Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Before the Collapse

A few observations:

1.       The Media is controlled by the government and most of what you see and hear from it is a lie.

2.       The United States is engaged in wars all over the planet for resources.

3.       Sociopaths run our government.

4.       The U.S. government is attempting to destroy our basic civil liberties to consolidate their power.

5.       The Bankers are stealing America’s wealth.

6.       Our economy in America is collapsing.

7.       Anyone that is critical of the current policies is considered to be mentally ill, a malcontent or a “terrorist”.

8.       The U.S. is in an economic depression.

9.       There is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans.

10.   (Most importantly) Many people understand what is going on (and the numbers are growing larger every day) and the government of the USA had no this would come so swiftly.

This is the situation we find ourselves in. We have a few ways to deal with it. Americans can revolt, remain passive or ignore reality. We can move to another country, commit suicide or spend all of our savings like there will be no tomorrow.

Basically, the day has arrived where the proverbial piper is rolling into town and someone’s got to pay him. The trouble is that there is no money in the bank.  Obama isn’t going to pay him, and neither is Congress. Nobody in Washington will part with any money unless it’s for weapons.

We are not in a good position. The government of this country actually believed that we would remain ignorant forever. The truth is I also believed the people of this nation would prefer to remain ignorant of the true state of affairs. I still believe that if there were a way for Americans to stick their fingers in their ears and sing until the situation resolved itself, they would.

But the reality is they can’t. The situation is not going to resolve itself and go away. Things will get better or things will get worse, but they will not remain the same. The banks are going to fail, we are going to find ourselves getting shot at or bombed or many of us will get arrested for expressing our opinion.

I don’t exactly know where I’m going with this piece, but I know that I want to make one thing clear to anyone that reads this: If you believe that “someday” the American people will wake up, or that “someday” Americans will understand the true nature of the corporate duopoly (Republicans and Democrats) or that “someday” the floor is going to drop out beneath this huge pack of lies we call our nation’s history, that “someday” is today.

I’m oversimplifying the situation but not too much. The country won’t go to pieces before midnight, but in historical terms, the fall of the empire is right around the corner. Many people today (but not as many as yesterday) will see everything collapse and won’t have a clue as to why the collapse is occurring. There are others that will wonder why it didn’t happen sooner. One thing will be apparent; no one will be able to ignore it.

I’d like to see a few things happen before the fall;

1.       Trials for war crimes to include people in the two Bush regimes, the Clinton and the Obama regimes. Some of the charges should be murder, conspiracy, torture, unlawful imprisonment and blackmail.

2.       For the bankers and other members of the Wall Street criminal gang: Conspiracy, blackmail, theft and racketeering.

3.       For the Flag Grade Officers of the military (Admirals and Generals): Conspiracy, numerous war crimes in violation of the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice), murder and graft.

4.       For Members of Congress: Impeachment for dereliction of duty and failure to do their oversight duties as spelled out in easily read English contained in the U.S. Constitution.

5.       For the U.S. Supreme Court: Impeachment for favors given to wealthy corporations in violation of the People’s General Welfare provision in the U.S. Constitution.

Of course there should be others that should be charged with crimes, but that would be determined by the Attorney General or a Special Prosecutor. I only hope that charges be brought against those who are guilty of malfeasances or murders or any other violations of the law.

My other hope is that this all occurs before the collapse of the U.S., I hope it’s televised and in color.

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