Sunday, December 04, 2016
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President Again, Putin & Obama

putin-medvedevRe-invigorated, Putin Appoints Medvedev Prime Minister

Few in Indian media gave much importance to Vladimir Putin’s inauguration as the newly elected president of Russia with a thumping majority, which was telecast in grand style by Russian TV, now available in India (It is a good antidote to western spins and outright lies of BBC and other Western channels. Al Jazeera Arabic too has joined the western gang.)

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Fabricating Lies to Wage War on Iran

Carlos Latuff/ MWC NEWSTurning Iran into a reliable pro-Western puppet state is a long-sought US goal. All options are considered, including war.

Tactics include calling Iran a threat to world peace, falsely accusing Tehran of terrorist attacks, and fabricating lies about an alleged nuclear weapons program despite no corroborating evidence whatever.

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Sins of Our Fathers

Nakba 48“We dance round in a ring and suppose/ But the secret sits in the middle and knows."-Robert Frost-

Victors’ celebrations harbor shadows that lurk in the soul as revelers dance in remembrance, burying in laughter the suffering screams of those displaced and destroyed, furiously hiding forgotten faces framed in fear from mocking the glorious dance should they be awakened once more by the reverie. May 14 and 15 are paradoxically days of celebration and catastrophe; victors “dance round in a ring and suppose,” caught in a never ending quest to know if indeed this celebration is for victory or for defeat, while those vanquished understand “the secret that sits in the middle and knows.”Are the secrets Truth that we are afraid to delve into, too ashamed to acknowledge, or fear of a pending Nakba for the victor signaled by a merciful and just God?

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Review: 'The Street Sweeper'

 “The Street Sweeper “ by Elliot PerlmanThe novel “The Street Sweeper “ by Elliot Perlman is an enjoyable, middle-brow book with a highly improbable but  predictable plot redolent of TV crime dramas. However this politically partisan novel  raises the issue of the legitimacy of fiction versus faction (historical fact-based fiction).

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Operetta in 5 Acts

Netanyahu-MofazThe master magician has drawn another rabbit from his top hat. A real and very lively rabbit.

He has confounded everybody, including the leaders of all parties, the top political pundits and his own cabinet ministers.

He has also shown that in politics, everything can change – literally – overnight.

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