Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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Fuel depot of the Gaza Strip hit
2014.07.30 02:24:21

Israeli tank fire has hit the fuel depot of the Gaza Strip's only power plant cutting electricity to Gaza City and many other parts of the Palestinian enclave of 1.8 million people.

A thick column of black smoke rose from the facility, which supplies the territory with two-thirds of its energy needs, and the fuel containers were in flames.

The Israeli army has said that the oil depot was not a target.

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EU meets to thrash out economic sanctions on Russia
2014.07.30 02:23:07

EU diplomats met on Tuesday to forge a deal on the bloc's first broad economic sanctions on Russia, to try to force President Vladimir Putin to defuse the crisis in Ukraine.

After months of hesitation from the European Union, the downing of a civilian flight over Ukraine earlier this month, killing all 298 people on board, has strengthened the bloc's resolve to act and bear the brunt of any possible economic measures against Russia.

Late on Monday, the United States said Western leaders agreed on imposing wider sanctions on Russia's financial, defense and energy sectors after a conference call between U.S. President Barack Obama and leaders of Britain, France, Germany and Italy. [Reuters]

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Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused Israel of committing 'genocide'
2014.07.30 02:16:22

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused Israel of committing "genocide" in Gaza and called on the Islamic world to arm Palestinians.

In a speech marking the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr, Khamenei said:

A people surrounded in a small place with closed borders, unsure of having water and electricity, this population faces an armed enemy.

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Ukraine says 17 killed by shelling in Gorlivka
2014.07.30 02:13:27

Seventeen people, including three children, were killed in the past 24 hours by shelling in Ukraine's rebel-held stronghold of Gorlivka, local Ukrainian officials said.

A statement on Tuesday said that 43 people were also wounded in the city which was observing three days of mourning for 13 civilians including 2 children killed on Sunday by Grad rockets.

Several homes were hit by artillery fire in the town located 45-km north of Donetsk, the statement said.

The top story of a school was destroyed and several units in a local hospital were also damaged, it added.

The United Nations has criticized the use of heavy weapons by both pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian forces in inhabited areas, and in a report released Monday said more than 1,100 had been killed by fighting since. [AFP]

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Israel's military struck numerous targets
2014.07.30 02:12:09

Israel's military has struck numerous targets in the Gaza Strip after Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, said his country needed to be prepared for a long conflict in the Palestinian territory.

Click here to read the full report.

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Shells hit an apartment block
2014.07.30 02:02:29

At least one person has been killed after three shells hit an apartment block in the center of the main separatist rebel stronghold of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.

An Associated Press reporter on the scene saw gaping holes in the side of apartment block after it was fired on.

Around 50 people took refuge in a nearby underground car park and the area was heavy with the smell of household gas.

Although Donetsk is the main stronghold of rebel commanders, the government has refrained to date from attacks on the center of the city.

Rebels accuse the government of using heavy artillery against residential neighborhoods.

Ukraine's government says it has banned the use of artillery in residential areas and in turn says separatists target civilians to discredit the army.

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Palestinians forced out of their homes in Gaza
2014.07.30 02:01:14

Journalist Jesse Rosenfeld writes in The Daily Beast about Israel forcing tens of thousands of Palestinians out of their homes in Gaza.

The buffer zone which is about 44 percent of Gaza's territory is now a "no-man's land".

Click here to read more

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Dutch and Australian experts have abandoned plans
2014.07.30 01:59:10

Dutch and Australian experts have abandoned plans to access the crash site of the Malaysian airliner in Ukraine on Tuesday due to heavy fighting, the Netherlands said in a statement to Reuters.

"There is a lot of fighting along the road to the disaster site," the Dutch Justice Ministry said.

It was the third consecutive day experts were unable to do their work due to fighting between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian rebels.

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Providing Ukraine with more precise intelligence
2014.07.30 01:44:35

Senior American military officers are discussing the possibility of providing Ukraine with more precise intelligence that would allow it to target missiles held by pro-Russian forces, US officials said.

But no decision is imminent and some officials are concerned such a moveĀ  could backfire by escalating the conflict between Ukraine and the rebels backed by Moscow.

"That's part of the discussions," said one defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"It's all part of looking at how we can help the Ukrainians," the official told AFP.

