Saturday, November 01, 2014
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Putting a price tag on Israeli aid

Israeli aidby MJ Rosenberg

In my last piece, I highlighted a Washington Post column in which Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Walter Pincus urged that the $3bn aid package to Israel be re-examined.

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Truths, facts and facts on the ground

President Obama has repeated and endorsed the lies that Israel's government  insists are "facts"by Joseph Massad

In 1991, negotiations started officially and unofficially between the Palestine Liberation Organisation (and the Palestinians associated with it) and the Israeli government. At the time, Israel had occupied the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip for the previous 24 years.

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Saving Sergeant Shalit

Gilad ShalitCondemning Palestinians to Torture and Children to Imprisonment
by Clive Hambidge

A boy soldier returns home to assuage the ‘righteous indignation’ of Israel, no longer “sensitive [even] to its image of democracy.” Palestinian soldiers and civilians of no blame, who were incarcerated and held in Israeli prisons for resisting the brutal occupation of their land, return to find themselves in another prison, Gaza, while others were forced into exile. All of the Palestinians released face an uncertain future. The future remains even bleaker for the Palestinian children left behind Israel’s prison walls, however.

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New White Australia Policy

AustraliaApartheid Australia violating human rights

In 1901 one of Australia’s first acts as a nation was to introduce the so-called White Australia policy to exclude non-Europeans from Australia, this including forced repatriation of Melanesian slaves and their progeny and complete cessation of centuries old family and commercial links between Indigenous Australians and Indonesia. This racist policy was abolished in 1974 but now race-based laws and regulations have returned Australia to being an Apartheid state. There is now a New White Australia Policy.

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Tunisia: An election full of surprises

Tunisiaby Larbi Sadiki

Ennahda is in. The mathematics of the elections will not be finalised until Tuesday. What is known is that a majority of the overseas seats have gone to Ennahda - five in France, seven in Germany and several seats of those reserved for the Arab World where voter turnout was nearly twice that recorded in Europe.

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