Friday, June 24, 2016
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Empty-handed in the battlefield

Rachel Corrie

by Adam Keller

It was a long and detailed ruling which Judge Oded Gershon of the Haifa District Court had composed, no less than 162 pages. Of course, no media outlet published the entire text. But a few selected sentences starred in all the new items, a representative smaple:

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The 'Arab Spring' and other American seasons

Arab Springby Joseph Massad

The dubbing of the uprisings in the Arab world by western governments and media as an "Arab Spring" (it is said that the American journal Foreign Policy coined the term first) was not simply an arbitrary or even seasonal choice of nomenclature, but rather a US strategy of controlling their aims and goals.

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The Maternal Instinct versus the Realities of Unwaged Labor

Unwaged Laborby Hadley Suter

The scariest part of being pregnant with my first kid has been the overwhelming fear that an impending maternal instinct will, upon the little creature’s arrival, wipe out all traces of my former self and transform me into the kind of psycho-mom who not only rejoices at negating her own identity in the name of her child but vaunts this state of sacrificial maternal nothingness as the epitome of female existential plenitude.  In other words, I’ve been worried sick over the past nine months that I’m about to turn into a mommy-slave—and like it.

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America preparing for a post-Israel Middle East?

Congresswoman Illena Ros-LehtinenCongresswoman Illena Ros-Lehtinen will have her hands full as she makes the political and social rounds at this month’s Republican National Convention.  Illena, is the only female committee chair in the House of Representatives and arguably Israel’s most ardent agent.

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9/11 hearings: Hear no evil

9/11by Lisa Hajjar

Hurricane Isaac has caused a suspension of the Guantanamo military commission hearing for the five accused 9/11 suspects that was scheduled to begin on August 22. When the storm passes and the hearing on multiple pre-trial motions commences, it will produce fodder for a new chapter in the long, strange saga of American torture.

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