Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Walls do not keep you safe

Liran [Photo by Patricia Marcoccia]Last Friday, while the news of the mass murder of 76 youths in Norway was being broadcast, on this side of the Atlantic, I had an opportunity to attend a short film project, one of ten sponsored by the Peace it Together organization in Vancouver, Canada. This organization’s aim is to unite youth from Israel, Palestine and Canada for an intensive summer program to engage in constructive dialogue and co-create short films about the conflict.

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Libya: What America's Media Won't Report

portrait of gaddafiAmerica's media staunchly back all US imperial wars, regurgitating officials lies as truths. Moreover, they never explain their illegality or daily crimes of war and against humanity against civilians, as well as non-military related infrastructure and other sites.

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World running out of time

climateZero emissions by 2023

According to top climate scientists the World must reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution and eventually reach zero emissions by about 2050. Indeed top climate scientists and biologists  are telling us that reaching zero emissions is not enough – we then have to reduce atmospheric (CO2) concentration from the current 394 parts per million (ppm) to 350 ppm (according to 350.org) and thence to 300 ppm (according to the latest science-informed 300orgsite). 

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Heading Toward Economic Ruin

WashingtonBad policies assure bad results. Destructive ones assure calamities. Well before Obama took office, bipartisan initiatives plotted a course for disaster.

Bush accelerated it. Obama much more, so today America hangs on the precipice of what a previous article called the banana republicanization of America - a kleptocracy run by corrupt politicians and corporate crooks, scamming the public with austerity, debt peonage, and banker occupation, heading them toward mass impoverishment, misery and neo-serfdom.

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Syntax of Fascism

FascismThe canaries are dropping dead. The rats are running for the surface. Something's amiss. The Western world has become highly unbalanced. And just beneath the surface is the unmistakable smell of fascism. Turn over a station, click the mouse, open a magazine and there it is. It is the language of fascism. Ostensibly, the language looks more or less innocuous. But then, the whiff grabs us. 

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