Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Israel Terrorizing Palestinians Lawlessly

air-strikePalestinians bear witness daily to Israeli state terror. Complicit Western and regional nations, in fact, condone it through silence or failure to condemn what never is tolerable and must end.

For nearly a week, Israeli aircraft struck Gaza preemptively. As a result, fear of a new war grows.

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Prisoners Strike against Torture in California Prisons

Security Housing Unit (SHU)The torture of prisoners in U.S. custody isn’t confined to foreign countries. For more than two weeks, inmates at California’s Pelican Bay State Prison have been on a hunger strike to protest torturous conditions in the Security Housing Unit (SHU) there. Prisoners have been held for years in solitary confinement, which can amount to torture. Thousands of inmates throughout California’s prison system have refused food in solidarity with the Pelican Bay prisoners, bringing the total of hunger strikers to more than 1,700.

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Egypt’s Military Problem

Egypt’s Militaryby Jacob G. Hornberger

The Egyptian people are getting a harsh lesson in militarism and tyranny. After successfully ousting Egypt’s dictator, Hosni Mubarak, from power, through the power of protest and demonstration, dissenters are discovering that the problem involves much more than “getting better people in public office.” Instead, the problem is a systemic one, in this case one involving a large permanent military establishment, similar in some respects to that which exists here in the United States.

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Murdoch Media

Murdoch MediaStopping pro-war, anti-science Murdochracy

The indignant global responses to the UK phone hacking and police bribery of Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire obscure its vastly worse crimes, most notably (a) promotion of the War on Terror and genocide-ignoring  non-reportage of the 12 million deaths associated with US and US Alliance wars in Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan and (b) anti-science non-reportage and false reporting about the Climate Crisis that if unaddressed will kill an estimated billions of non-Europeans in a 21st century Climate Genocide.

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The priorities of the European Union are not ours


European UnionBy Dr, Abdel Sattar Qassem, professor al-Najah University (Nablus)
Translation and Edit Hiyam Noir

The European Union has released an advertisement campaign on billboards in the West Bank, entitled: "Your priorities are our priorities." It is addressed, with so much affection and compassion to the Palestinian people in the West Bank, aimed at adopting the priorities, of a people who live under occupation for decades. I have also seen these EU ads on the screens of major satellite channels like al-Jazeera.

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