Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Republican Reconsideration of Immigration

US ImmigrationThose are my principles. If you don't like them I have others.” — Groucho Marx

Apparently Groucho has been elected chairman of the Republican National Committee.

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Unity the path to change in Ethiopia

EthiopiaThe King is dead long live the King

It is a new-year in Ethiopia, (belated) happy 2005 one and all. With it comes a new prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, deputy PM under Meles Zenawi who died sometime in August or was it July. A fog of misinformation and uncertainty surrounds the final months of Meles life, ingrained secrecy being both a political and national characteristic that works against social and ethnic cohesion, strengthening mistrust and division.

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Obama’s Presidency Through Palestinian Eyes

abbas-obamaPeople worldwide were very interested and following the 2012 American election believing that their future would, somehow, be affected by the foreign policies of the new American President. Only the Palestinian people were totally apathetic to the election. They believe that the American stance toward the Palestinian cause, specifically, and towards the Middle East, generally, would not change no matter who becomes the American president; whether a democrat or a republican.

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What Did We Learn From This Election?

ohioWe Learned We Have No Choice

I am getting old. I’ve seen this crap played out every four years of my life. The election…what can I say? If I say I’m pleased as punch that Obama beat Romney, I would be lying. If Romney beat Obama, I would be just as sad. In fact, I wished that no one would have won this election. I wished everyone would have stayed home. The fact is many more people opted out of voting this election.

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Resisting Hell’s Maelstrom

Emergency AidOver the past twenty months, as the Syrian crisis continued beyond most early predictions, this observer learned something about the Syrian people that I had known for decades about Palestinians. And that is their great concern for their countrymen wherever they are found and whatever their current condition. When I am in Syria I am frequently asked “how are our people doing in Lebanon as refugees from this crisis?” 

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