Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Syntax of Fascism

FascismThe canaries are dropping dead. The rats are running for the surface. Something's amiss. The Western world has become highly unbalanced. And just beneath the surface is the unmistakable smell of fascism. Turn over a station, click the mouse, open a magazine and there it is. It is the language of fascism. Ostensibly, the language looks more or less innocuous. But then, the whiff grabs us. 

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The New Anti-Semitism

EDLThe Nazi Propaganda Minister, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, calls his boss, Adolf Hitler, by hell-phone.

“Mein Führer,” he exclaims excitedly. “News from the world. It seems we were on the right track, after all. Anti-Semitism is conquering Europe!”

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Debt Ceiling Roulette

boehner-obamaIn this game, the house always wins. Bipartisan complicity stacked the deck against millions of working households, needing to know that political Washington is scamming them.

The end result is the banana republicanization of America. American writer O. Henry (William Sydney Porter: 1862 - 1910) coined the term (his fictional Republic of Anchuria) in his book, "Cabbages and Kings."

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Arguing Libya

air-strikesby William Blum

On July 9 I took part in a demonstration in front of the White House, the theme of which was "Stop Bombing Libya". The last time I had taken part in a protest against US bombing of a foreign country, which the White House was selling as "humanitarian intervention", as they are now, was in 1999 during the 78-day bombing of Serbia. At that time I went to a couple of such demonstrations and both times I was virtually the only American there. The rest, maybe two dozen, were almost all Serbs. "Humanitarian intervention" is a great selling device for imperialism, particularly in the American market. Americans are desperate to renew their precious faith that the United States means well, that we are still "the good guys".

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Brown Skin- White Masks

Hamid Dabashi, Brown Skin, White MasksHamid Dabashi, Brown Skin, White Masks, Pluto, London 2011, 165 p, L 14.99; $ 24,95.

Almost 60 years ago, Frantz Fanon published his groundbreaking book “Black Skin, White Masks”, in which he explored the traumatic consequences of an inferiority complex that colonized people felt, and how that led them to identify with the ideology of the colonizer. This book together with “The Wretched of the Earth”, published in 1961, became “the Bibles” of the anti-colonial movement throughout the world. His writings inspired the protest movement that swept across not only the colonized third world countries, but also through the Northern colonial metropolis. In the light of the new US-led policies of neo-colonialism and imperialism, Fanon is more topical than ever.

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