Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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The War Against American Christians

Zionization of ChristiansPart II: Zionization of Christians

Zionists did not just occupy Palestine and create the Israeli state; they had also occupied the governments of the most powerful countries, especially the American administration. They control both Democratic and Republican parties and had occupied the Congress with their bought congressmen. They had also occupied the White House and determine who becomes president. Zionists dictate American internal and foreign policies. They control almost every aspect of American life starting from birth control/abortion, education, industry, economy, and even death. They did that through their five thousand years old usury system.

Through their usury system and their trade in drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and slavery Zionist Jews accumulated large wealth and power that allowed them finally to create and control American Federal Reserve, major western central banks and financial institutions. They had also controlled the economies and thus the governments of most both Americas and European countries. They were able to buy politicians and heads of states imposing their own Zionist agendas. The implementation of the Zionist agendas needs capitulation of the masses. A global zionization project, using mainly Christianity, education systems, and media resources, was developed and is half way through.

Zionist discovered that the most effective method of zionizing Americans is through their religion; Christianity. Through the Zionist imposed curriculum of at least the first 12 years of public schooling, the over than 200 pro-Zionist organizations, the Israeli lobby (AIPAC), about 1700 religious radio stations, 245 Christian TV stations, and about 120 Christian newspaper, Zionists had successfully zionized almost 40 million American Christians.

Judeo-Christianity and Christian Zionism, although incongruent and antagonistic ideologies, had become the fashion and spread widely among uncritically naïve and blindly-faithful American Christians. Christian Zionists, such as Anglican Friends of Israel and Christians United for Israel, are more loyal to Israel and to Zionist Jews than to their own country and people. These groups are misled to believe in the fallacy that the Bible (The New Testament) is an extension of the Judaic Talmud (Old Testament), and that they could not understand the Bible without studying the Talmud. Their pastors preach mainly from the Talmud focusing on the alleged divinity of and god’s love to the Jews (Zionists) and rarely preach about Jesus’ forgiving loving peaceful message from the Bible.

When it comes to Israel these lost souls are actually more Zionists than Zionist Jewish Israeli leaders. They defend Israel’s state terror, war crimes, and violations of international laws and of human rights as accepted self defense against alleged existential threat to god’s chosen people; the only people who have “a sacred covenant” (a business-like contract) with a prejudiced god. They had supported all Israeli aggression wars against all its neighbors including the use of illegal weapons such as depleted uranium and phosphorous bombs. On their websites they pledge to support Israel to secure its borders, to stress the suffering of Jews inflicted by Christians and to demand compensation, to lobby the Church to confirm Jewish divine heritage, to support Israel politically, financially and militarily, and to protect Israel from the heathen Muslims.

Sadly, those Christian Zionists either did not study their Bible or do not really comprehend what they read. It seems that they don’t use independent rational and logical thinking and are totally dependent on distorted explanations their political Zionists clergy feed them with.

If they read the Old Testament critically they would discover that the Judaic god is a terrorist racist god (Exodus 33:15). He ordered his Jewish chosen people to commit genocides (1 Samuel 15:3, Deuteronomy 20:16), fratricide (Exodus 32:27-28), cannibalism (Leviticus 26:29), robbery and theft (Exodus 3:22), to enslave others (Leviticus 25:44-45), and preaches avariciousness and usury (Deuteronomy 23:20). He is a jealous god (Exodus 20:5, 34:16, Deuteronomy 6:15), who hates all nations on earth including his own chosen Jews (Numbers 14:27-45, 16:31-35), and threaten them of annihilation if they did not serve him diligently (Deuteronomy 28:15-68), and demand all gold and silver to be delivered to himself (Exodus 25:3). These are just few sample descriptions of the Judaic god in the Old Testament. This Judaic god is a pagan god; he is really Lucifer in the soul.

Have they read independent foreign newspapers and watched non-American TV broadcasts, even Israel’s own newspapers and TV channels, they would have discovered the extreme hatred the Jewish collective psyche harbor against Jesus specifically and against Christians in general. Under the title The New Testament: Pagan Revenge” the Judaic Noahides describes Christianity as a pagan religion invented to control nations and to combat the alleged true religion of Judaism and to “wear out the holy ones (the Jews)”. The Noahide laws consider worship of Jesus as idolatry that is punishable by death. Israeli Torah scholars had ruled: “while the Christians do generally accept the Hebrew Bible as truly from God, many of them (those who accept the so-called divinity of Jesus) are idolaters according to the Torah, punishable by death.” Apparently to Judaics divinity is exclusive only to the Jews not to Jesus.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel and a recognized Talmudic scholar and foremost halachic authority, teaches the supremacist ideology that non-Jews (gentiles including Christians) are of animal souls created to serve the holy ones (Jews). Along with all Israeli Jewish rabbis, call for the extermination of all Palestinians, Christians as well as Muslims. This was reported in the Israeli Jerusalem Post and Haaretz newspapers.

