Monday, December 05, 2016
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Nuclear Chess

Nuclear ChessOn April 14, two days of nuclear chess began in Istanbul. At issue is Iran's civilian program. So-called P5+1 countries - America, Russia, China, Britain, and France - plus Germany - know it's peaceful. They pretend otherwise.

Expect toing and froing without resolution. Washington plans it that way. So do Britain, France and Germany. They're part of the dirty game claiming Iran has nuclear weapons ambitions.

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The Other 1936-1939 War

1israelToday, April 15, marks for me an anniversary of another April 15 of 44 years ago, two months short of getting my MBA from UCLA. It was a Monday after Easter and I had just returned from one of those “junkets” that some of us were invited to for in situ job interviews… this time I recall, it had been Rochester, NY, courtesy of Xerox Corporation.

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Media censor of 9-11 truth

Dr. Niels Harrit in Hamburg, GermanyBBC & ABC censor Dr. Niels Harrit

The harsh reality is that the widely-esteemed BBC is in actuality the disinformation  arm of the British Government and has an appalling record of censorship, lying by commission and lying by omission in support of continuing British and US crimes against humanity, as recorded by "Censorship by the BBC". The Australian ABC has a similar appalling record of censorship and lying.

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The Pope in Lebanon…

Pope Benedict XVI'Mama, will Baba Roumieh visit us in Shatila camp?'

It’s official according to the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI will visit Lebanon from the 14th to the 16th September, in just five months’ time.

By coincidence or design, the Pontiff’s visit will coincide with the International commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the Sabra-Shatila Massacre during which Christian militia, facilitated by nearby Israeli troops who had sealed the Palestinian refugee camp, slaughtered more than 3000 unarmed civilians on site—approximately 25 per cent of whom were fellow Lebanese.

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Israel's Lawless Settlement Project

Settlement ProjectSince June 1967, Israel maintained total domination over Occupied Palestine.

Lawlessly, it includes controlling essential resources, air space, Gaza's coastal waters, borders, who's allowed to cross them, political, economic, and financial activities, internal movement, public assembly and speech, Palestine's population registry, private property by seizures or demolition, and, of course, land.

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