Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Harper blames victims for Israeli terrorism

Harper blames victims for Israeli terrorism

As Israel’s ritual slaughter of thousands of innocents in Gaza and the West Bank continues full steam ahead, Canada’s neocon Prime Minister Stephen Harper has declared that the Zionist terrorist regime that has butchered more than 1400 Palestinians, injuring close to 7000 others, is the beleaguered victim and the prostrate, impoverished, nearly-defenceless Palestinians are the aggressors, responsible for their own deaths at the hands of Israeli bullets and missiles.

As hundred pound Israeli bombs rain down on Gaza from every direction, causing mass carnage and death as far as the eye can see, “Prime Minister Stephen Harper is reiterating his government’s hard line against Hamas, saying it is solely responsible for the death and destruction in Gaza,” reported the National Post on July 30.

This is the equivalent of blaming a home invasion on the home owner. If a criminal entered your house with a deadly weapon with intent to steal and/or harm, does the home owner not have every right to use lethal force if necessary to subdue or expel the criminal invader?

The invader, on the other hand, has no “rights” whatsoever in the situation. He/she is the aggressor who is in complete breach of the law, and therefore has no right to “self-defence” or anything of the sort. Even international law recognizes that the occupying/colonial military force has no “rights” vis-à-vis the people it is occupying and suppressing. In this case, Israel, an uninvited settler-colonial bandit state that was established in large part based upon Zionist-trumpeted myths and exaggerations about Jewish victimhood during WW2, has no right to “self-defence” in the same way that someone who initiates a violent assault or attempted murder has no right to self-defence because they are by definition the aggressor. Also, Israel’s much-touted “right to exist” Hasbara slogan is another delusory Zionist fantasy; it has no such right in the same way that a thief has no right to reside on stolen property that was usurped through criminal means and methods. Unless you would willingly relinquish your own home or property to a complete stranger with a rifle in one hand and a bible in the other, asserting his/her god-ordained “right” to take what is rightfully yours, then don’t open your mouth in defence of what Israel is doing to the Palestinians.

A massive, violent home invasion is essentially what the people of Palestine have been facing on a grand scale since the state of Israel was carved out through ethnic cleansing and terrorism in 1948. This “conflict,” which should more accurately be called a conquest, did not start in June of 2014 when three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and killed. Thousands of Palestinian kids have been kidnapped by Israeli forces and held in Israeli jails for the “crime” of throwing rocks or for no reason whatever, a fact not mentioned by the charlatans who shed tears exclusively for the three deceased Jewish settlers. Dozens of Palestinians, including many young children, are sporadically killed by Israel all the time. These Palestinian deaths have been happening on a routine basis for decades preceding the deaths of the three Israelis in June, a fact conveniently discarded by the Zionized parrots of Israeli propaganda.

But according to the Zionist-dominated press and the hoodwinked dupes who blindly follow its logic, Jewish life is infinitely more valuable than Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and non-Jewish life in general. This racist, supremacist inference is apparent in every utterance and headline of the mainstream media in Canada, the US and other countries whose governments are captive slaves to International Zionism.

In any case, the Zionist regime has since admitted that the Israeli teen kidnapping incident, which was used by Netanyahu to initiate the present slaughter, had nothing to do with Hamas. Moreover, it has been revealed that the Netanyahu regime knew immediately that the three abducted Israelis were dead, but withheld the information from the public in order to unleash its murderous pogrom in Gaza and West Bank under the cover of “finding the teens and bringing them home.” “Israeli intelligence [knew] that the boys were dead shortly after they disappeared, but [sought to maintain] public optimism about their safe return to beef up support from the Jewish diaspora [for a conflict with Hamas],” writes Katie Zavadski in the New Yorker.

A Storm Clouds Gathering video on YouTube entitled, “The Gaza Bombardment: What You’re Not Being Told,” reproduced an audio recording of the kidnapped teens’ distress call to Israeli police which was originally posted on the Jerusalem Post’s website. In the recording gunshots and screams can be heard. Most interestingly, a voice in the recording, presumably that of the kidnapper, can be heard speaking in Hebrew, not in Arabic; a fact which is highly suggestive as to the real perpetrators of that Machiavellian deception.

The motto of the Israeli spy agency Mossad is “By way of deception thou shalt do war.” It is of no real controversy to those who are awake that Israel would kill several of its own citizens and have it blamed on Hamas so as to provide the necessary pretext for wanton genocide of the Palestinian people.

Israel’s bloodlust knows no limits and its terrorist leaders are practitioners of a monstrous political creed that’s inhuman precepts rival those of Stalinism.

In a November 2012 Jerusalem Post op-ed, the son of deceased Israeli war criminal Ariel Sharon called on the Israeli government to replicate America’s atomic holocaust against Japan during WW2 in Gaza. During the present crisis Israeli academic Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University called for Palestinian women to be raped so as to deter their sons and brothers from joining resistance groups. Israeli parliament member Ayelet Shaked voiced an even more bloodthirsty desire. The belligerent Israeli lawmaker advanced the view that all the mothers of Palestinian resistance fighters should be killed so that they cannot give birth to and raise “more little snakes.” She declared all Palestinians “enemies” whose “blood should be on our hands.”

Israel’s religious and political leaders have a rich tradition of such homicidal and genocidal outbursts. One particularly brazen rabbi, the late Sephardic sage Ovadia Yosef, once said that god created non-Jews to serve Jews as slaves and that the Palestinians deserve to be “annihilated.” “You must send missiles to them [the Palestinians] and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable,” the ‘man of god’ told his followers. Journalist Max Blumenthal reported on the despicable contents of a prominent Israeli rabbi’s homicidal book entitled, The King’s Torah, which advocated the murder of Gentile babies “if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us.”

Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters – kill them all say the Zionist psychopaths who openly yearn for Palestinian extinction, but their bellicose war cries are never repeated in the Western press.

This is why it should come as no surprise that cheering crowds of Israeli Jews have converged on hilltops to catch a glimpse of the Israeli military’s barbaric blitzkrieg in Gaza first hand. According to a July poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute, 95 per cent of Jewish Israelis support Netanyahu’s campaign to render Gaza into a giant graveyard.

But the Zionist regime’s reign of terror and treachery in Palestine has not gone unnoticed this time around, and the free thinking peoples of the world are mobilizing en masse to put an end to Zionist impunity once and for all.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez

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