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Obama’s London Speech

President Barack Obama made a speech to the UK Houses of Parliament in Westminster Hall LondonLies of omission & holocaust denial
President Barack Obama made a speech to the UK Houses of Parliament in Westminster Hall London on 25 May 2011. Obama’s speech involved egregious lying by commission and lying by omission, holocaust ignoring and holocaust denial that extends to ignoring the suffering of his own relatives. This widely disseminated, shameless lying by Obama promises more death and destruction for Humanity at the hands of Anglo-American state terrorism.

Below is a detailed analysis of this outrageous, Orwellian, history-re-writing Obama speech.
1. Obama: “As Winston Churchill said, the "...Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus, trial by jury, and English common law find their most famous expression in the American Declaration of Independence."”
Reality: Human rights find ultimate expression in the United Nations Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Geneva Convention, Humanity-endorsed conventions grossly violated by the UK and US, by sustained UK state terrorism and US state terrorism and by UK- and UK-backed Israeli state terrorism.

2. Obama: “Together with our allies, we forged a lasting peace from a cold war. When the Iron Curtain lifted, we expanded our alliance to include the nations of Central and Eastern Europe, and built new bridges to Russia and the former states of the Soviet Union. And when there was strife in the Balkans, we worked together to keep the peace.”

Reality: The consequences of national policy can be measured by consequential avoidable deaths. 1950-2005 avoidable deaths in countries variously occupied in the post-1945 era total 82 million for US-occupied countries, 727 million for UK-occupied countries, 142 million for France-occupied countries and 24 million for countries occupied by UK-, US- and France-backed Apartheid Israel (for details see Chapter 3 of Gideon Polya, “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950”).

3. Obama: “Today, after a difficult decade that began with war and ended in recession, our nations have arrived at a pivotal moment once more. A global economy that once stood on the brink of depression is now stable and recovering. After years of conflict, the United States has removed 100,000 troops from Iraq, the United Kingdom has removed its forces, and our combat mission there has ended. In Afghanistan, we've broken the Taliban's momentum and will soon begin a transition to Afghan lead. And nearly 10 years after 9/11, we have disrupted terrorist networks and dealt al Qaeda a huge blow by killing its leader -- Osama bin Laden.”

Reality: Iraq has been devastated by Sanctions and violent occupation in the period 1990-2011 with violent deaths totaling 1.7 million, non-violent deaths from Anglo-American-imposed deprivation totaling 2.9 million, under-5 infant deaths totaling 2.0 million and with 5-6 million refuges having been generated in an Iraqi Holocaust and Iraqi Genocide. Afghanistan has been devastated by violent occupation in the period 2001-2011 with violent deaths totaling 1.2 million, non-violent deaths from Anglo-American-imposed deprivation totaling 3.8 million, under-5 infant deaths totaling 2.7 million and with 3-4 million refugees having been generated in an Afghan Holocaust and Afghan Genocide. Obama has now extended this deadly violence to Pakistan, Yemen and Libya. Libya that had seen vastly improved living condition through its oil wealth is now being bombed back to the Stone Age by the France-UK-US (FUKUS) Coalition. Obama has become an accessory after the fact of 9-11 by killing an alleged key witness, Osama bin-Laden and by blocking proper scientific investigation into the 9-11 atrocity for which the US is almost certainly responsible with the likelihood of Apartheid Israeli involvement (for details Google  “Iraqi Holocaust, Iraqi Genocide”, “Afghan Holocaust, Afghan Genocide”: and “Experts: US did 9-11”). 

4. Obama: “As new threats spread across borders and oceans, we must dismantle terrorist networks and stop the spread of nuclear weapons, confront climate change and combat famine and disease. And as a revolution races through the streets of the Middle East and North Africa, the entire world has a stake in the aspirations of a generation that longs to determine its own destiny.”

