Saturday, November 22, 2014
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Stirring Up Crises and Wars

ahmadinejadby Jacob G. Hornberger

Talk of war with Iran is back in the air. Conservatives and liberals alike are doing exactly what they did when the U.S. Empire was ramping up the crisis environment in the build-up to the Empire’s undeclared war on Iraq. Interestingly, the same rationale is being cited by the statists: WMDs. “The Iranians are acquiring WMDs!” the warfare statists are crying. “If the Empire doesn’t bomb Iran now, mushroom clouds will soon be appearing over American cities. We have to trust our government officials. They have access to information that we don’t have.”

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Occupy America

occupy-oaklandby Michael Parenti

Beginning with Occupy Wall Street in September 2011, a protest movement spread across the United States to 70 major cities and hundreds of other communities. Similar actions emerged in scores of other nations.

For the first two weeks, the corporate-owned mainstream media along with NPR did what they usually do with progressive protests: they ignored them. These were the same media that had given the Tea Party supporters saturation coverage for weeks on end, ordaining them “a major political force.”

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The fire next time is now

birdsEnvironmental historian Angus Wright’s call for a planetary patriotism

Angus Wright has a way of saying things we may not want to hear in a way that’s hard to ignore.

An example: During a meeting of environmentalists about shaping the public conversation on our most pressing ecological crises, folks were wrestling with how to present an honest analysis in accessible language -- how to talk about the bad news and the need for radical responses, without turning people off. During the discussion about the effects of climate change, Wright offered a simple suggestion for a slogan: “No more water, the fire next time.”

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Transforming Easy Cynicism (And Other Forms Of Conformity) Into Deep Resistance

OWSBy Phil Rockstroh

In my opinion, when people opine that the OWS movement isabout--or should be about--the airing of this particular grievance or that itmust bandy this or that particular demand--they have missed the point. Ofcourse, collectively, OWS evinces a force of resistance against corporate greedand a critique of the failings of the present political system…Yet, as is thecase with any living thing, to reduce its essential nature to faciledescriptions diminishes it.

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Reform or Revolution: Facing Into the Abyss

anonymousThe Diminishing Rate of Profit

As capitalism matures, the rate of profit from a given unit of labour diminishes. That is, it becomes more difficult to squeeze a dime of profit from an hour of labour. To make matters worse, global competition has rendered the old formula where firms were subsided by the state to pay decent wages, dead. Workers are now competing with the most oppressive terms of exploitation on the planet. The old (so called) 'American dream' is finished. It's time to wake up.

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