Friday, July 11, 2014
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Targeted for assassination by NATO?

Seif al Islam GaddafiWill Seif al Islam Gaddafi survive to have his day in court?

During the late evening of 10/20/11 the White House, the Office of the Secretary of State, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Libyan Embassy in Washington, DC received a faxed communication from an American organized international legal team currently preparing their departure to Libya.

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QE4: Forgive the Students

Student Loanby Ellen Brown

Among the demands of the Wall Street protesters is student debt forgiveness—a debt “jubilee.” Occupy Philly has a “Student Loan Jubilee Working Group,” and other groups are studying the issue. Commentators say debt forgiveness is impossible. Who would foot the bill?  But there is one deep pocket that could pull it off—the Federal Reserve. In its first quantitative easing program (QE1), the Fed removed $1.3 trillion in toxic assets from the books of Wall Street banks. For QE4, it could remove $1 trillion in toxic debt from the backs of millions of students.

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Life in East Jerusalem

East JerusalemPalestinians suffer grievously under occupation, including in East Jerusalem. Israel wants it entirely Judaized as its capital even though legally it's an international city under UN trusteeship.

No matter. Palestinians face daily hardships and abuses, including its elected officials.

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The FBI Goes Rogue on Iran

The FBIGoing Rogue Again

Back on 29 August 2011, I wrote a piece titled America’s FBI Goes Rogue. The gist of that piece was that the FBI’s Counter Terrorist Unit has transformed itself into an instigator of crime. The Agency’s modus operandi (MO) here reminds one of those carnivorous plants that have evolved physical shapes that lure their insect victims to their deaths. So too does the FBI’s approach to “terror prevention” rely on spinning crime scenarios so as to lure unsuspecting “terrorists” into a criminal trap.

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Israeli-Palestinian Prisoner Swap

Palestinian PrisonerSince Hamas captured Gilad Shalit on June 25, 2006, on and off talks negotiated his release.

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