Reality: The biggest threat to Humanity is from the war criminal and climate criminal US (various US or US surrogate occupation of Haiti, Somalia, Palestine, Syria, Diego Garcia, Iraq, Afghanistan and additional US bombing of Pakistan, Yemen and Libya) and from its cowardly lackey the UK (occupying Afghanistan, bombing Libya and recently having withdrawn most of its forces from Iraq, a country it has been war criminally violating since 1914). Climate science says that top per greenhouse gas (GHG) polluters like the US and its cowardly vassal Apartheid Australia must get to zero (0) emissions by 2020 but for these climate criminal countries it is Business As Usual (BAU) that is steadily worsening the Climate Genocide that is predicted to kill 10 billion non-European s this century due to unaddressed man-made climate carnage (Google “Climate Genocide”).

5. Obama: “As millions are still denied their basic human rights because of who they are, or what they believe, or the kind of government that they live under, we are the nations most willing to stand up for the values of tolerance and self-determination that lead to peace and dignity.’

Reality:  The UK and the US back dictatorships in Muslim countries from Morocco to Brunei and still resolutely back racist Zionist-run Apartheid Israel that has denied not just democracy but nearly all basic human rights to the Occupied Palestinians for nearly 44 years (see the recent book “The Plight of the Palestinians. A long history of destruction”, edited by William Cook\ and Google “Palestinian Genocide”).

6. Obama: “And just as we must lead on behalf of the prosperity of our citizens, so we must safeguard their security. Our two nations know what it is to confront evil in the world. Hitler's armies would not have stopped their killing had we not fought them on the beaches and on the landing grounds, in the fields and on the streets. We must never forget that there was nothing inevitable about our victory in that terrible war. It was won through the courage and character of our people.”

Reality: WW2 was won not just by the US (0.3 million military dead) and the UK (0.6 million UK and British Empire military war dead) but also by China (35 million war dead), Russia (20 million war dead), India (7 million war dead from British-imposed famine alone) and by European and Asian resistance fighters. The “character of our people” was evidenced by the fire-bombing of German and Japanese cities (circa 1 million civilians killed), the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (0.2 million killed), and the deliberate starving to death of 6-7 million Indians by the British-imposed Bengal Famine in 1942-1945. 

7. Obama: “Our nations are not and will never be at war with Islam. Our fight is focused on defeating al Qaeda and its extremist allies. In that effort, we will not relent, as Osama bin Laden and his followers have learned. And as we fight an enemy that respects no law of war, we will continue to hold ourselves to a higher standard -- by living up to the values, the rule of law and due process that we so ardently defend.”

Reality: Post-WW2 Anglo-American war and hegemony has been associated with 600 million Muslim avoidable deaths since 1950. In the last 2 decades alone Muslim  violent deaths and non-violent avoidable deaths from war-imposed deprivation total 12 million, the major killings  being 4.6 million (Iraq), 5.0 million (Afghanistan) and 2 million (Somalia). In contrast the FBI wanted Osama for the killing of 29 Americans in the East Africa US Embassy and USS Cole attacks by al Qaeda.  In contrast, the Israeli killing of 34 American servicemen on the USS Liberty has gone unpunished and indeed Apartheid Israel has been lavished with US support since 1967.

8. Obama: “For almost a decade, Afghanistan has been a central front of these efforts. Throughout those years, you, the British people, have been a stalwart ally, along with so many others who fight by our side.”

Reality: Even according to the lying Bush-Obama official version of 9-11 no Afghans were involved in the 9-11 atrocity. Osama bin laden denied complicity in 9-11. Science, architect, engineer, military, aviation and intelligence experts say that the US did 9-11 (with some suggesting the likelihood of Israeli assistance in this mass murder of Americans (for numerous such expert opinions Google “US did 9-11”).

9. Obama: “We also share a common interest in stopping the spread of nuclear weapons. Across the globe, nations are locking down nuclear materials so they never fall into the wrong hands -- because of our leadership. From North Korea to Iran, we've sent a message that those who flaunt their obligations will face consequences -- which is why America and the European Union just recently strengthened our sanctions on Iran, in large part because of the leadership of the United Kingdom and the United States.”

