Thursday, April 24, 2014
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The greatest danger to Israel

lieberman-netenyahuThe greatest danger to Israel is not the putative Iranian nuclear bomb. The greatest danger is the stupidity of it's leaders.

This is not a uniquely Israeli phenomenon. A great many of the world’s leaders are plain stupid, and always have been. Enough to look at what happened in Europe in July 1914, when an incredible accumulation of stupid politicians and incompetent generals plunged humanity into World War I.

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Israeli obliteration of Palestinian Olive trees

Palestinian Olive treesExtreme hatred of everything non-Jewish seems to be ingrained in the blood of Zionist Israeli Jews. This hatred is expressed by their warmongering politicians, their terrorist army, their fundamentalist rabbis, and their extremist civilians starting from their children up to their elderly of both sexes. They spew out this hatred against everything Palestinian; people, homes, and fields. Last few years they have developed what could be called a yearly terrorist harvest ritual where they target Palestinian harvest products particularly the olive trees.

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More on Global Warming

Global WarmingGlobal Warming Is Real

On 12 September 2013 I wrote a piece entitled Crisis Today, Catastrophe Tomorrow, through which I joined numerous others warning of the consequences of global warming. The evidence for the evolving dire effects of building CO2 and other greenhouse gases is getting increasingly conclusive. The question is what, if anything will be done about it?

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Israelimandering of Palestine

IsraelIt’s been two centuries since the US, barely three decades into nationhood, was already breeding crooked politicians more concerned in self-interests (or those of their political parties) than in democracy or an unpervert body politic. Gerrymandering (shaping of a voting district to gain political advantage) symbolized in 1812 a first coup d’état against democracy, one which has obscenely survived in American politics to this date; its dirty and felonious state mostly absolved in both the mainstream press and US history books as “colorful” politics.

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Zionist Crimes Against The Jews

ZionismIn mid last October, the Israeli main paper Yedioth Ahranoth (Ynetnews) published a historical study by Yigal Bin-Nun; an Israeli historian and professor in Bar Ilan University, confirming and documenting Zionists crimes against Moroccan Jews in North Africa in order to convince them to immigrate to Israel. In his study Bin-Nun has confirmed what I wrote back in 2007 (The Myth of Jewish Refugees from Arab Land).

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