Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Why Can’t the Palestinians Recognize the Jewish State?

netanyahu-libermanBy Ahmad Samih Khalidi

Israel’s relatively recent demand for recognition as a “Jewish state” or “homeland for the Jewish people” has important implications for the Palestinians (whether refugees, citizens of Israel, or residents of the occupied territories) with regard to their history, identity, rights, and future. This essay explores the moral and practical reasons why they cannot accede to this demand, or even accept Israel’s self-definition as a matter of exclusive Israeli concern.

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Israel abandoned

Egyptians rioted at Israel's embassy in Cairo [EPA]by MJ Rosenberg

This is beginning to look like one of the worst periods in Israel's history. 

The Turkish government has essentially broken relations with Israel over the Netanyahu government's refusal to apologise for storming the Mavi Marmara relief ship and killing nine Turkish nationals in the process.

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Implications of Palestinian Statehood

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Previous articles discussed likely Palestinian statehood and full UN membership if proper procedures are followed.

They also suggested Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will belie his supportive rhetoric by betrayal at the 11th hour.

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Combating ignorance, avoiding arrogance

drone-strikeAfter 9/11 it became immediately clear that US leaders were going to use the events to justify war. Those of us who were critical of such policies began to articulate principled and practical arguments against the mad rush to war. We were right, but the wars came anyway.

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White Hats-America's 9/11 Psychosis

9/11Americans' remarkable incapacity for self-reflection bodes ill for the rest of the world
by Daniel Patrick Welch

When Lois Griffin gets elected mayor of Quahog by pandering to the stupidest and most meaningless references to 9/11, audiences roar. But when that same scenario is replayed over and over again in a largely successful attempt to separate people from their intellect, their conscience and their instinct for self-preservation, no one apparently even knows what's happening. Never Forget! Shriek the flag-wavers and cheerleaders of empire, as if such a thing were even possible.

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