Wednesday, September 03, 2014
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Warsi Resignation Rips Off the Scab

Baroness Warsi

To some participants in this “democracy we all know and love” the meaning of the Warsi resignation is either unfathomable or unnoticed on the way to page three or the sports section. To many it’s just a Muslim sympathiser falling on her sword – so what? For the rest, the BBC is already hard at work sanitising it into the paradigm of ‘democratic process’ analysing its impact on the Muslim and Women constituencies that the conservatives find it ‘so difficult to woo’.

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Power to the people: Extending the Israel boycott

Israel boycott

by Hatem Bazian

In April 1960, after the New York City Seafarers' International Union and the International Longshoremen's Association picketed an Egyptian vessel named Cleopatra for 22 days, an official US State Department memo documented a phone conversation between Deputy Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Raymond Hare and the AFL-CIO President George Meany.

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The U.S. Government Still Tries to Subvert Cuba


When I saw the headline about the U.S. government and Cuba in my newspaper the other day, I thought I’d awoken in 1961. It was a Twilight Zone moment for sure: “U.S. program aimed to stir dissent in Cuba.” I expected Rod Serling to welcome me to “another dimension.”

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WW1 Centenary & Israeli Gaza Massacre

Gaza Massacre

4 of August 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the British declaration of war on Germany in 1914, an event that rapidly and inexorably led to the still ongoing Palestinian Genocide involving 2 million Palestinian deaths from violence...

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Noam Chomsky- Outrage [re Gaza]


by Noam Chomsky

Almost every day brings news of awful crimes, but some are so heinous, so horrendous and malicious, that they dwarf all else. One of those rare events took place on July 17, when Malaysian Airlines MH17 was shot down in Eastern Ukraine, killing 298 people.

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