But he added there were risks in providing Ukrainian forces with information that could help them strike at pro-Russian fighters in the country's east.


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Syrian rebels pressed on
2014.07.30 01:42:32

Syrian rebels pressed on with a fresh advance in the central province of Hama, as they bid to take out its military airport, a rebel commander and a monitor said Tuesday.

"The rebels are now nine km away from Hama military airport, which they want to put out of action," said Syrian Observatory for Human Rights director Rami Abdel Rahman.

"The regime has suffered several defeats in Hama province in recent days," he added.


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Israeli death toll
2014.07.30 01:39:19

The Israeli army has confirmed that five of its soldiers were killed overnight, bringing the total Israeli death toll to 55.

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Israeli criticism of John Kerry
2014.07.30 01:26:36

The Obama Administration is pushing back against Israeli criticism of John Kerry. He has been accused of favoring Hamas in the latest ceasefire negotiations.

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Mom, enough fireworks already
2014.07.30 01:14:42

Mom, enough fireworks already

Some very moving tweets tonight. A reminder of the two main hashtags to follow:

- #Gaza

- #Gazaunderattack

On phone with friend in Gaza, she's cracking jokes, trying to keep her kids from being scared. One says, "mom, enough fireworks already."

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Al Aqsa TV station hit by an Israeli Missile
2014.07.29 08:29:51

Hamas-affiliated Al Aqsa TV station has been hit by an Israeli Missile in the Al Nasr neighborhood of Gaza.

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Ismail Haniya's home targeted by Israeli
2014.07.29 08:28:40

Hamas PM Ismail Haniya's home was targeted by Israeli bombardment. There is no reports of death or injury to the occupants.

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Escalation of Israel's Gaza operation
2014.07.29 08:27:36

Signaling an escalation of Israel's Gaza operation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israelis on Monday to be ready for a "prolonged" war, and the military warned Palestinians in three large neighborhoods to leave their homes and head immediately for Gaza City. [AP]

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Demilitarize Gaza
2014.07.29 08:26:16

Analysing Israeli PM's announcement that he wants to demilitarize Gaza, Mark Kimmitt, military analyst and former assistant secretary for US President George W Bush, said:

"I don't think it is achievable at all. I think we understand that even if you destroy all the tunnels today, within two or three weeks more tunnels will be dug, more weapons will be brought in and the capacity of Gaza and Hamas to conduct military operations within a year or two would be back to where it is."

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Egypt condemned Israel
2014.07.29 08:24:39

Egypt on Monday condemned Israel for using what it said was "excessive force" against civilians in the Gaza Strip.

It also urged Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian movement that dominates the Gaza Strip, to abide by the "humanitarian truce" proposed by Cairo and backed by the United Nations to end the 21-day conflict.

The foreign ministry said in a statement:

Egypt condemns the excessive use of force from the Israeli side against civilians" in the coastal enclave.

It particularly condemned strikes on a hospital and a beachfront refugee camp in Gaza city, but did not blame either the Israeli military or Hamas. [AFP]

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Brazilian President condemned Israel's offensive in Gaza as a 'massacre'
2014.07.29 08:23:20

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff condemned Israel's offensive in Gaza as a "massacre" on Monday, joining international calls for a halt to the bloodshed.

"What's happening in Gaza is dangerous. I don't think it's a genocide, but I think it's a massacre," Rousseff said at a forum organized by newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, endorsing the United Nations' call for an immediate ceasefire.

It's a humanitarian issue. This can't be done in such a small strip (of territory), with people who are in a situation of great insecurity, very threatened, with many women and children. We know that in a war like this, the ones who pay are the civilians.

She criticized the Israeli campaign as "disproportionate" - echoing a statement released by the Brazilian foreign ministry last week when it recalled its ambassador to Israel, a move that caused a row between the two countries.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor responded by calling Brazil a "diplomatic dwarf." [AFP]

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Kerry: Gaze ceasefire must lead to Hamas disarmament
2014.07.29 03:39:06

US Secretary of State John Kerry said international efforts to agree a truce between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza must lead to the disarmament of Hamas.

Kerry said: "... any process to resolve the crisis in Gaza in a lasting and meaningful way must lead to the disarmament of Hamas and all terrorist groups."


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