Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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The Bush Administration Ongoing Criminal Conspiracy

BushThe Bush Administration Was an Ongoing Criminal Conspiracy Under International Law and U.S. Domestic Law
Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal

Mr. President, Distinguished Judges, may it please the Tribunal.

Since the impeachable installation of George W. Bush as President in January of 2001 by the U.S. Supreme Court’s Republican Gang of Five, the peoples of the world witnessed a government in the United States that demonstrated little if any respect for fundamental considerations of international law, human rights, and the United States Constitution. What the world watched instead was a comprehensive and malicious assault upon the integrity of the international and domestic legal orders by a group of men and women who were thoroughly Machiavellian in their perception of international relations and in their conduct of both foreign policy and domestic affairs. Even more seriously, in many instances specific components of the Bush administration’s foreign policies constituted ongoing criminal activity under well-recognized principles of both international law and U.S. domestic law, and in particular the Nuremberg Charter (1945), the Nuremberg Judgment (1946), and the Nuremberg Principles (1950), as well as the Pentagon’s own U.S. Army Field Manual 27-10 on The Law of Land Warfare (1956), all of which applied to President Bush himself as Commander-in-Chief of United States Armed Forces under Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution.

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Saudi Arabia: the “good" tyranny

king-abdullahThe Western political class is obsessed with Iran and its virtual nuclear programs. But just next door, there exists the highly fundamentalist and brutal regime of the House of Saud. It does not only support almost all radical Islamist movements around the world but has also established a form of intolerant dictatorship the world has never seen before. At the same time, the Saudi regime is very well befriended with the U. S. Empire. These Saudi extremist can behave like madmen internally, but the U. S. government will look the other way. This telling silence is paid for in the currency of oil.

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The Myth of Withdrawal from Afghanistan

afghan-basesDespite Barack Obama’s trumpeted force draw-down in Afghanistan, by the end of next summer more than twice as many U.S. troops will be fighting in that country’s civil war as there were when he became president in 2009. His soothing words notwithstanding, a force of about 70,000 will remain there at least until the end of 2014. We can be sure, however, that that won’t stop the president from campaigning for reelection on a peace platform. As Election Day 2012 approaches, we’ll be treated to lots of footage of withdrawing soldiers.

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The Final Destination

Photo by Lina AtallahKaren was one of the activists who participated in the latest attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. She was subsequently arrested and incarcerated by the Israelis and spent three days in detention in Israeli jail. I’m sitting with her in a coffee shop in Vancouver. She seems incapable of jaywalking let alone participating in such a daring event. She is soft spoken, gentle-natured, and composed. I wonder what would possibly compel someone like Karen to travel such a long distance to deliver medicine and good-wish letters from Canada to the population of Gaza of whom she has never met. She has an answer for this. Conscience. Her response to the Canadian government’s statement calling their action provocative. Is bold: “yes, it’s true, it’s meant to be provocative. It’s meant to provoke thought and awareness.” I start by asking her about her experience in Israeli jail.

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Europe Lays an Egg

Brussels summitLike earlier summits, they met. They talked. They agreed to talk more and solved nothing. Once again Europe laid an egg.

In fact, in 2011 alone, EU leaders held 19 emergency meetings/summits, proposed dozens of rescue packages, made as many promises, yet are back at square one.

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