Saturday, August 23, 2014
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Targeting Iran

ahmadinejad-obamaIn the past five years, Iran faced four harsh rounds of sanctions. At issue is its alleged nuclear threat. No evidence proves it.

Last May, its Bushehr nuclear plant began operating. In September, it began supplying the national grid with 60 megawatts of electricity, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

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Goldstone walks alone on a bridge to nowhere

Richard GoldstoneSurely the New York Times would not dare turn down a piece from the new Richard Goldstone. He had already recast himself as the self-appointed guardian of Israel’s world reputation. This, despite the fact that he had earlier been anointed as the distinguished jurist who admirably put aside his ethnic identity and personal affiliations when it came to carrying out his professional work as a specialist in international criminal law.

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Dissing Europe's Failed Bailout Scheme

greece-austerityHeavily indebted Eurozone countries face insolvency. Adding more can't save them. Nonetheless, policy makers repeat past mistakes, compounding failure with more of it.

Banker occupation corrupts Europe and America. They decide what's best for them. Wrecked economies follow. So do mandated austerity measures, including public sector layoffs, wage and benefit cuts, tax hikes on workers, cuts for corporate crooks, and unrestrained economic freedom to pillage.

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Comparing Evils

afghan-warFrom the Book
RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War

Jamal Khan is an Afghan journalist who fled his country because of Taliban persecution and now lives in Germany. We met in the apartment of a mutual friend from the Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft, the German Peace Society. Jamal is mid-forties, thin, with curly brown hair, tanning skin, and clear green eyes that take everything in. We spoke in German, and then later reworked the interview from my English translation.

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Welcoming Palestine to UNESCO

UNESCO delegates applaud after the General Conference admits Palestine as UNESCO member state in Paris [EPA]It may not ease the daily pain of occupation and blockade or the endless anguish of refugee status and exile or the continual humiliations of discrimination and second class citizenship, but the admission of Palestine to membership in UNESCO is for so many reasons a step forward in the long march of the Palestinian people toward the dignity of sunlight! The event illuminates the path to self-determination, but also brings into the open some of the most formidable obstacles that must be cleared if further progress is to be made.

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