Saturday, April 18, 2015
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The Hypocrite, The Fanatic, or Obama?

Mitt Romney, left, Rick SantorumThe American electorate is facing a presidential election in which there is almost no prospect of a constructive debate. On the Republican side the campaign for the nomination has exhibited the clash of irresponsible and reactionary views, slightly relieved by the libertarian Ron Paul who at least counsel against militarism and the death dance with Israel.  All the Republican presidential hopefuls, except Paul, exhibit a craven distaste for reality when they attack Obama for being insufficiently pro-Israeli, as if 95%+ is insufficient. Such a posture, whether meant seriously or not, iexpresses contempt for the intelligence and common sense of the American citizenry.

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China's riders on the storm

The ambitious Bo Xilai was removed as Chongqing Communist Party Secretary on March 15by Pepe Escobar

Not many people outside China are familiar with foggy Chongqing, in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, in the heart of Sichuan province. Well, this is the biggest megalopolis in the world: 31 million, and counting. There are more people in Chongqing than in the whole of Iraq, or Malaysia.

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Afghanistan Crimes: Absolving Higher-Ups

shooting-spreeMurder anywhere is bad enough. Nuremberg chief prosecutor Robert Jackson called preemptive aggressive war killing "the supreme international crime against peace."

Convicted Nazi war criminals were hanged. American ones keep killing with impunity.

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The Palestinian Houdini

jerusalem-evictionby Adam Kelle

What is this? A UN fact-finding mission to inquire into the settlements on the West Bank? What, bother us again with settlements and occupation? Don't they know at the UN that we had long since left this issue behind us?

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The case for bombing Iran is quickly collapsing

Netanyahu, AIPACby MJ Rosenberg

One critical element leads me to the conclusion that the United States will not go to war with Iran, nor allow Israel to do so. It is this: common sense.

It is true, of course, that common sense dictated against invading Iraq. But the very fact that we did invade Iraq, and that the Iraq war is almost universally considered a catastrophe, should add to the weight common sense carries this time.

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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