Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Obama Backs Occupation of Palestine

Obama Backs OccupationThe Obama administration’s hypocritical vow to block full UN membership for Palestine shames America. Only a hypocrite could proclaim support for the Arab Spring while opposing this step toward realizing the Palestinian aspiration to be free from the 44-year-old Israeli occupation of the West Bank and subjugation of Gaza.

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Abbas’ Dangerous Path to Palestinian Statehood

Abbas’ Path to Palestinian StatehoodPalestinian President, Mahmud Abbas, whose presidency had expired since early 2009, is treading a dangerous path when submitted a formal bid on Friday September 23rd to the UN to recognize a Palestinian Statelet - on the remaining fragmented and besieged by the separation wall 20% of historical Palestine- that would gain a full membership to the international organization.

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Beyond the Palestinians’ Crisis

children-campA larger conflict is now in process
by Dan Lieberman

President Obama's closest neighbor must know. While occupying a tent across from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in a twenty year vigil for world peace, diminutive but mighty Concepcion Picciotto interfaced with a sufficient number of Americans and surveyed the public pulse. After campaigning for Palestinian rights and an equitable solution to the Middle East crisis for two decades, the nation capital’s most famous activist offered a wry and defeating conclusion; nothing has changed and nothing will change. Israel continues unimpeded in its quest to obtain the entire West Bank, and no external or internal force is prepared to halt the endeavor and the eventual destruction of those whose ancestors resided in the land for centuries. If any powerful force cared, and many exist in the western world, wouldn't it have applied its power in the past and be active today? The American people haven't learned anything.

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Palestinian UN Membership Roulette

abbas-banAs Palestinian legal advisor in 1987, Law Professor Francis Boyle drafted its Declaration of Independence, creating a Palestinian state.

Palestinians now want and deserve official recognition and full de jure UN membership. Washington and Israel remain obstructionist.

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American Jews are not single-issue voters

A common mistake is the assumption that US Jews care more about Israel than life in the USby MJ Rosenberg

A congressional aide contacted me last week to tell me a story that he believed illustrated a point I often make.

His boss was visited by a group of eight senior citizens from his district. They had travelled to Washington with a group of retired teachers and decided, on the spur of the moment, to visit their representative. They had no appointment so they did not expect to see him but wanted to see the office, if nothing else.

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