clashes in the occupied West Bank are a turning point in the current violence between Israel and Palestine.

"Today’s clashes in Jerusalem are especially important considering the proximity and contact between Palestinians and Israelis. It’s also where Israelis are most fragile."

"It remains to be seen whether this will lead to a full-fledged third uprising with major implications for the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas’s leadership considering he’s been stubbornly against any such escalation. Khaled Meshaal, the political leader of Hamas, called for such popular movement in his speech yesterday from Qatar.

"If as expected confrontations continue to escalate tomorrow, including in Jerusalem around prayer time, we are in a totally new landscape of conflict.

"As Israelis also warn of 10 more days of operations in Gaza, the coming days promise yet more escalation with unpredictable ramifications.

"The spread of conformations would also complicate the ceasefire efforts in Gaza and even embarrass those trying to bring about a quick arrangement."

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Crash site continues to be hampered
2014.07.26 01:30:18

"There are still some lunatics taking cautions (actions) that it is very hard for us to get to the bodies, to get to the remains. You call it terrorists, to me it is criminals but it is very nearly the same."

Jan Tunder, head of Dutch Police Commission in Ukraine


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Protests in the occupied West Bank
2014.07.26 01:23:11

This is raw footage of the protests in the occupied West Bank, posted on Youtube by the Assosiated Press news agency. There are some scenes of injury. Again, most of the explosions you hear are fireworks.

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