Thursday, April 17, 2014
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IMF Financial Terrorism

imf_predatoryIn July 1944, the IMF and Bank for Reconstruction and Development (now the World Bank) were established to integrate developing nations into the Global North-dominated world economy in ways other than initially mandated.

Under a new post-war monetary system, the IMF was created to stabilize exchange rates linked to the dollar and bridge temporary payment imbalances. The World Bank was to provide credit to war-torn developing countries. Both bodies, in fact, proved hugely exploitive, using debt entrapment to transfer public wealth to Western bankers and other corporate predators.

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Pro-Zionist Australian Holocaust Denial

censorshipHolocaust ignoring worse than holocaust denial

Holocaust denial is utterly repugnant because it falsifies history, insults the memory of victims, distresses the survivors and dangerously increases the probability of recurrence because that history ignored yields history. However holocaust ignoring is far worse than holocaust denial, because the latter, while obnoxious and repugnant, at least admits the possibility of public discussion. As set out below, a holocaust ignoring and genocidal ignoring culture is entrenched in the Western Mainstream media. With cowardly and/or racist journalists, politicians and academics going along with this obscene, dominant, worse-than-holocaust-denying Mainstream narrative.

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Torturing Bahraini Doctors

Bahraini DoctorsFor months, courageous Bahrainis protested peacefully against the Al Khalifa monarchy's repressive brutality, corruption, and discrimination, as well as unemployment, poverty, and other unaddressed social justice issues.

The response has been ruthless state terrorism against anyone challenging regime control, no matter how lawless, barbaric, and unresponsive to basic human rights and needs.

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Canada's pseudo-Christian bigot

Stephen HarperAiding Israeli oppression in Jesus' name
by Khalid Amayreh

Stephen Harper, Canada's eccentric prime minister, claims to be conducting politics, including foreign policy, according to the "way of Jesus." However, it is amply clear that this man and his policies represent the exact anti-thesis of every sublime Christian ideal.

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The global debt crisis

wallstreetHow we got in it and how to get out
by Ellen Brown

Countries everywhere are facing debt crises today, precipitated by the credit collapse of 2008. Public services are being slashed and public assets are being sold off, in a futile attempt to balance budgets that can’t be balanced because the money supply itself has shrunk. Governments usually get the blame for excessive spending, but governments did not initiate the crisis. The collapse was in the banking system, and in the credit that it is responsible for creating and sustaining.

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