Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Abbas Speech Signals Capitulation

Abbas SpeechWithout saying it, he left little doubt how he'll petition the UN on September 23.

Speaking on television from Ramallah, he said:

"We are going to the United Nations to request our legitimate right, obtaining full membership for Palestine in this organization."

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A Review of The Wandering Who

The Wandering Who, by Gilad Atzmon“The Wandering Jew, like Cain, is Everyman. We are what we will to be: Cain or Abel, with a soul or without one, sympathetic to our fellows or indifferent, human or non-human.” -William A. Cook, “The Eternal Jew Goes on Forever,” 24/08/09.

Gilad Atzmon’s insight into the organism created by the Zionist movement in his book, The Wandering Who, is explosive; it tears the veil off of Israel’s apparent civility, its apparent friendship with the United States, and its expressed solicitude for western powers—Britain, Canada, Australia, France and Germany—exposing behind the veil, the assassin ready to slay any and all that interfere with its tribally focused ends. In February of this year, Atzmon characterized Islam and Judaism as tribally oriented belief systems rooted not in “enlightened individualism,” but rather in “…the survival of the extended family.”

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Sad and Happy

Palestinian state“Will this be the happiest day of your life?” a local interviewer asked me, referring to the approaching recognition of the State of Palestine by the UN.

I was taken by surprise. “Why would that be?” I asked.

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Palestine's Rocky Road to Statehood

abbas-bidSome roads prove too rocky to traverse, especially when opposition against the real thing comes from alleged supportive allies.

The worst of all enemies often are traitors to a just cause. That in a word sums up Palestine's dilemma as loyalists count down to September's General Assembly meeting next week.

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29 years after the Massacre at Sabra-Shatila…

Massacre at Sabra-ShatilaHow much longer until we find the missing and grant civil rights to the rest?

“The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind” was the general consensus following a discussion between this observer and a gathering of Palestinian refugees in Sabha, Libya, many of whom would very much like to travel to Shatila camp in Beirut this week and participate in the 29th annual commemoration of the 1982 Israeli facilitated massacre that left more than 3000 dead and hundreds still missing.

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