Friday, March 22, 2019
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Oil-Gas War on Iran, Syria and Russia

Oil-Gas War

Although I mostly comment on international affairs, but sometimes on internal policies of various countries too, including India. After all, foreign policy of a country secures the internal and external objectives of the nation.

I have been an anti-Modi analyst since 2002 and therefore have watched his various moves, policy statements and actions, both on external and internal fronts, since he became PM. As far as foreign policy is concerned, he has done well, because he got in India a major emerging economic power. You can then implement foreign policy objectives much more freely.

Unfortunately for this country during the Congress led thoroughly and brazenly corrupt regime during the last ten years ,led by IMF pensioners formulating and implementing India's foreign policy, always looked behind the shoulder--how would Washington react !. Modi has no such baggage and with his self-educating visits as Chief Minister to China and Japan gave him a different perspective on economic growth and foreign policy options.
As far as Modi’s internal policies are concerned, hopefully he would dilute if not remove the influence of RSS and other lunatic fringe organizations, if he wants to be the Prime Minister of the whole country. So far he has not given concrete impressions of curbing the lunatic fringe, depending on the electorate which snubbed them in bye-elections. After decades of Jat misrule and the last one under a thoroughly corrupt regime in my home state of Haryana, BJP's rise was assured .BJP has not done badly in Maharashtra, which is good as it would diminish or dilute the fanatic Shiv Sena postures and policies. He must go after the corrupt leaders of NCP i.e. Pawars and Patels, as he has himself accused them of.
BJP or Jan Sangh’s and its ideological arm the RSS with leaders like Golwalkar and others have very little to show compared with the Indian Congress led movement in the struggle for India's independence. In fact, the Hindu right-wing did not want India to be independent. The worst tragedy was when an RSS fanatic Nathu Ram Godse assassinated Mahatma Gandhi, resulting in the banning of RSS by Sardar Patel himself, who was then Home Minister. Modi is now trying to also appropriate Sardar Patel and his legacy. It is okay, but trying to submerge the sterling qualities of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, no doubt one of the greatest leaders of India, by choosing the day of her assassination to promote Sardar Patel is an unworthy attempt.
Let me now revert back to the title of the article written by William Engdahl on the sudden fall of oil prices brought by the West in league with Gulf patrol pumps led by corporate house of Saud. It is a vain hope that this U.S.-led West, which is on fast decline ,will be able to achieve these objectives i.e. of weakening Putin and or Iran and its progeny ,the Shia ruled Baghdad .Yes ,they all depend to a large extent on revenues from export of energy for their GDP. Both these countries are too big, clever and have indirect support from China, even India and other countries to counter Western and Saudi Bandar machinations. Look how Putin has outclassed Obama on Ukraine .It is West Europe which is suffering from counter sanctions and itching to get away from Washington’s clutches, especially Berlin.
Moscow and Tehran are not Saddam Hussein's Iraq, which after he had taken out the poison from the expanding Shia revolutionary forces of Iran ,was cornered by Washington ,UK and Gulf sheikdoms, when foolishly Kuwait, encouraged by the British and even Iran ,the Kuwaitis not generally admired in the Gulf , squeezed Iraq’s oil income. Of course, as usual, the lying Western leadership encouraged Saddam into invading Kuwait.
Remember how the West had supported Iraq's long war against Khomeini's Iran. The US had granted loans to Baghdad worth billions of dollars. Amid high tension between Kuwait and Baghdad over common oil wells, two islands, and the return of a $10 billion loan, Iraq threatened Kuwait with war. A few days before the Iraqi invasion on August 2, 1990, US Ambassador April Glaspie told Saddam Hussein that his dispute with Kuwait was a bilateral Arab affair. This was never clearly refuted by the US and Ambassador Glaspie disappeared from view. The Western media never pursued her as they do others, and allowed themselves to become a handmaiden of the Western propaganda machine.
Meanwhile, all attempts to find a peaceful solution to the Iraq-Kuwait row by Arab nations, led by King Hussein of Jordan and later joined by King Hassan of Morocco, were rebuffed by the US, as was Kuwait's offer of indirect negotiations. Feelers for negotiations by the Saudis were drowned in Western cacophony. Saddam's reported offer to the UN secretary general to withdraw from Kuwait, made just before the US retaliation, was brushed aside. Efforts by Mikhail Gorbachev, who had just unraveled the USSR, were treated with disdain.

For the countries of the region, the war resolved nothing. Instead, the US made Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other allies pay through the nose, weakening them by an estimated $100-$150 billion. Iraq was bombed into the Middle Ages. Its enemy Iran, a member of the "Axis of Evil", was the major gainer. To guard his back, Saddam in 1990 had agreed to the old boundary with Iran in the Shatt-al Arab waterway, disagreement over which had led to the Iran-Iraq War.

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