Sunday, September 24, 2017
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Fear and Ignorance in the Rise of Donald Trump

donald-trumpThe election of Donald Trump as president was motivated by a popular rejection of party politics as it had evolved over the decades. There was a rejection of politics that only responded to special interests and not to millions of increasingly disappointed and frustrated citizens. However, there was something else underlying this, and that was a prevailing despair as to how to change the system.



Every Vote Counts… More or Less – Redux

clinton-trump-pollDoes it make any democratic sense that each vote cast by a person in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, be worth two-thirds more than that of his neighbor across the Missouri River, in Sioux City, Iowa? Or for the vote of those folks in Las Cruces, New Mexico, to be worth over two-thirds more than the vote of the people in El Paso, Texas?



Donald Trump’s Moment: Will It Last?

hooligansOn Election Day Hillary Clinton, with all her data specialists and poll gurus, came up short. The morning after, they didn’t know what hit them - that is, the unexpected fact that statistical data and real life don’t always coincide. People often tell pollsters what they think the pollsters want to hear, or what media tells them is the expected answer, while clandestinely harboring different opinions that they share only with their family, friends and drinking buddies. 



Trump's Election Breaks Chains of Political Correctness

scarierOne likely winner to come out of the 2016 US presidential election: accuracy in polling. Obviously not past but future polling! Donald Trump, from the start of his campaign to capture the presidency, harangued his followers during the rallies with such unrestricted language that they felt liberated, able to speak out their minds without any fear of repression or recrimination.



Balfour Declaration vs Hussein-McMahon Correspondence

Balfour DeclarationNinety nine years ago, on November 2nd 1917, a letter came to be known as “Balfour Declaration” was sent from the British Foreign Secretary; Arthur James Balfour, to the most senior Zionist Jew in Britain; Walter Rothschild, pledging assistance to the Zionist cause of establishing a Jewish national home (a state) in Palestine disregarding the rights and the aspirations of the indigenous Christian and Muslim Palestinian inhabitants.



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