Sunday, February 19, 2017
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Remember Naboth


An incredible piece of legislation is now being debated in Jerusalem. The country is busy with a settlement called Amona. There, deep in the occupied territories, a few dozen Jewish families have set up an illegal settlement – illegal even under Israeli law, not to mention international law.

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Western media propaganda campaign concerning Aleppo


The one-sided Western media reporting against the Russian and the Syrian government is skyrocketing as the fall of eastern Aleppo comes to a close. Both governments are accused of committing war crimes as if the other side consists of fighting angels and not Western-supported and financed US mercenaries and terrorists.

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Trump’s Middle East: Back to the Future

President-elect Donald J. Trump’s clearest indication yet of his policy approach towards the Middle East and North Africa was tucked into a recent thank-you speech in Cincinnati. It is a transaction-based return to support of autocracy that is likely to tie him into knots and reinforce drivers of militancy and political violence.


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How the Death Penalty Worked in One Case

Death Penalty

I am not in favor of the death penalty, largely because in putting a person to death, the state is doing exactly what it is punishing. Further, complicated fact situations and inequitable representation make the death penalty problematic even for those who have no theoretical objections.

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S.O.P. Save Our Planet

Air Pollution

Worldwide Air Pollution is making us Ill

The man-made environmental catastrophe is the severest issue facing humanity. It should be the number one priority for governments, but despite repeated calls from scientists, environmental groups and concerned citizens for years, short-term policies and economic self-interest are consistently given priority over the integrity of the planet and the health of the population.

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