Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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US needs to support Palestinian state at UN

abbas-unby MJ Rosenberg

First, let me put all my cards on the table. I believe that the intentional killing of civilians, whether by Palestinian terrorists on the ground or by the Israeli Air Force from the sky, is a war crime. As far as killing kids, I will paraphrase what Lincoln said about slavery: if killing a child, any child, is not wrong then nothing is wrong.

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Media choice: Economics or Bachmann's outfit?

Michelle Bachmannby Danny Schechter

And so it came to pass, as predicted, projected, and warned about, that the economy is about to tank again. No less an authority than Nouriel Roubini, once dismissed as "Dr Doom" for his predictions - enitely accurate - of the 2008 financial crisis, is shaking his head and pointing his finger again.

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The Upcoming Palestinian Uprising

Palestinian UprisingBy Adil E. Shamoo

If conditions do not change quickly by the time of the U.S.-promised veto of Palestinian statehood at the UN General Assembly on September 20, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict could explode into a new uprising with hundreds of deaths. The recent attack of Palestinian extremists on a bus in the southern Israeli resort town of Eilat and the eager over-reaction of Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu is a harbinger of what is to come.

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US on a Russian journey in Afghanistan

ISAFby Dr. Ehsan Azari Stanizai

When foreign forces begin to retreat from Afghanistan, the war theatre changes its players from foreigners to Afghanis. The American withdrawal may well be the last testament to such a ritual in Afghanistan. Obama’s drawdown and transition policy of handing down responsibility to local security forces is unlikely to pay off. The government in Kabul seems balanced on a knife-edge and the volatile situation could get out of control.

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Palestinian Right of Self-Defense

air-raidRepeatedly, Israel preemptively bombs, shells, and inflicts other forms of lawless violence on Gazans, bogusly claiming self-defense.

When they respond, Israel calls it terrorism, claiming justification for greater attacks in "self-defense," what international law prohibits.

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