Monday, April 22, 2019
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Moral Conservati​ve Zizek?

For me the definitive pronouncement on Newt Gingrich was made recently by Slovenian philosopher, .  (Note: this is a transcript of a spoken conversation.)

“Newt Gingrich is, for me—sorry to use this strong word—kind of a scum of the earth… I don’t have any great sympathy for Bill Clinton, but I remember when there was this campaign, Monica Lewinsky campaign.

Newt Gingrich was making all these moralistic attacks. And then it was confirmed in media—I listened to interview with him where he confirmed it, that when his wife was dying in cancer two or three years before, Newt Gingrich visited her in the hospital, forcing her to sign—not even having the decency for letting her die—forcing her to sign a divorce agreement, so that he could have married another woman. And he was, at the exact time of Lewinsky affair, already cheating her with the secretary of him there, and so on and so on. Listen, these are people who simply—my god, I become here a kind of moral conservative.

There should be some kind of ethical committee which simply claims people like this are a threat to our youth; they should be prohibited from appearing in public.” Watch full video

Is reprobate Gingrich the best the Republicans think they can throw an only slightly lesser skumbag, Obama? Is there even one man or woman of integrity left in this sorry land willing to face up to the ultimate, degrading occupation of President of the United States of America? I guess the answers are Yes and No respectively.

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