Saturday, September 20, 2014
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Three Questions for Hamas


There is no doubt that Hamas has exhibited extraordinary resilience under the most difficult of conditions that have bedeviled its period of political leadership in the Gaza Strip that started in 2007. It also seems clear as persuasively argued by Sandy Tolan in a valuable Common Dreams article [Tolan, “Blown Chances in Gaza: Israel & U.S. Miss Many Chances to Avoid War, Aug. 13, 2014] that Hamas pursued multiple initiatives starting in 2006 designed to achieve calm and quiet in its relations with Israel, and that these initiatives, including back channel reassurance about peaceful intentions, were rebuffed without even being acknowledged by either Israel or the United States.

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Liberate Israel via Palestine

Desmond Tutu

The People of Israel must liberate themselves by Liberating Palestine

The archbishop of South Africa and an icon in the anti-Apartheid struggle, Desmond Tutu,1 published an article in the Israeli daily "Haaretz" from 14 August 2014, in which he called on the Israeli people to liberate themselves by liberating the oppressed people of Palestine. Tutu asked a crowd at a demonstration to chant with him against the illegal occupation of Palestine and all the cruelties against the Palestinian people that were committed by the Zionist occupying regime in Palestine. But he also told the demonstrators that ""We are not opposed to Jews."

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Son of Death

Mohammed Deif

The war was over. Families returned to their kibbutzim near Gaza. Kindergartens opened up again. A ceasefire was in force and extended again and again. Obviously, both sides were exhausted.

And then, suddenly, the war came back.

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The grand failure of Israeli hasbara


by Jamil Khader

The genocidal war that the apartheid Israeli state has waged on the Gaza Strip has generated an unprecedented wave of international public condemnation and international solidarity with the Palestinians.

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Justice Denied: The Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunals

Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunals

by Toby M. Cadman

On 13 August 2014 I was privileged to be invited to speak at the Bar Association of San Francisco at a conference entitled ‘Justice Defeated: Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal. The conference was chaired by Almudena Bernabeu from the Center for Justice and Accountability ( and took the form of a Q & A with Beth Van Schaack, former Deputy Ambassador and Senior Advisor to the US Office for Global Criminal Justice and visiting professor at Stanford University. I spoke from the side of the defence.

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