Thursday, August 21, 2014
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Proloy Bagchi Profile Page
Proloy Bagchi


A retired Indian civil servant who has taken to writing as a citizen journalist. Interested in topical and environmental issues, I not only try to inform but also project a view that is independent and unbiased. Having written for major and minor newspapers in India and for several online citizen journalism sites for almost a decade, I can claim to have acquired the necessary experience to put across my view succinctly.

I have also been actively involved in community work through the Bhopal Citizens' Forum, perhaps the foremost pressure group in the town


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Proloy Bagchi
Proloy Bagchi

Additional Information
Retired civil servant
Reading, writing
18/2 ridge road; Idgah hills, Bhopal - 462001


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08/02/2014 23:52:16Angry Gods of Himalayas
07/14/2014 03:08:31Indian Railways need profile-change
07/12/2014 23:20:29Neymar's injury: increasing aggression in sports
07/12/2014 23:16:37Indian Railways need to change its profile
04/09/2014 02:57:01Tea in Indian politics
03/05/2014 03:49:44India falteringly heads towards sustainable transport
01/30/2014 03:36:09India's North-East needs separate time zone
12/21/2013 00:11:16India could help save Sumatran tiger
12/13/2013 02:48:39Dreams sold by ad world
11/11/2013 03:42:17Indo-Pak peace process -
08/29/2013 03:34:23A take on Indian politicians
07/20/2013 03:44:29Uttarakhand tragedy - 'development' wreaks havoc
07/03/2013 03:51:38The tiny kingdom of Swaziland
06/26/2013 22:24:29Indians' craze for gold hurts their economy
06/16/2013 03:11:15Fall of the Indian Rupee
06/11/2013 23:02:28'Amazing Thailand'
04/19/2013 22:40:38Vote against Sri Lanka - India's muddled diplomacy
01/13/2013 03:03:27A rape that shook India
11/27/2012 03:27:14The end of 'Indian Spring'
10/14/2012 06:38:00On the edge - the Great Indian Bustard
10/04/2012 03:36:17Radios of yore - an eulogy
08/30/2012 03:32:10Dow denies succour to Bhopal despite new-found environmentalism
07/28/2012 03:24:19Return of the "Darkness"
07/04/2012 03:53:11Planet Earth close to tipping point
05/19/2012 23:27:22Indians will soon find survival difficult
01/31/2012 06:26:20A threatened Ramsar Site
01/31/2012 06:20:11Hunger and riches in 'incredible India'
12/22/2011 23:04:58India - a subcontinental refuge
10/25/2011 00:22:13The great Indian ferment
10/08/2011 02:53:43Indian iconic lake under threat
09/16/2011 02:41:11In Soviet-occupied Kabul
09/07/2011 03:39:42The Indian 'Class of 2011'
07/21/2011 01:32:26Demise of India's small change
07/02/2011 03:26:32Kashmir in environmental peril
04/09/2011 03:47:56Indian cricket on overdrive
03/16/2011 03:11:15Of venal ministers and their equally venal parties
02/27/2011 03:40:42Indian Environment Minister's 'no-go' areas for mining under attack
02/16/2011 03:19:05India's oil mafia eliminate the honest
01/31/2011 04:43:14The spurious in India
01/21/2011 02:39:32A Chinese national park - example for India
01/02/2011 23:28:33It's time to introduce sustainable transport
12/28/2010 01:58:45The Tiger Summit and the Indian "Tiger State"
12/01/2010 23:53:13Of malls, hypermarkets and consumerism
11/07/2010 00:09:59India's "Tiger State" finds tigers dispensible
09/14/2010 00:34:05The 'Silver tsunami'
08/31/2010 22:37:01Needed enhanced ecological literacy
07/31/2010 23:28:57Innocents caught up in climate-change jam
07/19/2010 03:54:28GDP growth with growing poverty
07/07/2010 22:31:05Bhopal gas leak - messy controversies
06/26/2010 02:29:43Solar power - the best bet for India
06/02/2010 07:28:41A Chinese lesson
05/26/2010 04:02:53Development neutralises the Indian Maoists
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