Monday, November 24, 2014
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#Hezbollah opposed U.S-led air strikes on #Syria
2014.09.24 04:25:22

The leader of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, said on Tuesday his Lebanese Shia Muslim group opposed U.S-led air strikes on Syria.

"We are against American military intervention and an  international coalition in Syria, whether that (action) is against the regime or IS," Nasrallah said in a speech aired on Hezbollah-run al-Manar television.

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Lebanese army and police hostages
2014.09.06 02:18:07

Al-Qaeda's Syria franchise on Friday released a video showing nine Lebanese army and police hostages it said could pay the price for the Shia group Hezbollah's military intervention in the Syrian conflict.

The al-Nusra Front video, entitled "Who Will Pay the Price?", shows the abducted members of Lebanon's security forces condemning Hezbollah, which has fought alongside President Bashar al-Assad's regime against rebels.


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We could have fought for 500 days- Netanyahu
2014.09.01 02:40:32

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel agreed to a permanent truce in its 50-day Gaza war with Hamas in order to keep focused on the threat from regional militants.

"We fought for 50 days and we could have fought for 500 days, but we are in a situation where the Islamic State is at the gates of Jordan, Al-Qaeda is in the Golan and Hezbollah is at the border with Lebanon," Netanyahu said in an address on public television.

His remarks come as the United States, Israel's chief ally, is calling for a global coalition to fight the jihadists who have set up an Islamic "caliphate" in areas they have overrun in Syria and Iraq.


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Hezbollah have killed a top jihadist
2014.08.20 02:53:43

Fighters from Lebanon's Hezbollah have killed a top jihadist from the Islamic State group in Syria who allegedly planned bloody attacks in Lebanon, a monitoring group said on Tuesday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Hezbollah fighters had killed Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi in the Qalamun region in Syria, near the border with

He "was one of the officials in the Islamic State in charge of preparing suicide attacks", the group said.

"He was killed by a roadside bomb planted by Hezbollah that detonated as his vehicle passed by," the NGO added, saying three other jihadists were also killed in the blast.

Hezbollah's Al-Manar television station meanwhile reported Iraqi's death, but said he had been killed by the Syrian army.

"The Islamic State official Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi has been killed in a Syrian army operation in Qalamun," al-Manar said.

"He was in charge of preparing suicide bombers and the cars used in bomb attacks including those carried out in Lebanon," the station said, broadcasting a photo said to be of Iraqi's bloodied head.


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Quotes from the speech of Hassan Nasrallah
2014.07.26 03:05:25

Quotes from the speech Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of the Lebanese group Hezbollah, made on Friday:

"At the end of the day, three factors will decide the winner of the battle [between Palestinian factions and Israel]: the field, people’s steadfastness and the political prudence. What is targeted in Gaza is resistance, its arms, its steadfastness and the hope it gives to people. As Gaza has won victory; as we are on day 18 and the Zionists, backed by the whole world, are not able to achieve their goals from the war, it is a living proof that the resistance has triumphed."

"Israeli failure is clear; achievements by the resistance are evident. Israelis' fear of failure caused them to lower the ceiling of their demands as they learned the lessons from 2006 war on Lebanon. It is also a proof of the failure of their intelligence on the capabilities of the resistance."

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Hezbollah is backing the Palestinian 'resistance'
2014.07.22 04:23:40

Lebanon's Hezbollah is backing the Palestinian "resistance" in Gaza to defeat Israel, the Shia movement's leader Hassan Nasrallah said.

Nasrallah told Hamas' exiled chief Khaled Meshaal by telephone:

Hezbollah and the Lebanese resistance stand firmly on the side of the Intifada and the Palestinian people's resistance, and support Hamas' strategy and the just conditions it has set to end the conflict.

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Hezbollah leader says war on Assad has failed
2014.06.08 02:36:15

President Assad's landslide election victory means that his civil war foes can no longer call for his departure as a precondition for peace, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday.

The leader of the Lebanese group that has sent fighters to back the president, described the vote as a victory for Syria.

"This election tells the opposition and all regional countries and the world that any political solution in Syria begins and ends with President Bashar al-Assad," Nasrallah told supporters via a video link.

"You can no longer put the resignation of the president as a pre-condition."

Read more here

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Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah
2014.05.26 04:16:54

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said that Syria's regime and the "resistance axis" including his Lebanese Shia group would triumph in the Syrian conflict.

"Syria will triumph and the resistance axis will triumph," Nasrallah said on Sunday in a televised address to mark the 14th anniversary of Israel's withdrawal from south Lebanon.

Hezbollah has sent thousands of fighters into Syria to support President Bashar al-Assad's forces against rebels, saying they are defending an "axis of resistance" against Israel and the West.

Syria is advancing towards a presidential election that no amount of foreign intimidation or mockery by those who call themselves the 'Friends of Syria' can block or stop.


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Lebanese Shia armed group
2014.05.04 04:27:45

Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia armed group, is playing an increasingly significant role in Syria's civil war. Some support the group's defense of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, but others say it has destabilized Lebanon.

The Syrian opposition said thousands of Hezbollah men are in Syria defending the Assad regime. And many argue that Hezbollah's decision to fight alongside the Syrian government has caused opposition groups to target Shia neighborhoods in Lebanon with car bombs.

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Syrian Revolution General Commission
2014.04.24 01:46:34

According to Syrian Revolution General Commission, several fighter of Hezbollah has died and others injured as result of an attack by Free Syrian Army in Daraya , Damascus countryside.

The SRGC added that a 70m tunnel, was discovered by members of FSA on the north side of the city of Darya, it was used by the fighters of Hezbollah and regime forces soldiers to infiltrate the city and to bring weapons.

The regime forces shelled the northern area of the city with toxic substances, according to the SRGC, which resulted the poisoning of a number of people.

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Al-Manar journalists killed
2014.04.15 01:27:40

Hezbollah-owned Al-Manar TV says three of its journalists have been killed after they came under attack in the Syrian town of Maaloula.

The station says the three were filming in the historic Christian town Monday after it was seized by the Syrian army.

The TV said "armed gunmen" opened fire on the crew, using a term often employed by Syrian authorities to refer to rebels fighting to topple President Bashar Assad.

It identified the three as reporter Hamza al-Haj Hassan, technician, Halim Allaw, and cameraman Mohammed Mantash. A number of their colleagues were wounded, it said.


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Assad is no longer in danger of falling
2014.04.07 03:41:06

The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah group says that the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is no longer in danger of falling.

Hassan Nasrallah said in interview with Lebanon's daily As-Safir newspaper that the danger of the Syrian government's "fall has ended." Excerpts of the interview were published Sunday by Lebanon's official National News Agency.

The full interview will appear in the newspaper's Monday edition.

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