Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Encircle and delegitimize the Zionist state


israel flagBy Fadwa Nassar - Edit and translation from French to English by Hiyam Noir

The creation of the Zionist entity “ Israel”, was a rough decision made by United Nations , that did not have the requirement to a legal statute. In consequence, still today after more than sixty years Israel have no eligibility to assert legitimacy of its existence. Imperialist and colonial states which assured its formation in 1947, by a vote was not only illegal, but also corrupt. Corrupt, because some of the voices have been persuaded by bribes of money. Illegal, because no power in the world has the right to snatch the land from a people, to be used as a one-stop center of mental behavioral health treatment for a population of European Jewry, on the pretext that those people were victims of a murder.

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Murdoch's dirty tricks against Palestinians

Rupert Murdochby Robert Lambert

Hacking the mobile phones of British families who had lost loved ones to sexually depraved violent criminals, al-Qaeda inspired "terrorists" and Taliban insurgents proved the tipping point that led to the closure of Britain's most popular Sunday newspaper The News of the World, first published in London in 1843 and printed for the very last time on Sunday July 9, 2011.

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Flotilla, Flytilla and the prospect of ‘Civil Society Action’

air-strikeIt might be argued that the passing week was not very easy on the Palestinian solidarity movement:  firstly, an international peaceful flotilla aiming to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza did not manage to leave Greek ports. The Greek government had surrendered submissively to Israeli pressure and American Jewish organisations, and blocked the naval enterprise.

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Instilled Memory

FlotillaFor several weeks now, our army and navy have been in a state of high alert, bravely facing a deadly threat to our very existence: ten little boats trying to reach Gaza.These vessels are carrying a dangerous gang of vicious terrorists, in the form of elderly veterans of peace campaigns.

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Dueling UN Flotilla I Commissions

mavi-marmaraLast September, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), issued its damning findings on Israel's Flotilla I massacre, killing nine and wounding dozens of peaceful humanitarian activists heading for Gaza with aid.

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