Sunday, April 26, 2015
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The Propaganda Machine Winds On


Note: This article is written in response to two articles by Abdul Mannan that has been published in the Daily Sun Newspaper in Bangladesh.

On Friday 13 March 2015 a journalist, Abdul Mannan, writing for the Daily Sun Newspaper in Bangladesh, wrote an article entitled “Have A Good Day Barrister Toby Cadman”.  The article, very much like Mr. Mannan’s previous piece, is thin on facts and heavy on rhetoric. Mr. Mannan has also ventured into the one thing he accuses me of, propaganda.

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An 'open letter' to US Republicans

Mitch McConnell

We can only wonder about the stability of the United States if 47 Republican senators can irresponsibly act to jeopardise the peace of the world by writing an "open letter" to the leadership of Iran beseeching its government to realise that whatever agreement is reached by the two governments on Iran's nuclear programme will soon be put at risk by the election of a Republican president in 2016 or by nullifying actions taken by a Republican-controlled Congress.

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Rouhani did not keep his promises on human rights

Iran human rights

by Dr. Massoumeh Torfeh

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights situation in Iran, Ahmed Shaheed, will be presenting his latest report to the UN Human Rights Council on Monday stressing that Iran has not made the required progress in implementing the recommended changes in laws and policies as identified in his previous reports.

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#Israel Elections: For Whom to Vote?

Benjamin Netanyahu

Once a Soviet citizen went to vote. He was given a sealed envelope and told to put it in the ballot box.

"Could I possibly see for whom I am voting?" he asked timidly. "Of course not!" the official answered indignantly, “in the Soviet Union, we respect the secrecy of the ballot!”

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Abbott & Australian Aboriginal Ethnocide

Australian Aboriginal

Australia has invaded 85 countries and in 30 instances these violations have been associated with genocide of the Indigenous inhabitants [1, 2]. Before the British invasion in 1788 there were 350-750 different Indigenous Australian (Aboriginal) tribes and a similar number of languages and dialects, of which only 150 survive today and of these all but about 20 are endangered in a process of continuing Australian Aboriginal Ethnocide [3-6].

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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