Monday, September 15, 2014
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Economist Mahima Khanna wins Cambridge Prize

Economist Mahima KhannaIndian economic success but dire poverty

Brilliant economics MPhil student Mahima Khanna from Kolkata, Bengal, has been awarded the prestigious Stevenson Prize by the University of Cambridge for her outstanding economics research work. She has become the third Indian to receive this award after eminent economists Professors Amartya Sen and Sir Patha Dasgupta. However India’s economic success must reach all Indians.  It must be noted that 1998 Economics Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen is also from Bengal and is a former Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. Sir Partha Dasgupta is Frank Ramsey Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge, UK, and is from Kolkata, Bengal.

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Iranian nuclear programme not about Israel

Ehud Barak recently implied that an Iranian bid for nuclear weapons is geopolitical, and not just about Israelby MJ Rosenberg

The classic definition of a campaign gaffe is when a politician inadvertently speaks a truth that will hurt him politically. The first George Bush committed a gaffe when he said that the idea that cutting taxes would increase government revenue was "voodoo economics". Similarly, it was a gaffe when Barack Obama said that insecure right-wingers "cling" to religion and guns. In other words, a gaffe is a politically inconvenient truth.

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Weimar Revisited

boycoting“You and your Weimar!” a friend of mine once exclaimed in exasperation, ”just because you experienced the collapse of the Weimar Republic as a child, you see Weimar behind every corner.”

The accusation was not unjustified. In 1960, during the Eichmann trial, I wrote a book about the fall of the German Republic. Its last chapter was called: “It can happen here” Since then I have come back to this warning time and again.

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Super Committee Deadlock

Super CommitteeHeads They Win, Tails We Lose
by Ellen Brown

It is no great surprise that with only days to go, the congressional “super committee,” given the herculean task of carving an additional $1.2 trillion out of the federal budget, has failed to reach agreement. Why should six Republicans and six Democrats with diametrically opposed views agree in a few weeks, when Congress couldn’t shake hands on it after months of wrangling, despite the guillotine blade of a federal default hanging over their heads?

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On (Im)Balance and Credibility in America: Israel/Palestine

bb-oba-abbI could not begin to count the number of times friends, and adversaries, have give me the following general line of advice: your views on Israel/Palestine would gain a much wider hearing if they showed more sympathy for Israel’s position and concerns, that is, if they were more ‘balanced.’ Especially on this set of issues, I have always found such advice wildly off the mark for two main reasons.

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