Friday, July 25, 2014
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Corrupt to the Core

Rebecca BrooksWhen the Chilcot Inquiry delivers its report, if ever it does, we can be quite certain already that there will be nothing in it more revealing and informative than the very fact of it having taken four years to arrive – a lot of public memory erasure and dust settling has had to occur.

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US-Egyptian 'Historic Partnership' Reeks with Hypocrisy

US,EgyptLargely overshadowed by events in Iraq and Syria, the Obama administration is dropping its pretense at displeasure with the military junta in Egypt and restoring full support for the regime that so recently quashed the country’s faltering attempt at democracy.

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Western interventionists: Why are they still talking?

Bernard Henri Levy

by Rachel Shabi

If you're from the Middle East, you can all just relax right now, because the liberal interventionists are here to help. Again. These well-meaning liberals can be relied upon to pipe up every time the Middle East makes the front pages. And so, although public opinion and the decision-making chunk of the political spectrum does not currently back Western military intervention in Iraq's turmoil (with bold-lettered caveats, of course, provided by certain politicians), we have been gifted with another round of moral crusading from interventionist-in-chief Tony Blair and his trusty chorus.

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Canada's tragic legacy in Afghanistan

Canada's participation in the Afghanistan war

by Steven Zhou

When Graeme Smith, a former Globe and Mail correspondent, first took on the job of covering the war in Afghanistan, he thought that "civilization" was finally coming to one of the poorest countries in the world. Smith thought of the old Western cartographers who gazed at the blank spots on their maps with hopeful trepidation, and wondered if Canada, too, was going to be part of a historical effort to bring an afflicted nation into sync with the rest of the world.

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India’s new Prime Minister

Narendra ModiA dangerous lurch to the extreme right

The landslide election earlier this month of Narendra Modi does not bode well for the 800 million or so Indians living in destitution, or the 120 million minority Muslims in the country, or the Adivasi (indigenous) people and Dalit groups sitting on resource-rich land in Orissa, Jharkhand and elsewhere.

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