Reality: Iran, unlike the US and its surrogate Apartheid Israel, is notable in that it has not invaded any other country for several centuries, does not occupy any other country, has no territorial claims on other countries, does not have nuclear weapons, does not want nuclear weapons, and supports a nuclear weapons-free Middle East. Further, while there is major theocratic oversight on Iranian democracy, the perverted “democratic fascism” in the US involves 2 very similar Lobbyist-, racist Zionist- and military-industrial complex-beholden parties. The democratic Nazism of racist Zionist-run Apartheid Israel is democracy based on genocide in which half the inhabitants of racist Zionist-occupied Palestine (6 million non-Indigenous Jewish Israelis) rule the rest. Of the 12 million Indigenous Palestinians, 6 million are forbidden to even live in their Homeland, 1.6 million Palestinian Israelis can vote as second class citizens of an Apartheid Israel (2 major Arabs parties were banned before the last elections), 2.8 million West Bank

Palestinians have no vote and 1.6 million Occupied Palestinians have no vote either and are confined to the Gaza Concentration Camp, as are the Hamas MPs who won 76 out of 132 seats in the 2006 Occupied Palestine elections held under racist Zionist guns (and were then declared to be “terrorists” by Apartheid Israel and the US and the other anti-democratic Western Lobbyocracies and Murdochracies).

10. Obama: “Let there be no doubt: The United States and United Kingdom stand squarely on the side of those who long to be free.”

Reality: The UK and the US back dictatorships in Muslim countries from Morocco to Brunei and still resolutely back racist Zionist-run Apartheid Israel that has denied not just democracy but all basic human rights to the Occupied Palestinians for nearly 44 years and denied 7 million Palestinians the right to even live in the own country. The US backs the continuing highly abusive imprisonment of 1.6 million Palestinians (800,000 of them children) in what the Catholic Church describes as the Gaza Concentration Camp.

11. Obama: “It is that truth that guides our action in Libya. It would have been easy at the outset of the crackdown in Libya to say that none of this was our business -- that a nation's sovereignty is more important than the slaughter of civilians within its borders. That argument carries weight with some. But we are different. We embrace a broader responsibility. And while we cannot stop every injustice, there are circumstances that cut through our caution -- when a leader is threatening to massacre his people, and the international community is calling for action. That's why we stopped a massacre in Libya. And we will not relent until the people of Libya are protected and the shadow of tyranny is lifted.”

Reality: The France-UK-US (FUKUS) Coalition is bombing Libya back to the Stone Age. Libya under Dictator Gaddafi used its oil wealth to achieve an infant mortality rate of 18 under-5 year old infant deaths per 1,000 births as compared to 8 in the US. The destruction of Libya n economy and infrastructure will head Libya towards the US-imposed mass infanticide of Occupied Haiti (87 under-5 year old infant deaths per 1,000 births), Occupied Somalia (180), Occupied Iraq (44), Occupied Afghanistan (199), US drone-bombed Yemen (66) and robot-bombed Pakistan (87). 

12. Obama: “Unlike most countries in the world, we do not define citizenship based on race or ethnicity.”

Reality: What an outrageous perversion of reality – the US, the most racist country in the world after US-backed Apartheid Israel, is falsely saying that most other countries are racist. In all countries of the world citizenship is necessarily based on who is living there i.e. who was born there with this being extended to immigrants who want to join the national family. The US is a deeply racist country in which African-Americans have only been able to legally eat at restaurants, drink at public water fountains or go to public toilets for about 40 years. Educational Apartheid imposes Segregated Education in the US today (Google “Educational Apartheid”). African-Americans have vastly less wealth than White Americans.

