Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Israeli army says it has identified six of the seven bodies of soldiers
2014.07.23 03:46:32

To clarify, the Israeli army says it has identified six of the seven bodies of soldiers killed in an attack on an APC on Shuja'iya overnight on Saturday. The seventh is classified as missing—which could mean either that the soldier was captured, or (likely, given the circumstances) that the body remains in Gaza.

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott
2014.07.23 03:45:20

At the press conference in Canberra, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott suggested that countries that have been "so wronged" take responsibility for securing the crime scene where the Malaysian jetliner was shot down in Ukraine.

Abbott on Tuesday listed Malaysia, Netherlands as well as Australia among the countries wronged when MH17 was shot down last week, with the loss of 298 lives.

But he did not say whether Australia would be prepared to send troops or police to secure the site for independent investigators, saying the security arrangements were still under discussion among government leaders.


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Soldier is missing
2014.07.23 03:22:02

Israeli military says one of its soldier is missing in the Gaza offensive, Israeli media reports


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Ukraine's military operation
2014.07.23 03:20:34

A spokesman for Ukraine's military operation in the country's east said on Tuesday a suicide bomber driving a minibus packed with explosives had attacked a Ukrainian checkpoint during the night, Reuters reported.

A spokesman for the "anti-terrorist operation" against separatists who have rebelled in eastern Ukraine told 112 television channel: "A checkpoint was attacked by a suicide bomber in a van packed with explosives."

He gave no further details.

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Americans killed in fighting in the Gaza
2014.07.23 03:05:01

The two Americans killed in fighting in the Gaza Strip followed in the footsteps of scores of Jews from around the world who have volunteered to fight for Israel.

Israel calls them the lone soldiers: They are men and women in the prime of their lives who have left their parents and often comfortable lives behind in places like Sydney, London, Los Angeles and elsewhere to join the Israel Defense Forces, marching in the desert and taking up arms to defend
the Jewish state.

There are about 2,000 lone soldiers currently serving in the military, said Marina Rozhansky, spokeswoman at the Israel Consul General in Los Angeles. Groups for families of lone soldiers have recently started in Los Angeles and other cities, providing a support network as the fighting intensifies.

For Jews who left Israel before the age of 15 or who never lived there, their service is voluntary. For many, it is a calling, a way to get back to their roots and unite the world's Jewish population. Some have dual citizenship. Others speak little to no Hebrew and have only recently been to Israel.

"Lone soldiers are a kind of star in Israel,'' according to the Jewish Journal in a report. "For Israeli kids, army service is a rite of passage. But because it is a choice for the young members of the Diaspora who re-direct their own life paths to protect Israel, those enlistees are given a hero's welcome - and a lifetime of Shabbat dinner invitations from their fellow soldiers, who become their surrogate families."


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Evidence at the crash site of MH17
2014.07.23 03:02:34

Evidence at the crash site of MH17 has been tampered with on an industrial scale as part of an apparent cover-up attempt, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Tuesday.

"After the crime, comes the cover-up. What we have seen is evidence tampering on an industrial scale and obviously that has to stop," Abbott told reporters in Canberra.

"It's not an accident. It's a crime."

Abbott added, however, that Russian President Vladimir Putin had so far been "as good as his word" by approving a UN Security Council resolution guaranteeing safe access to international monitors trying to secure the scene.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down last week in eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers and crew on board.

Twenty eight Australians were killed. The aircraft's black boxes, which could hold information about the crash in rebel-held eastern Ukraine, were handed to Malaysian officials on Tuesday morning.


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Israeli aircraft hit more than 70 targets in the Gaza Strip
2014.07.23 02:53:27

A police spokesman says Israeli aircraft have hit more than 70 targets in the Gaza Strip, including the home of the late leader of Hamas' military wing, five mosques and a football stadium.

Ayman Batniji says tank shells damaged several houses along the eastern border of the territory early Tuesday and that at least 19 fishing boats were burned by navy shells fired from the Mediterranean.


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Russia calls for investigation
2014.07.23 02:51:32

Russia has called for the investigation into the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17 to be led by the "international community" and not Ukraine, its ambassador to Malaysia said on Tuesday.

