Friday, August 29, 2014
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Across The Wall

Across The WallIlan Pappé/Jamil Hilal eds., Across The Wall. Narratives of Israeli-Palestinian History, I. B. Tauris, London-New York 2010, 462 pp., € 56.

“Across the Wall” arose from collaboration between scholars from Israel and Palestine, seeking to arrive at a shared framework for studying the history of this tormented land. Historians from Israel/Palestine came together for dialogue on history, identity, and the meaning of the conflict. They argue for a concept of a “bridging narrative” that can accommodate incompatible national met-narratives. “Bridging narratives are usually intercalary chapters, short pieces that help connect the so-called ‘plot` chapters”. (3) All contested issues in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are discussed.

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(Nittany) Lion Lies Down With Lamb

paternoby Walter A. Davis

“Why would you want to tarnish your beautiful mind by thinking about unhappy things.” Barbara Bush (on Katrina)

“Were thinking about those poor kids today.” This the statement throughout the Penn State community and elsewhere preceding the kickoff of last Saturday’s football game against Nebraska. 

Hard to find a better case of what Freud called disavowal. Or fetishistic disavowal: I deny the thing—thinking—in the very act of claiming it for “us.”

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Recycling Earth

restoreby Abdul Basit

With the economic crisis that has gripped the world nations due to euro zone and the new report of US State Department of Energy stating that the carbon emissions in the environment have vastly increased in 2010, the world is passing through a critical stage. At the recent ECOQ exhibition and conference on environment in Qatar, Jean Audouze, President of UNESCO in France  said that at the beginning of 19th century, the planet had only 1billion human inhabitants. It is estimated that by next month there will be 7 billion people on Earth (which we have already attained this October), and by 2050 there will be 9 billion. “If every human being wished to live with the standards of American people, we would need seven Earths to support this amount of people. If every human being wanted to live in the same standards of a European, we would need three Earths to support all those people.”

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David Landy and his ‘Israel Critic Jews’

Jewish Identity and Palestinian RightsJewish Identity and Palestinian Rights: The Growth of Diaspora Jewish Opposition to Israel by David Landy

David Landy, an Irish-Jewish academic and a Palestinian solidarity activist has written a book about Jewish Identity and Jewish dissent in the Diaspora.

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Netanyahu is a liar!

sarkozy-obama“You can lie to all of the people some of the time, and to some of the people all of the time, but you cannot lie to all of the people all of the time.”

This slightly altered quotation from Abraham Lincoln has yet to be absorbed by Binyamin Netanyahu. He thinks it doesn't apply to him. Actually, that is the core of his entire political career.

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