Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Syrian refugees
2014.08.30 04:23:41

The number of refugees who have fled the Syrian civil war has reached three million; which is around 5,000 people a day.

The United Nations says this is the biggest humanitarian emergency of our time, and that not enough is being done to help.

By December 2012, the UN Refugee Agency said the number of Syrians who had left the country had crossed the 500,000 mark.

But that figure doubled just three months later, when the one millionth Syrian was registered as a refugee. It then took only six months, September 2013, for that number to swell to two million.

Now, a year later, three million Syrians have crossed the border in search of safety. The bulk of them are in Lebanon and Turkey.

The rest have settled in Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

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Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza
2014.08.29 05:23:04

A busload of Palestinians trying to leave the enclave waited at the border of the neighboring Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza to see if they would be given permission to enter.

Egyptian authorities shut the Rafah crossing to all but those with Egyptian and foreign passports, residency permits and the seriously wounded during much of the war.

Rafah, Gaza's only gateway to the world which is not controlled by Israel, is controlled by the Egyptian authorities, and therefore not technically included in the ceasefire agreement. Crossing into Egypt is still an arduous process open to few from inside Gaza.


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Egyptian Foreign Ministry Statement
2014.08.27 05:05:51

Egypt has called on the Israeli and Palestinian sides to engage in a comprehensive ceasefire, coinciding with opening the crossings between Gaza and Israel to achieve the expedited entry of humanitarian aid, materials for reconstruction, fishing into 6 nautical miles, and the continuation of indirect negotiations between the two sides over other issues in one month from the beginning of the ceasefire.

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Israel to allow humanitarian aid and reconstruction materials into Gaza
2014.08.27 05:04:37

Israel has agreed to open its borders with Gaza to allow humanitarian aid and reconstruction materials into the Palestinian enclave, Egypt's foreign ministry said in a statement.


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Israel accepts Egyptian proposal for Gaza ceasefire
2014.08.27 04:58:15

A senior Israeli official says Israel has accepted an Egyptian proposal for Gaza ceasefire.

"Israel has accepted an Egyptian proposal for a complete and unlimited-in-time ceasefire.

Israel accepted already the Egyptian proposal on July 15. Israel has always supported an unconditional, open-ended ceasefire," the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.


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Abbas accepts Egyptian-brokered ceasefire
2014.08.27 04:55:49

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas says the Gaza ceasefire will usher in a new era for the country.

"Together, we will build a new nation & end the occupation", Abbas said in a press conference.

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Israel and Palestinians reach new Gaza ceasefire deal
2014.08.27 04:48:27

Israel and Palestinian leaders have reached an agreement on Tuesday for a ceasefire in the Gaza conflict, two Egyptian officials said.

"We will issue a statement by 17:00 GMT to announce that a long ceasefire agreement was reached between the Palestinians and Israel after which talks between the two parties will resume in Cairo," a senior Egyptian official said.


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Jeddah host a meeting of Arab foreign ministers
2014.08.25 03:08:31

Jeddah will host on Sunday a meeting of Arab foreign ministers from the International Contact Group on Syria, namely from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, UAE and Qatar.

An official source from Saudi Foreign Ministry told Saudi Press Agency Saturday that the meeting is scheduled to discuss the overall situation in the region, including the latest developments in Syria.

[Qatar News Agency]

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Call for the Palestinian delegation to leave Cairo
2014.08.21 03:17:56

Hamas spokesman Abu Obaida has called for the Palestinian delegation to leave Cairo and end negotiations.

However, Moussa Abu Marzouk, head of Hamas' delegation, has maintained that the Palestinian delegation is not withdrawing and are waiting to hear from the Egyptian mediators.

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Press conference
2014.08.14 03:54:54

Palestinian negotiators are due to hold a press conference on the outcome of negotiations in Cairo to bring an end to the conflict in Gaza. We'll keep you updated as soon as it starts.

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Israeli official says little progress is being made
2014.08.13 02:14:57

"The gaps between the sides are big and there is no progress in the negotiations."

Israeli official - speaking to Reuters news agency.

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Israeli delegation arrives in Cairo
2014.08.12 02:05:58

An Israeli delegation arrived in Cairo on Monday for indirect negotiations with Palestinians on a durable truce in Gaza, Egypt and Israeli officials said.

The Palestinian delegation meanwhile was already locked in talks with Egyptian intelligence mediators, who will relay their demands to the Israeli negotiators, a Palestinian official said.