There are more black men in jail in Apartheid America than were enslaved in 1850 (see “United States: more black men in jail than enslaved in 1850”, Green Left Weekly, 22 May 2011 ). Since the collapse of US-, UK- and Apartheid Australia- and Apartheid Israel-backed South African Apartheid, US-backed Apartheid Israel is the only explicitly race-based Apartheid State in the world, a Nazi-style  Apartheid abomination in which any Jew can be a citizen (except for Jews the race-based state doesn’t like) whereas 6 million Palestinian refugees are forbidden to live in their Homeland, 1.6 million Israeli Palestinians live as second class citizens under Nazi-style Apartheid laws, 1.6 million Occupied Palestinians are highly abusively imprisoned in the Gaza Concentration Camp and 2.8 million West Bank Palestinians are deprived of most human rights living under the guns of racist occupiers. 

13. Obama: “Yes, our diversity can lead to tension. And throughout our history there have been heated debates about immigration and assimilation in both of our countries. But even as these debates can be difficult, we fundamentally recognize that our patchwork heritage is an enormous strength -- that in a world which will only grow smaller and more interconnected, the example of our two nations says it is possible for people to be united by their ideals, instead of divided by their differences; that it's possible for hearts to change and old hatreds to pass; that it's possible for the sons and daughters of former colonies to sit here as members of this great Parliament, and for the grandson of a Kenyan who served as a cook in the British Army to stand before you as President of the United States.”

Reality: “Old hatreds passing” is fine but Obama, Bush, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Howard, Rudd, Gillard, Sarkozy, Harper and Merkel rubbing out the horrendous history of genocidal Anglo-American atrocities in the Muslim World is utterly repugnant holocaust ignoring,  genocide ignoring, holocaust denial and genocide denial. Thus on his brief  trip to Ireland several days before his Speech to the Houses of Parliament in London, Obama talked up his maternal Irish great great great grandfather Falmouth Kearney who left Ireland in 1850) but not a word about the 1845-1850  Irish Famine (1 million starved to death by the British, 1.5 million forced to emigrate). Barack Obama's paternal grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama (c. 1895–1979) worked as a mission cook and as a herbalist,   joined the King's African Rifles during World War I (evidently serving as an army cook according to Obama) .

According to Wikipedia: “In 1949, Onyango spent at least 6 months in Kamiti Prison. He was probably tried in a magistrates’ court on charges of political sedition or membership of a banned organization, but the records do not survive, because all such documentation was routinely destroyed in British colonies after six years. He was violently tortured to extract information about the growing insurgency.  In his memoir, President Obama described his grandfather's shocking physical state: "When he returned to Alego he was very thin and dirty. He had difficulty walking, and his head was full of lice." For some time, he was too traumatized to speak about his experiences. His wife told his grandson: "From that day on, I saw that he was now an old man”. Onyango was permanently scarred, remaining in pain and requiring assistance moving until his death. Although previously working very closely with British colonists, his torture left Onyango bitterly anti-British” (see “Family oif Barack Obama”, Wikipedia, and Barack Obama, “Dreams From My Father”).”

However not a word from Obama in his London speech about the Kenya War of Independence led by Jomo Kenyatta (known toi the genocidal British as the Mau Mau Emergency) in which 0.1 million Kenyans were killed or otherwise died in British custody, 1 million were held in “enclosed villages” and 0.3 million were abusively imprisoned in concentration camps (1952-1960 avoidable deaths 1.1 million). Holocaust denier Barack Obama ignored the Kenyan Holocaust in his London Speech and skirted it in his book “Dreams From My Father” in which he relates how his father’s career as an economist fell through because of differences with Jomo Kenyatta and how his grandfather retuned from British custody “very thin and dirty”.  Obama also ignored how Kenya-Uganda was the site of a major Jewish settlement scheme on stolen African highland lands. In 1903 the British offered the Guas Ngisdhu plateau of Kenya to the Jews (indeed thousands of Jews settled in Kenya), but this was rejected in 1905 by the Zionists who demanded Palestine, then under Turkish rule (Martin Gilbert, “Jewish History Atlas, p95). 

