Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Glimmer of Hope


Outlines of a Possible Settlement in Middle East; Syria and Iraq

In US perception, whether in the form of government or foreign bilateral relations,” If you are not with us than you are against us.” Washington therefore loves poodles like Blair and now Cameron paying obeisance to whoever is installed in the Oval office. Thus to be on the blacklist of USA can be taken as a sign that the person or the organization is nationalistic, patriotic and doing something for its people. In Middle East the two patriotic and nationalist organisations are on the blacklist of USA.

These are the Kurdish party PKK, led by its charismatic leader since 1980s by Abdulla Ocalan, who is now jailed on an island in Marmara Sea near Istanbul. However, at the best the times in Washington’s relations with Ankara, USA never gave up of idea of using PKK as a tool to prod and influence Turkey by allowing PKK fighters in Kandili Mountains in North Iraq, which has almost become and could end up as protected ally of Washington. PKK still remains on the US list of terrorist organization.
Only recently almost on the eve of the visit to New Delhi of US Pres. Barack Obama, Washington added some anti-India Pak terrorist organisations on its list. As if they were not till now anti-India.They are responsible for 26/11, possibly with FBI/CIA complicity.
Here I am, of course talking about the Lebanese Shia patriotic and nationalist resistance organization, the Hezbollah, the party of God, led by a very charismatic leader Nasarullah, a rare example of both the religious leader as well as its military commander. The best of efforts by Israel and USA have failed to get him assassinated or even locate its television outlet al Manar, from where he regularly addresses his followers and others in the world.
Hezbollah, which has been active both inside Lebanon and since 2013 in Syria, is one of the best fighting forces in the Middle East .In the 2005 conflict with Israeli defence forces, considered to be best armed forces in the Middle East, Hezbollah fighters destroyed the so-called invincible IDF tanks, killed its soldiers who ran back to Israel. Even the Israeli commission of enquiry headed by a judge concluded that IDF did not win the war, which is supposed to be the best trained and equipped military in the region.
Like many others I have followed the destruction and damage and mammoth killings brought on the hapless people of Iraq and Syria since 2003. I have written more than 50 articles on U.S.-led illegal war on Iraq, and dozens on the evolving situation in the region, including Syria, Israel and Turkey, not forgetting North Africa.
The stand-off between Russia and USA in September 2013 was the turning point in the contest between U.S.-led criminal forces and Russia supported by China, Iran and indirectly by India. After threatening to bombard Syria, faced with a determined Russia, Washington backed off. Since then, dingdong battles have been going on in which nearly a quarter million Syrians have lost their lives and millions have been rendered refugees crowded in refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan and putting unbearable burden on these countries.
USA and its poodles, especially the so-called socialist leader the current French Pres. Hollande who, like all former colonial powers believe that they have a right to interfere in their former colonies in this case, Syria and Lebanon .They have done their worst and are still doing it by creating ISIL a bunch of West created criminals with support from Turkey and Jordan and finance and weapons supplied by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

However, it now seems, that in spite of continued supply of money and promise of training terrorists against the regime of Bashar Assad, who was recently re- elected, there are some signs that there are some outlines of the possible agreement on Syria, which will bring stability and peace to the region and to the world. But do not count on it. Since you can never count on aggressive US Congress, which is held by its short hair by Israel and Jewish financial and media corporations.
US and European implant/dagger Israel in the heart of the Arab world with more than 200 nuclear bombs and counting, keeps on interfere indirectly and even directly. Recently with Al Nusra in the affairs of neighbors, especially in Syria now that the latter has been under attack from its neighbors ,Gulf states and U.S.-led NATO countries.

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