Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Al-Manar journalists killed
2014.04.15 01:27:40

Hezbollah-owned Al-Manar TV says three of its journalists have been killed after they came under attack in the Syrian town of Maaloula.

The station says the three were filming in the historic Christian town Monday after it was seized by the Syrian army.

The TV said "armed gunmen" opened fire on the crew, using a term often employed by Syrian authorities to refer to rebels fighting to topple President Bashar Assad.

It identified the three as reporter Hamza al-Haj Hassan, technician, Halim Allaw, and cameraman Mohammed Mantash. A number of their colleagues were wounded, it said.


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Assad is no longer in danger of falling
2014.04.07 03:41:06

The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah group says that the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is no longer in danger of falling.

Hassan Nasrallah said in interview with Lebanon's daily As-Safir newspaper that the danger of the Syrian government's "fall has ended." Excerpts of the interview were published Sunday by Lebanon's official National News Agency.

The full interview will appear in the newspaper's Monday edition.

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Hezbollah leader defends Syria intervention
2014.03.31 01:47:55

Hassan Nasrallah justifies sending fighters to neighboring Syria to fight alongside Assad troops, and vows to continue.

Read more.

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Obama urges Lebanon to hold elections
2014.03.23 03:28:04

US President Barack Obama has urged Lebanon to hold elections as planned in May, despite tensions aggravated by the conflict in neighboring Syria, the American embassy in Beirut said on Saturday.

President Michel Sleiman's mandate ends on May 25 and there are worries a successor will be hard to find because of disagreements between Lebanon's pro- and anti-Syria regime blocs.

In a telephone call to Prime Minister Tammam Salam, Obama "urged that the upcoming presidential elections be held on time and in keeping with the Lebanese constitution", a statement from the US embassy said.

It said Obama recognized "the difficulties facing Lebanon due to the conflict in Syria," and "emphasized the importance of all parties observing Lebanon's policy of disassociation".

Obama also thanked Salam for hosting Syrian refugees, nearly one million of whom have fled to Lebanon.

Parliament approved Salam's government on Thursday after protracted negotiations with the military over the role of powerful Shia armed group Hezbollah.

Dominated by Damascus for 30 years until 2005, Lebanon is deeply divided over the conflict in Syria.

Hezbollah and its allies back Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while Lebanon's Sunni-led opposition supports the uprising against his rule.


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Shia group Hezbollah
2014.03.19 04:02:53

A local Lebanese official says gunmen from the armed Shia group Hezbollah and Shia residents have tightened their chokehold on a Sunni town near the Syrian border.

The standoff around the eastern Lebanese town of Arsal is the latest in an ever-growing spillover of the Syrian conflict into its smaller neighbor.

Ahmad Fliti, the deputy mayor of Arsal, says Shia gunmen set up roadblocks and closed off the road connecting the town to the rest of Lebanon, angry over recent rocket attacks and a car bombing by blamed on Sunni armed groups.

Fliti says the gunmen on Tuesday opened fire on cars from Arsal that tried to approach the roadblock.

He says concerns are rising that aid won't be able to reach thousands of Syrian refugees sheltered in Arsal.


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Car bomb
2014.03.17 04:32:37

A car bomb attack killed two people late Sunday in a Hezbollah-dominated area near the Syrian border in the Bekaa Valley, a Lebanese security source said.

"A car bomb attack has struck the village of Al-Nabi Othman, killing two people and wounding seven others," the source told AFP news agency. [AFP]

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Rocket attack
2014.03.12 03:40:28

Three people were wounded in a cross-border rocket attack launched from Syria that targeted a Hezbollah-dominated area of eastern Lebanon.

"Three rockets from Syria fell in and around the Nabi Sheet village" in the eastern Bekaa Valley, a Lebanese army statement said.

Shia Lebanese group Hezbollah is fighting alongside Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's troops against a Sunni-led rebellion.


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Syrian soldiers
2014.03.12 03:37:00

Syrian soldiers backed by Lebanese group Hezbollah took full control on Tuesday of farmland on the northern edge of Yabroud, the last major rebel stronghold near the Lebanese border north of Damascus, military sources said.

