Sunday, December 04, 2016
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Subversive Thrills

Gaither Stewart's new novel, The Trojan SpyA Review of Gaither Stewart's new novel, The Trojan Spy
by William T. Hathaway and Paul Carline

Gaither Stewart's The Trojan Spy takes the thriller genre an important step forward, advancing it from the work of his predecessors John le Carré and Robert Ludlum. Le Carré and Ludlum rebelled against the conventions of the classic spy thrillers, which assumed that we're the good guys who are under attack by bad guys so evil that we're justified in bending the rules to save ourselves from them. In that world, lies, deceit, sabotage, and even murder are sometimes necessary to defend peace, justice, and the American (or Western) Way against (pick one, depending on when the book was written) Nazis, communists, or terrorists.

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Norman G. Finkelstein, Knowing too much

Finkelstein, Knowing too muchWhy the American Jewish Romance with Israel Is Coming to an End, OR Books, New York-London 2012, 472 pp. 23 $.

The more danger, the more honor - this saying could be a trade mark for the straightforward attitude and non-corruptible scholarly work of the US-American political scientist Norman G. Finkelstein. There is no other American Jew in the United States whom the right-wing pro-Israel Zionist lobbies and their cheerleaders’ worldwide love to hate more than Finkelstein.

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On the Cultivation and Care of White Roses

White Rose movementA response to Jacob G. Hornberger

Jacob G. Hornberger’s essay “Were Nazi Soldiers War Heroes?” conveyed a seldom-voiced truth few care to even look at. I would like to carry this discussion into the struggles and conflicts we are facing today, especially as regards our rhetoric surrounding terrorism and the meaning of moral courage.

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The Potemkin Candidate

Mitt Romney, Donald TrumpPermanently capitalizing the P in Presumptive Nominee, the Texas primary shoved Mitt Romney right over the delegate precipice, and now with the nomination locked up tighter than a rusted pickle jar 20,000 leagues beneath the sea, the campaign has taken a sudden turn towards the nebulous. Ambiguous Ville. Candidates don’t make mistakes in the murky bog of summer. Even when they do, the atmosphere is too hazy to notice.

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Israeli Mustard

Orthodox JewsIt's a true story. I have told it once, and I shall tell it again.

A friend of mine in Warsaw, who is half Jewish, advised a well-known Polish journalist to visit Israel, to see for himself.

When the journalist came back, he called my friend and reported breathlessly: “Do you know what I have discovered? There are Jews in Israel too!”

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