Friday, November 21, 2014
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The Islamist State

Al Franken

by William Blum

You can’t believe a word the United States or its mainstream media say about the current conflict involving The Islamic State (ISIS).

You can’t believe a word France or the United Kingdom say about ISIS.

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Palestine moves towards post-Oslo phase

UK House of Commons

On October 13, the UK House of Commons by an overwhelming vote of 274-12 urged the British government to extend diplomatic recognition to Palestine.

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Momentum for Palestinian Statehood


Britain's symbolic vote brings it closer to reality. It's just a matter of time before Palestine takes its rightful place among other world nations officially. Expect America, Israel and a few Pacific islands Washington dominates to be final holdouts.

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Diplomacy, immunity and justice


The British courts have long been considered a forum of independent and impartial justice. One of the principal components of this system of justice is the application of universal jurisdiction; a process which allows victims of torture committed outside its borders to bring claims before the British courts. The application of this process has recently been called into question in the case of F F, a Bahraini national, allegedly tortured during the Bahrain uprising in 2011.

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UK vote on Palestine: Why all the fuss?

UK parliament

by Rachel Shabi

For something billed as mostly "symbolic", the subject seems to be generating some heated, last-minute debate. On October 13, UK parliament votes on whether to call on government to recognize the state of Palestine. It isn't a binding vote, but calls for Britain to join the 134 nations that already bilaterally recognize Palestine - Sweden being the most recent of these to do so, last week. It also consolidates the UN recognition of Palestine in 2012.

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