Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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International Law and the Problem of Enforcement

International LawAnthropomorphizing the Nation State
One of the defining characteristics of modern Western culture is individuality. Most people in the West take it for granted that they have the right to free expression and personality development. However, in practice, this right is not open ended. It is fine if you want to express yourself as a musician, a painter, a film maker, a writer, etc. Equally legitimate is your desire to express yourself as an engineer, accountant, bus driver or auto mechanic. Things become very different if you have a great desire to express yourself as a thief or want to develop your personality as a serial killer. There are rules, in the form of laws, against these latter avenues of expression. If you choose to ignore these laws there are police forces and courts systems that will seek to force you to do so. Another way of saying this is that within states or nations, people usually must confine their right of self expression to activities that do not impinge in a harmful or unwanted way on others in the community.

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Agurtecracy as Practiced in America

Chairman of the Fed, Ben BernankeUnder the ruling thumb of economic charlatans

Whether to pay the price for our “exceptionalism”, or just a malediction, we in the United States seem to be condemned by our own government to live under a constant lie. In 2002, it was Charlatan Bush with his political lie, the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which allowed him to instigate fear and get his way, in restricting freedoms, waging wars, and raiding the poor peoples’ pockets. Now it is Charlatan Obama with his economic lie that the economy is improving, that there’s no need to worry; that there are no loose ends. And that brings me to a few general questions that I feel we in America should be asking… about ourselves.

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Australian Boom and Bust Capitalism


Both cheeks of the Australian political backside (to use the imagery so very aptly applied to British politics by George Galloway), with the Greens wedged firmly between them, are falling over themselves in their efforts to impress the Australian public with their grand schemes to “take maximum advantage of the current Mining Boom”. Aside from the explicit acknowledgement that it is just that – a “boom” – there is the tacit acknowledgement that sooner or later there will also follow a “bust”, and the even worse acknowledgement that a cycle of boom and bust is generally regarded as a perfectly acceptable way to manage the nation’s economy.

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Donor Bread (Money) and Congressional Circuses

pro-israel-voterThe Money

According to a 19 May report by the Wall Street Journal, the American Zionists are starting to turn the screws on President Obama and the Democratic Party. “Jewish donors and fund raisers are warning the Obama re-election campaign that the president is at risk of losing financial support because of concerns about his handling of Israel.” If you doubt that this tactic can work just watch the video of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress. Those 20 plus “sustained and standing ovations” did not come from mere true believers. They came from the throughly bought and bullied. The Zionists have a strikingly successful and very long standing vote buying operation and they are, of course, applying it to the president and his reelection campaigners.

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Obama’s London Speech

President Barack Obama made a speech to the UK Houses of Parliament in Westminster Hall LondonLies of omission & holocaust denial
President Barack Obama made a speech to the UK Houses of Parliament in Westminster Hall London on 25 May 2011. Obama’s speech involved egregious lying by commission and lying by omission, holocaust ignoring and holocaust denial that extends to ignoring the suffering of his own relatives. This widely disseminated, shameless lying by Obama promises more death and destruction for Humanity at the hands of Anglo-American state terrorism.

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