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Briefings on Israel’s demands
2014.08.11 03:28:34

Azzam al-Ahmad, a senior member of the Palestinian group Fatah and the head of the Palestinian delegation for truce talks in Cairo, said that his delegation is hoping  "that the Israeli delegation will not be wasting time" to permanent a more long-term ceasefire in Gaza, Palestine TV reported.

Nasser Abu Bakr, Palestine TV reporter in Cairo, said he spoke to al-Ahmad who confirmed that the indirect talks with the Israelis have started, and tomorrow there will be more meetings that will include officials from the Egyptian intelligence service apparatus for briefings on Israel’s demands.

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Palestinian factions agree to new 72-hour Gaza ceasefire
2014.08.11 02:12:32

Palestinian factions agreed on Sunday to a new 72-hour Gaza ceasefire, Egyptian state television reported, quoting a Palestinian source.

Egypt is trying to keep indirect Israeli-Palestinian talks alive after a three-day truce expired on Friday and fighting resumed.

There was no immediate announcement from Israel. [Reuters]

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Gaza ceasefire
2014.08.11 02:00:40

Al Arabiya television, quoting Egyptian security sources, has reported that the Israeli delegation will arrive in the Egyptian capital Cairo "within hours" to discuss the Gaza ceasefire.

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Palestinian negotiators will remain in Cair
2014.08.11 01:22:28

Palestinian negotiators will remain in Cairo for an urgent meeting with the Arab League on Monday to discuss the Gaza crisis, Egypt's state MENA news agency said.

The Palestinian delegation had said it was likely to abandon Egyptian-mediated talks on Sunday unless Israel agreed to return to the table without pre-conditions.


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Israeli delegation will return to Cairo
2014.08.10 03:09:50

Israeli media is quoting Palestinian sources as saying that they were told by the Egyptians that the Israeli delegation will return to Cairo on Saturday evening to convene with Egyptian Intelligence.  

The Egyptians have told the Palestinians that the Israeli delegation is coming with new ideas.

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Palestinians do not want an escalation
2014.08.09 02:48:00

A Palestinian official taking part in the peace negotiations in Cairo said on Friday that the Palestinian delegation is still waiting to meet the Egyptian side.

Although he did not confirm reports of an undeclared ceasefire, he said that the Palestinians do not want an escalation.

He also said that there is no agreement on most of the issues on the table, and that what the Israelis want is to manage the siege, not to lift it.

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US welcomes declaration of the ceasefire
2014.08.06 02:12:01

The United States welcomed the declaration of a ceasefire in fighting between Israel and Hamas on Monday, and warned that the onus was on the Palestinians to maintain the truce.

"This is a real opportunity. We strongly support the initiative," US Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken told CNN, when asked about an Egyptian proposal for a 72-hour pause in hostilities.

Blinken welcomed both sides' commitment, but made it clear that Washington feels the burden is on the Hamas administration in Gaza to keep the guns silent, after previous ceasefires collapsed.

"Israel has achieved its core objectives in Gaza. It's dealt with the tunnels. It's able to deal with the rockets outside Gaza if it has to," Blinken said, referring to tunnels used by Hamas commandos to infiltrate Israel.

The burden is on Hamas, I think, to demonstrate it will live up to the ceasefire. Then there's an opportunity to get to a more durable ceasefire and deal with some of the underlying issues.

"It has to start with Israel's security, dealing much more definitively with the rockets, with the tunnels over time, but also with the development of Gaza, so that people can live under different conditions." [AFP]

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Osama Hamdan, senior Hamas leader
2014.08.05 05:53:35

"The deal is that we will have a 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire. During those 72-hours there will be a delegation from Israel coming to Cairo. There will be indirect negotiations between Palestinian and Israeli sides for a ceasefire and the lift of a siege on Gaza and other Palestinian demands.

"We believe this is an important moment. We have agreed on a roadmap for ending the Israeli attack against Gaza. We hope that Israelis will be committed and will respect the ceasefire tomorrow, for the upcoming 72-hours. If that happens, we hope to work out the whole agreement of the [lasting] ceasefire and the lift of the siege on Gaza.

"Hamas will be committed to the ceasefire. I wish that Israelis control themselves and respect the ceasefire which was agreed on. As far as we were informed from the Egyptian side, the Israelis will be committed to the ceasefire.

The Palestinian delegation that was present in Cairo is formed from all the resistance movements and from the PLO. And all those partners decided to accept that ceasefire, so we are talking about a general Palestinian position which was agreed on by all the Palestinians and I think no one break that unless the Israeli violate it, because if there was a violation from the Israelis, I expect that there will be a reaction from the Palestinian side.

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