Sunday, August 31, 2014
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Class War - Greatest Lies of the 20th Century

Class WarIntroduction

Surely, every Century surely has its prominent lies, given that “history belongs to the victors, those who win the war [and] write the story” and that much of the past few centuries at least, has been about conflict and war, as has all of the 21st Century, to date. But the 20th Century is the one I am most familiar with and it seems to me that it was principally about Class War; a phase of the struggle to overcome the monarchies that were borne of feudal times.

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Exposing MSM lying & censorship

Media With Conscience What Mainstream media won’t publish

Media With Conscience (MWC News) exists to counter the horrendous Mainstream media (MSM) censorship in the pro-US, pro-Zionist, fascist Western Murdochracies and Lobbyocracies. But from a scientific perspective one must consider how one can one begin to expose the nature and extent of this egregious Mainstream media censorship that variously threatens democracy as well as public health and safety in a world beset with Anglo-American and NATO wars and a worsening Climate Genocide predicted to kill 10 billion non-Europeans this century.

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Turkey's diplomatic rise

Ahmet DavutogluIt is against the background of a retreat in global leadership by the US and the ambivalence of other global powers, such as emerging economies from the BRICS group, that Turkey has emerged from its accustomed shadow-land of subordination to the United States.

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Israel Always Needs Existential Threat to Survive


Nima ShiraziAn interview with Nima Shirazi

Nima Shirazi is a political commentator from New York City. His analysis of United States foreign policy and Middle East issues, particularly with reference to current events in Israel, Palestine, and Iran, is published on his website,

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A Crisis Solution to Global Warming


Few people realise it but Earth’s atmosphere was once primarily methane and did not support life forms that depend on Oxygen based respiration. In the past 4 billion years, with the evolution of blue-green algae and later, Eukaryotic photosynthetic plants, algae and plankton, Earth’s atmosphere has been transformed by dramatically increased Oxygen content. Until we came along and invented gas heating, electric power generation and the combustion engine, which have transformed fossilised carbon (Coal and Oil) into CO2 at an exponentially increasing rate, all was stable.

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