The sources, who were in contact with fighters on the ground, said the Syrian army killed dozens of rebel fighters as they took over the Rima Farms district outside the town.

"The army is now directly facing Yabroud," one of the sources told Reuters.

Capturing Yabroud would help President Bashar al-Assad secure the land route linking his Mediterranean coastal stronghold with the capital Damascus, and choke off a cross-border rebel supply line from Lebanon.


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Hezbollah fighters
2014.03.06 06:02:04

Israel claims to have shot two Hezbollah fighters who tried to plant a bomb near the fence between the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and Syrian-held territory.

An Israeli army spokeswoman on Wednesday said Israeli intelligence had identified the men as members of Hezbollah. She had no immediate word on their condition.

There was no response from Hezbollah but Syria's armed forces said in a statement that Israeli rockets, tank shells and rifle fire had wounded seven security force personnel and four civilians on Syrian-controlled territory.

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Israel bombarded Hezbollah position
2014.02.25 13:12:29

Israel bombarded a Hezbollah position on the Lebanon-Syria border on Monday, AFP news agency reported based on a Lebanese security and a Syrian NGO sources.

"Two Israeli raids hit a Hezbollah target on the border of Lebanon and Syria," the source said. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the target was a Hezbollah "missile base".

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Kerry condemned Hezbollah's involvement
2014.01.13 07:18:57

US Secretary of State John Kerry has condemned the involvement of Hezbollah, a Lebanese Shia political party and armed group, in the Syrian war, and called on Iran to exert influence over the organization.

"If Iran wants to exert its influence [on Hezbollah], which is enormous... Iran could have a profound impact on helping to change the dynamics of what is happening in Syria," Kerry told reporters in Paris.

"If Iran would simply accept the Geneva I premise, Iran could obviously make a constructive contribution [to the peace talks]," he added.

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Deadly blast hits Beirut
2014.01.03 04:57:28

A powerful explosion in the southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital Beirut - stronghold of the Shia armed group Hezbollah - has killed at least five people and left another 20 wounded.

The car bombing occurred during Thursday's rush hour in the Haret Hreik neighborhood, but casualties were expected to be high given the size and the timing.

For up to date coverage of the blast, visit MWC News's website.

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Hezbollah commander killed in Syria fighting
2013.12.09 05:45:52

A top military commander of Hezbollah, which is helping Syrian troops battle rebels, has died in fighting in Syria, a Lebanese security source has said.

"Ali Bazzi, a high-ranking Hezbollah military commander, was killed today in a combat zone," said the source on Sunday, without specifying the location.

Sources have confirmed the death of Bazzi.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported earlier that Hezbollah  fighters died Sunday during battles in Nabuk, one of the last rebel-held areas in the Qalamoun region bordering Lebanon.

"There is fierce fighting  in Nabuk between government forces, backed by Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, and Al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant," the watchdog said.

A website for Bint Jbeil, Bazzi's hometown in southern Lebanon, also announced the commander's death and posted pictures of him in military garb and holding an automatic rifle.


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Lebanese Hezbollah militants
2013.11.11 04:24:31

According to the following Reuters report:

Syrian forces backed by Lebanese Hezbollah militants recaptured an army base in northern Syria from rebels on Sunday, the third day of heavy fighting for the strategic military target which has changed hands three times since Friday.

State media and activists said President Bashar al-Assad's forces were in full control of the 80th Brigade base, which lies just a few hundred metres north of Aleppo airport on the eastern edge of the disputed city.

They also made gains to the south of the airport, advancing in the town of Tel Arn after a succession of victories over the mainly Islamist rebels holding the south-eastern approaches to Syria's former commercial hub.

Rebels have held roughly half of Aleppo since storming into the city in July last year, holding off a government counter-offensive and consolidating their control over rural areas and the northern border with Turkey.

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Israel on Hezbollah
2013.11.03 01:53:50

Israel said it would not allow advanced weapons to fall into the hands of Hezbollah, after a raid on Syria that opposition sources said had hit an air force garrison believed to be holding Russian-made missiles destined for the militant group.

On Friday officials said that Israel has a clear policy on Syria and will continue to enforce it, after US and European sources said Israel had launched a new attack on its warring neighbour.

