Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Torpedoing the Lebanon Flotilla

aid-shipControlling Civil Disobedience
Ten days ago I left California to join other U.S. citizens on the Lebanese Boat Brigade—the first such effort to penetrate Israel’s blockade of Gaza since the deadly attack on the Freedom Flotilla May 31. I joined other Americans—Jeff K and Noel I from Boston, Ron D from Maui, Bill S from South Carolina, and Sister Pat C from Wisconsin—enticed by an announcement from the Council for the National Interest and the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign to bring women, journalists and writers to this latest effort to break the siege of Gaza now in its 3rd year.

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Who is the Terrorist: Hamas or Israel

Hamas or IsraelIsraelis justify their genocidal economic siege against Gaza Strip, their December 2008 barbaric war crime onslaught against 1.5 million Palestinian civilians in Gaza, and their international piracy against the international “Break the Siege Campaign” and the humanitarian aid Freedom Flotilla with the false claim that the democratically elected Hamas leadership, in the Gaza Strip, is a terrorist organization.

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The United States Tries to Bully Turkey

turks-outragedThe popular image of the experienced diplomat is a gentleman (most of them are men) who is conservatively dressed and speaks, in public at least, in a manner that matches his clothes. That is he speaks carefully and logically, leaving little to the imagination lest there be misunderstanding or unnecessary offense given. You would not mistake the experienced diplomat for a bully or a blackmailer.

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Obama's War, Not McChrystal's

McChrystalGenerals get replaced, American warmongering does not!
Poor Obama! The economy continues in shambles, ‘though often portrayed otherwise, and his war policies/politics share in a similar state of disarray. Yet, many progressives continue hoping for miracles, overlooking the president’s mirages, delaying time and again any demands for the promised change.

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Spotlight on Israeli Textbooks

Israeli TextbooksAs many of you might know there is a long standing controversy over Palestinian textbooks. The Israelis, their Zionist supporters, and even the U.S. government has lined up to complain loudly and bitterly that Palestinian textbooks do not include Israel on their maps, or they show an Israel that is geographically small. They speak of Zionism as an "enemy ideology" and the IDF as a conquering army. They describe Israeli settlers as "illegal immigrants" or worse. And, particularly in the complaints offered by US government, there is a demand for greater emphasis on "peace and tolerance." The Palestinian text books have to change, according to the critics. Indeed, all of Palestinian education has to be "reformed."

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