Friday, April 25, 2014
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Palestinian Right of Self-Defense

air-raidRepeatedly, Israel preemptively bombs, shells, and inflicts other forms of lawless violence on Gazans, bogusly claiming self-defense.

When they respond, Israel calls it terrorism, claiming justification for greater attacks in "self-defense," what international law prohibits.

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Guilty until proven innocent

The Israeli military carried out air strikes in the Gaza Strip that killed six Palestinians following the shootout in Eilat [REUTERS]by Yasmeen El Khoudary

The mini war that Israel waged on Gaza following the turmoil in South Israel is just another perfect example of how Gaza is the Middle East's "Biggest Loser." Caught in a thorny network composed of selfish interests and different agendas, the 1.5 million people of Gaza are indeed the biggest losers when it comes to just about anything in the Middle East.

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Life on the Terrorist Watch Lists

Francis A. BoyleProminent attorney who refused to betray Arab and Muslim clients speaks on civil liberties, life on terror watch list
By Nick Meyer

The attorney-client privilege assuring confidentiality between the two parties is one of the most cherished rights of the American law system, but according to internationally recognized lawyer, author and professor Francis A. Boyle of the the University of Illinois-Champaign, government agents violated that privilege in a jarring summer 2004 visit.

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Need for Economic Crimes’ Nuremberg-Type Trials

Economic CrimesI prefer the Spanish word “perogrullada” to its English equivalent: truism or platitude. During my youth we had something closer in meaning to perogrullada when we would confront someone expressing the obvious, saying “no kidding, Dick Tracy!” [Dick Tracy was then a very popular comic strip detective and crime solver.]

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The Return of the Generals

warSince the beginning of the conflict, the extremists of both sides have always played into each other’s hands. The cooperation between them was always much more effective than the ties between the corresponding peace activists.

“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” asked the prophet Amos (3:3). Well, seems they can.

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