Monday, December 22, 2014
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Takfirization of Pakistan


Small-minded versions of Islam have fanaticized Pakistan - an antediluvian land with deep interfaith roots leavened with the teachings of Hindu Swamis, Buddhist Monks, Sikh Gurus, and Muslim Sufis - into a ghastly country. Stories are frightening. Few days ago, a native Christian couple, accused of desecrating the Qur'an, was thrown into a brick kiln and burned alive while a crowd of over a thousand villagers participated in the rite. In 2010, two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore were attacked with guns and grenades, killing 94 people.

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Wine, Blood and Gasoline

East Jerusalem

Kafr Kanna, a village near Nazareth, is probably the place where Jesus – according to the New Testament - turned water into wine. Now it is the Arab village where the Israeli police is turning stones into blood.

On the fateful day, the police was confronting a group of young Arabs protesting against the Israeli efforts to change the status quo on the Temple Mount (known to Muslims as "the Noble Sanctuary"). Such demonstrations were taking place that day in many Arab towns and villages all over Israel, and especially in occupied East Jerusalem.

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In Memory of US Soldier Tomas Young

Tomas Young

The US President George W. Bush and his Vice president Dick Cheney are responsible for the death of 4 488 American soldiers who were sent into an illegal war against a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. Both politicians belong before a military court and put behind bars forever. Two days after these attacks, Tomas Young joined the army in order to "strike back" against the terrorists. He was led astray like thousands of others of his comrades by Bush and his neoconservative gang in their so-called "war on terror". On March 18, 2013, he wrote a letter to both of them and accused them of "egregious war crimes".

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Guilt in Guantanamo


Will there be a verdict?
by Belen Fernandez

When I recently met up in Beirut with James Connell, the defence attorney for 9/11 suspect Ammar al-Baluchi, he recalled his August 2013 visit to Guantanamo Bay's clandestine Camp Seven as follows: "In the most secret picnic of all time, Ammar was our host."

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Looking Back on World War I One Hundred Years Later

World War I

Four Mixed Messages

[Prefatory Note: A few days ago I gave a lecture in that was the second annual occasion honoring the memory of a beloved New Zealand peace activist, Dorothy Brown. My host for the occasion was the National Centre of Peace and International Studies, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ, where two days later I gave another lecture, “Obstacles to Peace in the Middle East.”]

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