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Oscar Blinked?
2013.02.26 01:14:18

Last night I was not among the four Billion plus viewers who watched Tinsel-town’s sharp-elbow, popularity contest known as the Academy Awards.


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The King of Love is dead
2012.01.17 03:18:37

On this Martin Luther King Day it is good to remember the unseemly truth behind the pompous posturing. All the inflated homage to the "I have a dream" secretly veils the real relief of our public officials who thank their gods that there remains no seer, prophet or revolutionary thinker left that can match the vision and the strategic intelligence of the man who called out the conscience of a nation and died at the hands of our government for his trouble. 


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Moral Conservati​ve Zizek?
2011.12.09 07:34:40

For me the definitive pronouncement on Newt Gingrich was made recently by Slovenian philosopher, .  (Note: this is a transcript of a spoken conversation.)


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Tom Selleck in Zuccotti Park?
2011.11.07 10:10:27

Does art imitate life or is it the other way around?

“The policeman isn’t there to create disorder; the policeman is there to preserve disorder.”  Mayor Richard J. Daley

“A primary purpose of the police is to enforce the delusions of those with lots of pieces of green paper.”  Derrick Jensen

“(NYC police) officers rob banks. They collude with drug dealers. They pilfer credit cards from prisoners to buy groceries, and they take payoffs from street peddlers as protection money. Sex is often at the center of their sins….While it has been years since the last major scandal, there is no shortage of individual misconduct cases.”  NYT March 28, 2010


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Let's not forget the reason for this holiday
2011.07.04 00:03:45

Bradley ManningOn Monday when you are slathering on the sunscreen (A & B), chomping into your third hot dog and opening your second beer, pause and remember for a moment the man who is making it all possible.

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Response to a letter from Michael Moore
2011.05.13 04:45:14

NY Post Headline

Response to “Some Final Thoughts on the Death of Osama bin Laden ...a letter from Michael Moore”

Even though I disagree with some of his background analysis, he really makes the most vital, important points that should be made about the assassination of bin Laden.  Michael Moore is our last great prophet crying in a political, social, intellectual and spiritual wilderness more profound and enduring than Eliot’s Wasteland.  He cries out for a restoration of an America that never really was. He and the bones of the dead cry for justice in an America that has forever abandoned even the old pretence of justice.  Like our now lost earthly environment and all the creatures we have extincted, Justice in America can never be restored.  All we will ever know between now and the end will be vengeance, power, violence and death.  That is all the demonstrators in front of the White House that Sunday night were celebrating.  That was the message of all the nationalistic hysteria (a combination of sports victory and Nuremberg rally) that took place at Ground Zero.

In Peace, Love & Rage,

Bob Boldt

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'That's not who we are'
2011.05.05 14:42:49

I am willing to grudgingly admit that Obama “got his man.”  Of course, I still stick to my motto, “Never believe anything our government says until it has been officially denied.”  What I objected to primarily was the part of his statement referring to the death photo of Osama, “That’s not who we are…You know, we don’t trot out this stuff as trophies.” 

Tags: Barack Obama | Abu Ghraib | Bradley Manning

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That Damned Bitch Hope…
2011.04.22 03:37:09

I am beginning to get a different take on the old clichés concerning the desirability of hope. It all began for me with Greek writer, Nikos Kazantzakis’ epitaph, “I fear nothing, I hope for nothing, I am free.” Of course its appearance on his tomb gives it perhaps an ironic, unintended meaning, not unlike the mocking inscription on the base of Ozymandias’ statue in Shelly’s famous sonnet. Of course, Kazantzakis wrote his famous epigram while still alive and kicking.


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The Biggest April Fool of Them All
2011.04.01 07:27:05

Obama at Georgetown today:

"Unfortunately, some folks want to (shortchange) the resources necessary even to promptly issue new permits for offshore drilling...(and) we're going to incorporate conclusions and lessons from Japan in design and the building of the next generation of plants. But we can't simply take it off the table."


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The Despot is gone. Long live the despot
2011.02.12 04:58:42

I hate to dampen the sudden celebratory mood in Egypt. Lets see what settles out of the recent change of the public masks of brutality. Mubarak has been replaced by Suleiman and the military. Sounds like a devil’s bargain. Will the democratic demonstrators buy it? I hope they won’t.


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In Anticipation...
2010.06.17 03:56:17

In anticipation of what will probably be one of the more disappointing speeches delivered from the Offal Office, I am submitting the following cartoon to accompany the transcript of the speech.  I sincerely hope to be pleasantly surprised by the talk, but I am not holding my breath on this one.  BO is smart enough not to be too harsh with his masters--no matter what their crimes...


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An Easter Message
2010.04.05 03:16:28

Bob’s Annual Easter Message (warning, this one is not much of an improvement over last year's)

The attached picture is entitled "Head of Christ" and was painted by Bob Boldt Easter this year happens to fall on the anniversary of the execution of Martin Luther King Jr. by the government of the United States.

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