Sunday, October 23, 2016
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'There are Marxists in India?'

Marxists in IndiaEconomist Prabhat Patnaik on the global crisis

After an engaging half-hour interview with India’s pre-eminent Marxist economist during a conference at New York University, I told a friend about my one-on-one time with Prabhat Patnaik.

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Marwan Barghouti: Suspect Accusations After the Fact

Marwan BarghoutiBarghouti's a political prisoner. On May 20, 2004, he was wrongfully convicted of involvement in three terrorist attacks killing five people. Acquitted on 33 other charges, he received five consecutive life sentences plus 40 years.

A three-judge panel ruled that although he didn't fully control local Brigade leaders and wasn't directly involved, he had "significant influence" over their conduct.

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America's Gulf Disaster Revisited

BP's Gulf of Mexico disasterApril 20 marked the two year anniversary of BP's Gulf of Mexico disaster. Until Fukushima Daiichi's catastrophic nuclear meltdown, it was the largest ever environmental calamity.

It's devastated the lives of millions of area residents. It contaminated America's Gulf. Nothing in it's safe to eat. The incident's been plagued by coverup, denial, and Obama administration complicity to assure nothing slows hazardous deep water drilling.

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Where the ‘Self’ Ends and the ‘West’ Begins

the-shadowWhen we were young there was hope in the air. There was good reason to look ahead. Some of us enrolled at university, but we also knew that if life did not shine on us, there were plenty of factories that offered enough jobs to those who were willing to toil.

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How many walls will secure the Zionist regime in Palestine?

wallsThey Can’t Stop Building Walls...

It may be that researchers would want to examine as long ago as the period from the 3rd century BC until the beginning of the 17th century in order to find a regime so frenetically building walls and barriers in a hopeless quest to hold onto stolen lands as we in Lebanon may soon witness in the south of the country.  It was back in 221 BC that in order to protect China from the land claims of the Xiongnu people from Mongolia, the Xiongnu tribe being China’s main enemy at that time who sought the return of lands they claimed the Chinese had stolen, that the emperor Qin Shi Huang ordered the construction of a wall to guard China’s territorial gains.

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