Friday, July 25, 2014
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$10 Trillion Annual Carbon Debt

Carbon DebtIn the face of resolute climate change inaction by their elders, it is now up to young people to take action to stop climate crime and save the world. Humanity and the Biosphere are increasingly threatened by man-made global warming but climate change inaction means that it may soon be too late to act to prevent catastrophic global warming.

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A Tale of Two Cities: Istanbul and Rome


Why Istanbul?

Few years ago I urged that symbolically and culturally Istanbul deserved to be privately christened as the global capital of the 21st century. It is only world city that qualifies by virtue of its geographic and civilizational hybridity, Western by history and experience, Eastern by culture and location, Northern by stage of development, modernism, and urban dynamism, Southern by affinities, outreach, and partial identification.

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US culpability in the failure of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Israeli youth

by Stephen Zunes

The murder of three Israeli youth by unknown Palestinians and the less-publicized but equally tragic murder of three Palestinian youth by Israelis, along with Israeli bombing of urban areas in Gaza and the arrest and detention of hundreds of Palestinians by Israeli occupation forces, serves as a reminder that Israeli-Palestinian peace is still a long way off.

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Israel's dominant media narrative

Israeli occupation

by Rachel Shabi

Here we are again: staring at a series of terrible events in Israel and the Palestinian territories. A 16-year-old Palestinian, Mohammed Abu Khdair, was kidnapped, stabbed and then burned alive. We don't know for sure, but Israeli police report a likely "nationalistic" motive - meaning that his killers were Jewish Israelis.

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EU Sanctions Target Humanitarian Aid

Dr. Kinda al-Shammat

Today, a civilization that used to lead the world and for centuries was the beacon of learning, tolerance and trade, and that still protects our global cultural heritage, is damaged—and only the Syrian people can rebuild it for all of us. We need to help them.

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