Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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US counter-terrorism abroad: Fighting terrorism or encouraging it?

US Special Forces specialists

by Remi Brulin

In his recent foreign-policy speech at West Point, President Obama insisted that the most direct threat to the US remains terrorism. However, noting that invading every country that harbours terrorist networks was "naive and unsustainable", he announced that the United States needed to "shift our counter-terrorism strategy - drawing on the successes and shortcomings of our experience in Iraq and Afghanistan - to more effectively partner with countries where terrorist networks seek a foothold."

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Iraq and the Western military meddlers

decade of turmoil caused by Iraq invasion

by Rachel Shabi

It seems there is no limit to an interventionist's capacity for self-delusion over the Middle East. As Iraqis are caught in an escalating crisis of utter terror, turmoil and devastation unleashed as a direct consequence of the US-led invasion of 2003, some neo-cons and unabashed British Blairites are now suggesting that more US-led military action might help. In other words - and to paraphrase Michael Franti's Spearhead - having bombed Iraq into pieces, the idea is that we can now somehow bomb it back into peace.

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After the harvest — learning to leave the planet gracefully

Climate ChangeEvery time I read the latest bad-and-getting-worse news about the health of the ecosphere, such as last month’s report that the melting of some giant glaciers had passed the point of no return, I think back to a conversation 25 years ago that helps me put such news in perspective.

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A Coup? Nonsense!


The existence of the army in a truly democratic state represents a paradox. The army is supposed to obey the elected government. This obedience is unconditional.

But the army (including land, sea and air forces) is the only potent armed force in the country. It can carry out a coup d’etat and grab power at any given moment.

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Repugnant Republicans

Joe Wilson

Something Disturbing

There is something disturbing about the Republican response to just about everything President Obama does. It has a knee-jerk yet patterned nature.  It displays a meanness that is acted out with a certain gloating quality as well.

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