Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Trading Women for Profit

Global Sex TradeThe Commodification of Everything and Everyone

The act of buying and selling sits at the very heart of the global economy. A commercially motivated system, that P. Sainath rightly describes as “Market Fundamentalism”, in which competition and conservative uniformity are central elements. Creative independent thinking and originality are anathema to this relentless homogenous machine, which breeds conformity, crushes individuality and “Borg-like”, assimilates all into ‘The Collective’.

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Obama: A Drone Terrorist?

obama_droneThe latest killing of the Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud by a U.S. drone showed again the sovereign contempt displayed by President Obama toward Pakistan’s sovereignty. Five or six people, who joined Mehsud at a mosque, were also killed. The killing came at a time when the negotiations between the Taliban and the Pakistani government were scheduled to start about a peace settlement of this ongoing internal conflict. Pakistan’s interior minister Chaudhry Nisar called the drone attack a “murder of peace”. The Taliban replaced Mehsud with Khan Said and vowed revenge.

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The Mind of the Poor


Most of the poverty in the United States is artificially manufactured. It is poverty created in the pursuit of “free market ideals,” expressed in recent times by the imposition of neoliberal economic policies - the sort of policies that cut taxes on the wealthy, do away with fiscal and other business regulations, undermine the social safety net and erode middle-class stability - all while singing the praises of self-reliance and individual responsibility. As a result we have done very well in making the rich richer and the poor both poorer and more numerous.

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Ideological Disaster

standoffGoing Backward

In the eighteenth century the West shifted from mercantilism to capitalism. Mercantilism was an economic system that gave governments wide-ranging regulatory powers over commerce, mostly to ensure a positive balance of trade. It also allowed for strong guild structures and protection for domestic industries. However, the Industrial Revolution ended mercantilism and brought to power a business class that wanted to be free to operate without government oversight.

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The Serpent and the Red Line

netanyahu-redlineThe first warning we had concerning the nature of a Red Line came from the Serpent (read Satan) that leered enticingly from Yahweh’s Tree of Good and Evil as Eve sauntered near. He knew the nature of G-d’s creatures; he knew that if he were to conquer G-d he must open Eve’s and Adam’s eyes to their true nature, the depraved nature that rules by arrogance, treachery, hubris and power.

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