14. Obama: “That is what forged our bond in the fire of war -- a bond made manifest by the friendship between two of our greatest leaders. Churchill and Roosevelt had their differences. They were keen observers of each other's blind spots and shortcomings, if not always their own, and they were hard-headed about their ability to remake the world. But what joined the fates of these two men at that particular moment in history was not simply a shared interest in victory on the battlefield. It was a shared belief in the ultimate triumph of human freedom and human dignity -- a conviction that we have a say in how this story ends.”

Reality: Churchill helped engineer US entry into WW2, the key event being the UK and US intelligence pre-knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (see my book “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History”). Postwar the US progressively assumed a “right” to hegemony (violent or otherwise) over the formerly largely British- and French-dominated Muslim world from Morocco to Pakistan. Indeed under Obama US forces invaded Pakistan (most recently to murder Osama bin Laden), the British forces having left British India in 1947.  Churchill did not believe in the “ultimate triumph of human freedom and human dignity”.

This evil warmonger and mass murderer helped devastate Europe in WW1, helped to devastate  Europe and much of Asia in  WW2 and was a rabid racist and imperialist  who hated Indians and was responsible for deliberately starving 6-7 million Indians to death in 1942-1945 (for details see  my book “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History. Colonial rapacity, holocaust denial and the crisis in biological sustainability”; “Churchill's Secret War. The British Empire ands the ravaging of India during World War II” by Madhusree Mukerjee; “Three Famines” by Thomas Keneally; “Famine. A short history” by Cormac O Grada; “Prosperity and Misery in Modern Bengal” by Paul Greenough; and  the transcript of a 2008 BBC broadcast entitled “Bengal Famine” involving myself, Economics Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen and other scholars; ).

15. Obama: “With courage and purpose, with humility and with hope, with faith in the promise of tomorrow, let us march straightforward together, enduring allies in the cause of a world that is more peaceful, more prosperous, and more just.”

Reality: The UK and US have variously actively and passively murdered about 11 million people so far this century, the breakdown being  about 3 million (Iraq), 5 million (Afghanistan), 2 million (Somalia) and over 1 million opiate drug-related deaths from US Alliance restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry.  Worsening Climate Genocide and Anglo-American and EU Biofuel Genocide) are set to kill millions more this decade.  Already about 18 million people die avoidably on US-dominated Spaceship Earth from First World-imposed deprivation in the Developing World (minus China).


Obama’s London Speech to the Houses of Parliament was an outrageous travesty of the truth, a monstrous exercise in lying by commission and lying by omission. Obama, like Churchill and Bush before him, is a pathological liar as well as a mass murderer. If one were charitable to such monsters one might suggest that at the heart of the genocide ignoring by mass murderers like Churchill, Bush and Obama may be narcissistic self-deception. Thus Winston Churchill confessed “I therefore adopted quite early in life a system of believing whatever I wanted to believe” (p16, “Churchill's Secret War” by Madhusree Mukerjee).   Obama is currently the World’s number 1 warmonger, war-maker, war criminal, drug lord, drug pusher, and mass murderer, climate criminal and mass paedocide. 

The answer to the anti-war chant “Hey, hey USA, how many kids did you kill today?” is about 1,000 for USA under Obama (for detailed analysis Google “Hey, hey USA”). Worsening climate genocide currently led by climate criminal Obama is set to kill 10 billion non-European people this century. Decent people must tell everyone they can about the Awful Truth behind Obama’s egregious lies that even extend contemptible holocaust ignoring (worse than holocaust denial) in relation to the suffering of his own relatives.  The lies of Obama and the rest of the Zionist-beholden Anglo-American Establishment are being spread throughout the democratic fascist, Zionist-beholden Western Murdochracies and Lobbyocracies by the pro-Zionist Mainstream media. A powerful action by decent people world-wide would be to urge a global boycott of all Murdoch Empire media.  

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