"This situation is quite unique, the area is a war zone. I think the international community should be flexible about that and act in a way acceptable to all sides," Russian ambassador to Malaysia Lyudmila Vorobyeva said in a news conference on Tuesday.

"Russia has been calling for a fair, thorough and full investigation led by ICAO since the beginning," she said.

ICAO is the United Nation's International Civil Aviation Organization. Under ICAO rules the country where the incident happened, in this case Ukraine, should lead the investigation.

"We've been calling for an investigation lead by ICAO. The reason for that is that the rebels, as we understand do not trust the government of Kiev," said Vorobyeva.

"That's why they were reluctant to hand over anything (including) the black boxes to the Ukrainian side because they are afraid the evidence would be tampered with."


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Death toll update
2014.07.23 02:41:42

Israel has pummeled Gaza for a 14th day, raising the Palestinian death toll to 583 people. At least 3640 people have been injured.

On the Israeli side, 27 troops and two civilians by rockets fired by Hamas on Gaza since the beginning of the conflict.

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Two Israeli soldiers killed
2014.07.23 02:40:25

Two Israeli soldiers have been killed in combat  in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army said Tuesday, raising the number of troops killed to 27.

"Yesterday, Monday, two IDF (Israel Defense Forces) soldiers were killed  during battles of Operation Protective Edge," a statement from the army read.


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Humanitarian ceasefire
2014.07.23 02:39:09

ynetnews has reported that A Palestinian TV channel affiliated with the Islamic Jihad reported that there will be a 5 hour humanitarian ceasefire on Tuesday morning starting 10am.

Israeli sources have not confirmed this report.

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Palestinian in the West bank shot
2014.07.23 02:37:27

The Israeli army has said a Palestinian in the West bank shot and seriously injured an Israeli and the army is searching the area.

The army found the injured Israeli near a junction in the West Bank.

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Almisshal center west of Gaza
2014.07.23 02:35:14

Dr. Ashraf Al Qidra, spokesperson of Gaza’s health ministry has said several people from the Al Bakr family, including children & women,  are suffering critical and minor injuries after new shelling on their building near Almisshal center ,west of Gaza.

The injured are extended family of the four Al Bakr boys killed on Gaza beach by an Israeli airstrike while playing football on July 16th.

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In Gaza, A School Is Now Home
2014.07.22 05:11:44

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25 soldiers were killed
2014.07.22 05:09:33

"25 soldiers were killed since the beginning of the ground operation, as part of the ongoing Operation "Protective Edge". IDF said in a statement.

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Israeli forces are using white phosphorus
2014.07.22 05:06:26

According to Gaza's health minister, Israeli forces are using white phosphorus in their attacks.

In 2009 Human Rights Watch accused Israel of war crimes, saying its military used White Phosphorus in densely populated areas in Gaza.

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Hamas's conditions
2014.07.22 05:03:56

An important line from this Reuters report just now: "'Egypt does not mind adding some of Hamas's conditions provided that all involved parties approve,' a senior Egyptian official said." Egypt has until now insisted that Hamas accept a cease-fire with no concessions—terms would be negotiated after the fighting ends. Hamas has rejected this.

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The President Gives an Update on Ukraine and Gaza
2014.07.22 04:25:16

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Hezbollah is backing the Palestinian 'resistance'
2014.07.22 04:23:40

Lebanon's Hezbollah is backing the Palestinian "resistance" in Gaza to defeat Israel, the Shia movement's leader Hassan Nasrallah said.

Nasrallah told Hamas' exiled chief Khaled Meshaal by telephone:

Hezbollah and the Lebanese resistance stand firmly on the side of the Intifada and the Palestinian people's resistance, and support Hamas' strategy and the just conditions it has set to end the conflict.

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EU will 'raise the pressure' on Russia
2014.07.22 04:21:39

Germany's foreign minister said the EU will "raise the pressure" on Russia over the Ukraine crisis following the downing of Malaysian flight MH17 with a suspected missile.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier said:

We will have to raise the pressure to achieve the results that all European foreign ministers believe to be necessary.

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