Monday, February 08, 2016
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A Christmas Message in Dark Times


Here in the United States, I react against the avoidance of the word ‘Christmas’ during this holiday season. I would undoubtedly feel differently if I were living in Turkey or India. The legions of ‘the politically correct’ determined to avoid offending those, especially Jews, who are not Christians, will carefully express their good wishes with such phrases as ‘happy holidays!’

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Toward Global Disaster: Chaos and Intervention in the Middle East


The Geopolitical Foreground

There are many disturbing signs that the West is creating conditions in the Middle East and Asia that could produce a wider war, most likely a new Cold War, containing, as well, menacing risks of World War III. The reckless confrontation with Russia along its borders, reinforced by provocative weapons deployments in several NATO countries and the promotion of governing regimes hostile to Russia in such countries as Ukraine and Georgia seems to exhibit Cold War nostalgia, and is certainly not the way to preserve peace.

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Why don't we care about anti-Muslim abuse?


by Rachel Shabi

The figures keep going up, but still the reaction to them seems to stay the same. With each heinous jihadi terror attack in a Western city, there's a concurrent increase in attacks on Muslims living in Western cities, too. And so it was after the coordinated atrocities in Paris in November, in which 130 people were killed.

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A Lonely Lawyer

Avigdor Feldman

By now every Israeli has seen the TV clip several times - showing a 14-year old Arab girl being shot dead near the central market of Jewish Jerusalem.

The story is well known: two sisters, 14 and 16 years old, have decided to attack Israelis. The clip, taken by a security camera, shows one of them, clad in traditional Arab garb, jumping around on the sidewalk, brandishing a pair of scissors.

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America's Asymmetrical War Against the Muslims


The demagogic exaggeration of the "terrorist threat," which was the centerpiece of the last Republican debates, is easily deflated with just a moment's thought. What is the chance that any particular resident of the United States will happen to be in the same place as someone who intends to murder in the name of the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, or some other cause? Less than minuscule.

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