Thursday, August 28, 2014
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The West's tragedy of capital

brussels-summitby Pepe Escobar

Here's a crash course on global finance 2.0. The debt is in the Atlanticist, wealthy North. The resources are in the global South. And the (reluctant) supreme banker of the last resort is the Middle Kingdom, as personified by the Almighty Hu (Jintao). 

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Behind The Iron Wall

UNESCO‘The plan that never changed’
By Clive Hambidge

The UN Cultural organisation (UNESCO) voted strongly in favour of membership for the Palestinians. A vote opposed by Israel.  There were 173 countries that voted, 107 in favour, 14 opposing and 52 abstaining. Great Britain was one of those in the latter category, thus bringing further disrepute to the word ‘Great’. Well done the 107! Shame on the 66. The fact is, the truth is, UNESCO’s vote in favour of Palestinian membership is, as the Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad said, “a historic moment that gives Palestine back some of its rights.”

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World Should Heed Murakami Warning on Nuclear Power

Fukushima, JapanTerming Fukushima Japan's "second massive nuclear disaster," novelist Haruki Murakami said "this time no one dropped a bomb on us" but instead "we set the stage, we committed the crime with our own hands, we are destroying our own lands, and we are destroying our own lives."

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Washington and Israel v. Iran and Flotilla Activists

Freedom WavesWhile high stakes nuclear roulette continues, the fate of Freedom Waves to Gaza activists hangs in the balance.

On November 2, Canada's Tahrir and Ireland's Soairse (Freedom) sailed from Fethiye, Turkey. Israel warplanes and naval vessels shadowed them in international waters.

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Stirring Up Crises and Wars

ahmadinejadby Jacob G. Hornberger

Talk of war with Iran is back in the air. Conservatives and liberals alike are doing exactly what they did when the U.S. Empire was ramping up the crisis environment in the build-up to the Empire’s undeclared war on Iraq. Interestingly, the same rationale is being cited by the statists: WMDs. “The Iranians are acquiring WMDs!” the warfare statists are crying. “If the Empire doesn’t bomb Iran now, mushroom clouds will soon be appearing over American cities. We have to trust our government officials. They have access to information that we don’t have.”

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