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Jury Nullification May Be The Only Salvation For The Antiwar Activists
2010.10.06 20:55:12

"…law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."

--Thomas Jefferson

The Supreme Court's decision in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project to uphold the "material support" of terrorism statute (18 U. S. C. §2339B(a)(1)) has truly turned the law into the tyrant’s weapon. In their June 21, 2010 decision they wrote, "Congress and the Executive are uniquely positioned to make principled distinctions between activities that will further terrorist conduct and undermine United States foreign policy, and those that will not." With these words the Supreme Court made a criminal of anyone that has had any contact with an organization on the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations. This author is astounded at the court’s naiveté in proclaiming that the government is able to make such "principled distinctions". They’ve abdicated their role as guardians of our liberties by rubber stamping this repressive law.

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Philadelphia Libertarians and Socialists Protest the FBI's Raids on Antiwar Activists (video)
2010.09.29 20:25:38

In the face of the government's attempts to silence antiwar activism, libertarians and socialists came together to protest. The object of their outrage was the series of raids conducted by the FBI on antiwar activists in Minnesota, Chicago, Michigan, and North Carolina; and the issuance of subpoenas to appear before a grand jury to many of the same. While the government claims that the raids are seeking evidence of material support of terrorism, the peace activists insist that it is a fishing expedition intended to harass. Below is video of the Philadelphia protest that took place on September 28, 2010:

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Protect and Preserve
2010.02.17 04:06:55

From a June 23, 2009, incident report by David Knepper, a policeman at Columbus Airport, in Columbus, Ohio. A CTX is a machine that screens for items that have the same density as explosives.

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