Monday, April 22, 2019
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The Despot is gone. Long live the despot

I hate to dampen the sudden celebratory mood in Egypt. Lets see what settles out of the recent change of the public masks of brutality. Mubarak has been replaced by Suleiman and the military. Sounds like a devil’s bargain. Will the democratic demonstrators buy it? I hope they won’t.

The question still hangs over the crowd: What now? Does anyone in Tahrir Square think Suleiman and the US supported and equipped military represent any hope for a less repressive more democratic future? I have never overestimated the gullibility of people. 

Do the Egyptians now celebrating really think they have changed anything?  All that has changed are the masks over the bloody face of the same despotic regime that has dominated this society since the overthrow of the monarchy. In Amerika we thought we had finally overthrown a despot (Bush) with a populist (Obama) who promised “real change” and instead found only a smooth-talking con man who turned out worse than his predecessor. 

I have rarely lost money betting on the stupidity and gullibility of “We The People” of any country.

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