Monday, September 26, 2016
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The Charade of the Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

The American presidential election has always been a different political process than any other presidential election in the whole world. It costs hundreds of millions of Dollars, and it spans a lengthy period of time, almost a year and a half. This 2016 presidential election is particularly unique, exceptional and different than all previous elections.

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Oriented is a documentary that allows its protagonists to speak for themselves. The film is an extended conversation focusing on three gay male Palestinians living in Tel Aviv.

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The Diary of Anne Frank 5.0, an update

Diary of Anne Frank

According to legend, Otto Frank recovered his daughter’s diary from Miep Gies, the woman who hid the Frank family during World War II. Frank published the diary under Anne’s name in 1947. In response to skeptics, Otto Frank angrily insisted that he had not authored the diary. He claimed that while he may have edited out a few embarrassing details, the diary was ‘penned’ entirely by his daughter.

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NATO and Trump's Misconceptions


Again Trump has it backwards. According to NATO's internal logic, the US should pay the members -- not the other way around -- for providing services to the empire and a tripwire for war. The empire doesn't protect; it provokes and endangers. Who would willingly pay for that?

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Creating Frankenstein: The Impact of Saudi Export Ultra-Conservatism in South Asia


by James M. Dorsey

Continued doubts about the longevity of the Saudi ruling family are fuelled by its Faustian bargain with Wahhabism - a conservative, intolerant, discriminatory and anti-pluralistic interpretation of Islam. [I]

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