Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Enemies of Capitalism

moneyA new report from the Bank of International Settlements, which one might think of as the apex of the global financial system, has slammed the system it coordinates in no uncertain terms. But the system is very good at ignoring criticism, even when it criticizes itself. The report asks, “like a person who eats too much, does a bloated financial system become a drag on the rest of the economy?”

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Divide et Impera

demonstratorsWhatever is happening to the Israeli social protest movement?

Good question. It is not only being asked abroad, but in Israel, too.

Last year the movement reached its peak in a giant demonstration. Hundreds of thousands marched in Tel Aviv.

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Divorce Scuttles Shotgun Likud/Kadima Wedding

Benjamin Netanyahu, left, Shaul MofaShotgun weddings often produce quick and/or ugly divorces. This one was no exception. When announced, public outrage greeted it.

So-called unity sounded more like surrender. Secret talks arranged it. Israel's faux democracy sustained another blow. What Likud's Benjamin Netanyahu and Kadima's Shaul Mofaz agreed to came asunder.

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Worldwide opposition to the next war against Iran

IranThe West wages a war of sanctions, sabotage and assassinations against the Iranian people. The sanctions are not “smart” but murderous. There is also a psychological and cyber war going on against the country’s nuclear scientists and installations, led by the US Empire and its client state Israel. According to international law, both countries engage in illegal occupation, which represents a regional and global threat to the peace. Currently, we are witnessing a remake of the prologue that led to the attack on Iraq.

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Donor Dollars aiding political repression in Ethiopia

us_dollarBy Graham Peebles

An ideological poison is polluting all life within Ethiopia, flowing into every area of civil society. Local governance, urban and rural neighbourhoods, farming, education and the judiciary all are washed in Revolutionary Democracy’, the doctrine of the ruling party. Human Rights Watch (HRW) in their detailed report ‘Development without Freedom’ (DWF) quote Ethiopia’s Prime Minister for the last twenty years Meles Zenawi explaining that “when Revolutionary Democracy permeates the entire society, individuals will start to think alike and all persons will cease having their own independent outlook. In this order, individual thinking becomes simply part of collective thinking because the individual will not be in a position to reflect on concepts that have not been prescribed by Revolutionary Democracy.” A society of automatons is the EPRDF vision, The Borg Collective in the Horn of Africa, men women and children of the seventy or so tribal groups of Ethiopia all dancing to one repressive tune sung by the ruling EPRDF.

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