Saturday, December 16, 2017
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If Europe is 'a culture of peace', why NATO?

EuropeIt is undoubtedly true that the greatest unacknowledged achievement of the European Union is to establish "a culture of peace" within its regional enclosure for the 68 years since 1944. This has meant not only the absence of war in Europe, but also the absence of "war talk", threats, crises, and sanctions - with the single important exception of the NATO Kosovo War of 1999 that was part of the fallout from the breakup of former Yugoslavia.

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The Loss of American Democracy

barack-mitWe can evaluate Obama's track record using statistics and apply them to unemployment, GNP, military spending and inflation (or deflation). This is probably how the GOP will try to portray his presidency. It's an effective strategy mainly because many economic indicators were better when he took office then they are today. It's easy to point to statistics and convince people, based on empirical evidence, that this nation was in better shape when George W. Bush was President. In fact, it's so easy to manipulate numbers, that even a brain-dead candidate like Romney could "prove" that things have undoubtedly gone downhill since Obama took office.

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The Death Throes of Capitalism

The Death of CapitalismEverything that is being said, written, and discussed throughout the financial press, mainstream media, and throughout closed door discussions between business leaders and politicians are 180 degrees wrong. They have swallowed a bill of goods that had been invented by neo liberal economists which legitimizes theft on the grandest of scales. And it is you they are stealing from. That is not to say the majority of these 'experts' are necessarily insincere or malevolent. We need to accept a fact that appears absurd at first. And that fact is; when it comes to economics, the stupidity of our political and business 'betters' is mind boggling.

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Review: 'The Finkler Question'

The Finkler Question, by Howard JacobsonRacism is not amusing

The comic novel “The Finkler Question” by Jewish British writer Howard Jacobson won the prestigious Man Booker Prize for 2010 but one can well ask did it answer the question? The questions implicit in the novel seemed to revolve around the nature of Jewishness and the moral challenge to Jewry of the race-based Jewish colonization of Palestine. Unfortunately while the novel wittily explores some aspects of Jewish exclusivity it fails to properly address the huge moral issue of racist, genocidal Zionism. Further, much of the humor is at the expense of anti-racist Jews opposing the human rights abuses of Apartheid Israel.

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Expelling Diplomats: the Downside

annan-assadThe Houla massacre has whipped up a new wave of outrage at the claimed brutality of Syria’s government. Syrian envoys were kicked out of some Western capitals, more financial sanctions slapped on the regime in Damascus, and more furious demands are being made for a regime change toppling Bashar al-Assad and more calls for military intervention issued.

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