Friday, July 29, 2016
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Zionism, anti-Semitism and colonialism

Palestinian resistance to Jewish colonial settlementby Joseph Massad

Ever since the inception of the Zionist movement, Zionist thinkers presented their national colonial project as a response to anti-Semitism. Whereas Zionists saw anti-Semitism as a symptom, if not a diagnosis, of the Jewish Question, they offered Zionism as the final cure that would eradicate anti-Semitism in Europe once and for all.

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Odd Man Out

barak-gazaIt's America's accustomed role. It's longstanding. It lets Israel get away with murder and much more.

Washington's support permits Israel to commit repeated crimes of war, against humanity, slow-motion genocide, and countless other human and civil rights abuses too grave to ignore.

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The disproportionate value of Israeli life

demolitionby Belen Fernandez

Following the conclusion of Operation "Pillar of Defence", Israel's latest bout of terror in Gaza, Israeli journalist Gideon Levy wrote in Ha'aretz:

Since the first Qassam rocket fell on Israel in April 2001, 59 Israelis have been killed - and 4,717 Palestinians. The numbers don't lie, as they say in less lethal fields, and this proportion is horrifying. It ought to disturb every Israeli.

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Jesus Was a Palestinian

gazaresistChristmas & Palestinian Genocide

On Christmas Day 2012 the World will again celebrate the birth of Jesus but it needs to loudly and publicly proclaim the truth that Jesus was a Palestinian. Goodhearted and honest Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Jews, Animists, Agnostics and Atheists would all agree that Jesus was a wonderful humanitarian, and an outstanding moral philosopher. All of us, from Atheists to Zoroastrians, recognize Jesus as the most renowned Indigenous Palestinian.

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The Fight over Right-to-Work

unemploymentThe “right-to-work” issue is back. When a state passes a right-to-work law, as Michigan did this month, employers in that state can no longer agree to require workers to pay union fees as a condition of employment. Supporters of right-to-work see it as a way to protect workers from being forced to support unions against their will.

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