Sunday, December 11, 2016
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Review: 'The Finkler Question'

The Finkler Question, by Howard JacobsonRacism is not amusing

The comic novel “The Finkler Question” by Jewish British writer Howard Jacobson won the prestigious Man Booker Prize for 2010 but one can well ask did it answer the question? The questions implicit in the novel seemed to revolve around the nature of Jewishness and the moral challenge to Jewry of the race-based Jewish colonization of Palestine. Unfortunately while the novel wittily explores some aspects of Jewish exclusivity it fails to properly address the huge moral issue of racist, genocidal Zionism. Further, much of the humor is at the expense of anti-racist Jews opposing the human rights abuses of Apartheid Israel.

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Expelling Diplomats: the Downside

annan-assadThe Houla massacre has whipped up a new wave of outrage at the claimed brutality of Syria’s government. Syrian envoys were kicked out of some Western capitals, more financial sanctions slapped on the regime in Damascus, and more furious demands are being made for a regime change toppling Bashar al-Assad and more calls for military intervention issued.

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Bye Bye Ray

Ray BradburyI just heard that my childhood hero, Ray Bradbury passed some twenty-four hours ago. By my calculations, this unimpeded spirit buoyed on the wings of his boyish, eternal sense of wonder passed the outer limits of the Solar System some seventeen hours ago en route to Proxima Centauri, outward bound, following his limitless curiosity.

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In Syria- Fierce Battle for Strategic Space & Energy Resources

league-sitA great geo-political strategic struggle is now underway in Syria, with balance slightly tilted in favor of Syria and Iran with full support from Russia along with China. My assessment is that if peace is not brought to Syria and a political settlement sought, destruction of this crucial strategic key stone in Middle East will have very serious repercussions and strategic consequences not only for the region but also for the strategic balance and the economic and strategic health of the world for a long time.

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Israeli Commanders Face Trial in Turkish Court

Mavi MarmaraThey're accused of ordering the May 31, 2010 Mavi Marmara massacre. Israeli commandos attacked the ship with orders to assassinate targeted victims.

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