Moses Maimonides, who lived and prospered under the wing of Moslem leader Salah al-Din al-Ayubi, is considered the foremost rabbinical arbiters and philosophers in Jewish history. His book the Mishneh Torah is considered a canonical authority in the Talmudic law. He taught that Christians should be exterminated. In his Mishneh, chapter 10 page 184 he stated: “It is a mitzvah [religious duty] to eradicate Jewish traitors, minim [Christians] and apikorsim, … since they cause difficulty to the Jews and sway the people away from god, as did Jesus of Nazareth and his students…”

All Judaic rabbinical figures and all Judaic literature are full of hatred towards non-Jews no matter who they are. This hatred is fed and enforced into the collective psyche of Jewish new generations in Israel through their educational system; from kindergarten through post-graduate institutions including their religious schools (Yeshiva); the most extremists racist elitist Jewish organizations. The effect of this racist indoctrination could be seen in the many violent Israeli wars against their neighbors, and in their extremist terrorist crimes against Palestinians. Israel has become a hate culture having no shame in broadcasting its poison on their TV channels. The Israeli televised history program for children, Toffee and the Gorilla, had a half-naked young Israeli girl and a monkey doll play the crucifixion of Jesus calling him a Nazi and the enemy of the Jews. The Israeli TV regularly ridicules the Church and makes fun of Jesus and his mother Mary calling her a whore. This is exactly what Talmudic Sanhedrin 106a teaches that Jesus was a bastard and his mother was a prostitute. This short video gives one example of supremacist, Christian hating culture the Zionist Israeli young Jews are raised into.

Within occupied Palestine (terrorist Israel) Christian Palestinians are severely persecuted more than the Muslims. Before the Israeli state was established on usurped Palestinian land in 1948, Palestinian Christian community was numbered 200,000 compared to roughly 600,000 Jews. Now Christian population is less than 1% of the population of occupied Palestine due to Israeli persecution. The Israeli government is usurping Church properties and is pressuring non-Palestinian church officials to sell or lease church properties to Israeli government.

Palestinian Christians, their churches, their schools, and even priests are still under physical attacks and insults by Israeli civilians as well as soldiers.   

Judaic Israeli extremist rabbis encourage the formation of religious vigilante groups such as Hever Peelei Hamahane Hatorati (Society of Activists of the Torah Camp) and Yad Le’Achim, who used to attack Christian missionaries and Christians institutions. On September 10th 1963 hundreds of these vigilante groups simultaneously attacked Christian missions in the towns of Jaffa, Haifa and Jerusalem in a concerted effort to intimidate Christians. In 1995 Israeli soldier Daniel Koren, 22 years old, entered St. Anthony Catholic Church in Jaffa firing 100 bullets in the alter and the cross. He claimed, later on, that his Judaic convictions urged him to destroy all non-Jewish Christian symbols.

Anti-Christian hate crimes have become so rampant lately in occupied Palestine, especially in Jerusalem. Intimidating and spitting at Christian priests and nuns in the streets by ultra-orthodox religious students and young Israeli citizens was getting so outrageously out of hand to a point that the Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported it on its pages. A latest anti-Christian terrorist fad called “price tag” has become the latest common crime against Christian churches and monasteries. The attackers would vandalize church property with hate anti-Christian slogans and many times would set fire to the church. Such terrorist attacks were reported widely by the Israeli Ynet News Service. Israeli investigations of such crimes did not lead to any conviction leading Archbishop Manougian, the head of one of the oldest churches in Jerusalem, to accuse the Israeli government of being anti-Christian.

Jewish hatred to Christianity is so satanic that their religious literature, such as Shabbath 116a, encourage them to burn Christian holy books. In 2008 orthodox Jewish students piled hundreds of copies of the New Testament and set them on fire.  In July 2012 MK Nissim Ze’ev (Shas party) called for burning the New Testament because it was written by heretics, as reported by Israeli Jerusalem Post.

 Judaism expresses severe prejudice, xenophobia, hypocrisy and religious intolerance. Jewish hatred to all non-Jewish people, especially Christians, is pathological. They have no respect to the feelings of trillions of other people who respect Jesus and his mother. Their rabbis don’t have the morality to teach them such humanity. Their supremacist delusion expresses severe pathological inferiority complex. Their compensatory defense mechanism is through inciting wars between other religions (Muslims against Christians, goy vs. goy) while they arm both sides and rake in wealth. They committed the 911 terrorist attacks against the US to start what they called the global war against Islamic terror. They invented Islamophobia. They convinced American Christians that Christianity stemmed from Judaism, and thus American Christian boys have the religious obligation and duty to fight Israel’s wars in the Middle East to protect the “holy ones”, “god’s chosen people” from the heathen Muslims.

The sad reality that naive American Christians have not yet comprehend, is that Judaism, not Islam, is the real enemy of Christianity as well as all non-Jews. Have they studied the Qur’an, the Islamic holy book, before hating and burning it, American Christians would have discovered that Islam is closer to Christianity. Islam’s message of brotherhood, love and peace is similar to Jesus’ teachings. Similar to Christianity Islam is a universal religion for all nations and is not exclusive to just one elitist group like Judaism.  Islam recognizes all the Christian profits starting from Adam all the way down to Mohammad including Jesus (Issa in Arabic) and his mother. Islam reveres Virgin Mary to a point it dedicated a whole chapter in the Qur’an in her name, something neither Judaism nor Christianity had ever done.

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