Friday, August 01, 2014
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Prospects for a Palestinian Spring

arab-democracyLiberating struggles, in fact, never come easily, quickly, or without pain against entrenched power determined to keep it. However, social movements at times succeed when ordinary people sustain heroic determined efforts. In America, abolitionists, suffragettes, unionists, and civil rights champions proved it against imposing power forced to yield.

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Stop Coal to Gas Transition

green-recoveryGas worse than coal GHG-wise

The World is undergoing a gas boom and a gas rush in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Australia. Indeed US-, UK-, EU- and Australia-backed Apartheid Israel is now threatening Lebanon over gas exploitation and the France-UK-US Coalition is bombing gas-rich Libya. Yet the greedy push for a global Gasland and a coal to gas transition ignores the science which says that gas burning for power is worse than coal burning in relation to greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution. This gas rush based on anti-science lying is no better illustrated than by the  pro-Zionist, pro-war, pro-gas, anti-science, climate criminal Australian Labor Government.

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Vik Is Not Dead

Carlos Latuff/ MWC NEWSVIVA VIK!

On every 15th of the month, seemingly, we, Palestinians, always have something to mourn over as the list of our tragedies will never cease to grow longer. Not to mention the tragedy of last month of March 15th nor the tragedy of the upcoming month of May 15th –in commemoration of Al-Nakba Day, April 15th is another real tragedy by which we were all struck and almost killed, for it was beyond our expectations. It’s the tragic death of our tragic hero “Vittorio Arrigoni”, the brave Italian journalist and the ISM (International Solidarity Movement) activist.

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Palestinian Statehood and Other Political Issues

abbas-unHaaretz reported that Netanyahu privately said he doesn't take the possibility "lightly, but we should also not exaggerate its" importance....Perhaps the Palestinians will have a majority in the UN, but what matters is not only the quantity but also the quality," adding "no one can impose a solution on Israel," suggesting non-compliance or hostile action will follow.

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The Settler State

settlersThe other day, the almighty General Security Service (Shabak, formerly Shin Bet) needed a new boss. It is a hugely important job, because no minister ever dares to contradict the advice of the Shabak chief in cabinet meetings.

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