Tuesday, January 17, 2017
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Leila Khaled, Icon of Palestinian Liberation

Leila Khaled, Icon of Palestinian LiberationSarah Irving- Leila Khaled, Icon of Palestinian Liberation, Pluto Press, London 2012, 155 pp. L 11.50.

Western discourse about Palestine or Palestinians is peppered by stereotypes such as “terrorists”, “suicide bombers”, “irrational” or “unreliable” people. These generalizations say more about Western perceptions than Palestinian reality. Sarah Irving’s book deals with the first Palestinian “woman terrorist”, Leila Khaled, in a balanced way, without becoming a hagiography. It is based on interviews with Laila Khaled carried out in Amman, where she now lives; her autobiography; and on some articles published in the “Guardian” and in left-wing magazines.

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Egypt’s election results: Palestinian victory & Zionist defeat?

brotherhoodA question of dignity...

The official results of the first round of the historic Egyptian presidential elections, the first ever in Mother Egypt where the results were not known in advance, present an encouraging snapshot of “new democratic Egypt” given that close to 50% of Egypt’s approximately 50 million eligible voters, some standing in line to vote in scorching heat for hours, will not be officially announced until late May.

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Capitalism and Socialism

capitalism v. socialismCapitalism

In the Twenty-first Century there are two distinct economic models. The predominant is Capitalism and the other is Socialism. Communism has fallen by the wayside as a system that is too easily usurped by totalitarianism. Capitalism is a socio-economic system that eventually is run by the rich and takes advantage by the rich at the expense of the working class that is the prime mover of the system. Capital dictates the direction of Capitalism.

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What is New in the Israel/Palestine Conflict

unityUndoubtedly transfixed by the extraordinary developments throughout the Arab world since Mohamed Boazizi’s self-immolation on December 17, 2010: from Tahrir Square to the NATO intervention in Libya to bloody confrontations in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain to the eerie quiet in Algeria to the relative and temporary calm in Morocco, there has been a widespread few have noticed that the Israeli/Palestine conflict has changed its character in fundamental respects during the last couple of years.

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A Bird’s Eye View

rightBased on my article “The main Effort” published in Haaretz , May 4. 2012.

On May 15, the anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, its Arab citizens observed a day of mourning for the victims of the Naqba (“catastrophe”) – the mass exodus of half the Palestinian people from the territory which became Israel.

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