Israel declined to comment on leaks to US media that its planes had hit a Syrian base near the port of Latakia, targeting missiles that it thought were destined for its Lebanese enemy, Hezbollah.

- Reuters

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Hezbollah 'execution' video
2013.10.11 12:31:40

A gory online video that appears to show Hezbollah fighters executing gravely wounded Syrian rebels has sparked outrage and threatens to worsen sectarian tensions in Lebanon.

The video shows armed men in fatigues, at least one wearing the yellow arm band sported by the Lebanese Shiite movement, dragging several bloodied men out of a van and shooting them dead.

The men speak in the Lebanese dialect of Arabic, and at the end of the video one man calls them over, saying: "One moment, one moment. We are doing our duty, not avenging ourselves."

The others call out: "For the sake of God, for the sake of God." The one minute, 40 second video's authenticity could not be confirmed, and it was unclear when or where it might have been shot.

Hezbollah has declined to comment on it.

Al-Arabiya television said it may have been filmed during the battle for Qusayr, a strategic Syrian town near the Lebanese border that Syrian troops recaptured from rebels with the help of Hezbollah earlier this year.

Lebanese media largely steered clear of the video, either because they were unable to confirm it or for fear of worsening tensions.

But the video triggered outrage on Twitter, with many observers comparing Hezbollah to Sunni rebel groups.


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Hezbollah denies it received Syrian chemical weapons
2013.09.24 23:58:55

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, a staunch ally of Damascus, has denied that his group received chemical weapons from Syria.

Last month, members of the opposition Syrian National Coalition group accused President Bashar al-Assad of transferring chemical weapons to the Lebanese Shia group to avoid inspection after agreeing to put them under international control.

"This accusation is truly laughable," Nasrallah said on Monday  in a televised speech.

To read more click here.

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Lebanon's Shiite group Hezbollah
2013.09.24 23:20:51

The head of Lebanon's Shiite group Hezbollah, a staunch ally of Damascus, on Monday urged Saudi Arabia and other supporters of Syrian rebel forces to instead back a political settlement.

"I want to extend a sincere and honest invitation, in light of the political realities and facts on the ground in Syria... to Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, Turkey and the rest of the Arab and Islamic states," Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised address.

"Review your positions. The situation has begun to take on very serious dimensions in Syria," he said. "You are betting on a failed military option... The solution is political, and political dialogue."

Nasrallah's group is a close ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is battling an armed revolt which has the support of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Turkey and much of the international community.

Hezbollah has sent fighters to assist Assad's troops against the rebels.

Nasrallah, in his first address since an August 21 chemical weapons attack outside Damascus that prompted threats of US military action, warned against foreign intervention in Syria.


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Lebanese security forces
2013.09.24 23:18:14

Lebanese security forces have begun to move into the southern suburbs of the capital, Beirut, to take over checkpoints set up by Shia group, Hezbollah.

This follows a series of car bomb attacks targeting Hezbollah-controlled areas last month.

The plan to deploy 800 soldiers at the entrance of the suburbs has been welcomed by the Shia group.

Many in Lebanon see the attacks as retaliation for Hezbollah's support for President Bashar al-Assad in Syria's civil war.

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Lebanon's Shia movement Hezbollah
2013.09.06 13:41:44

Lebanon's Shia movement Hezbollah, a key ally of the Syrian regime, on Thursday condemned plans for US-led military action against Damascus as "organized terrorism."

"US aggression against Syria, or the threat of it, is... organized terrorism and threatens the region and its people," the group said after a meeting of its parliamentary bloc.

It warned that any military action would pose a "threat to regional and international peace and security."

The statement was Hezbollah's first official reaction to international calls for military action against Damascus in response to an August 21 alleged chemical weapons attack.

US President Barack Obama is currently seeking congressional authorization for military action, and Hezbollah has reportedly mobilized its members in Lebanon ahead of any strikes.

The group's statement said the threatened military action was intended to "support Israel and tighten the grip of Western colonialism on the region."

"The involvement of the US administration in direct aggression against Syria confirms Hezbollah's conviction that the (Syrian) crisis... is part of a strategic plot intended to place the region under foreign control," it added.

- Agence France Presse

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