Monday, March 25, 2019
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A wake-up-call


The al-Aqsa MosqueIsrael continues ethnic-religious cleansing of Al-Quds
By Hiyam Noir and Fadwa Nassar

On Monday noon of September 26th, an Israeli border guard unit, disguised as Arabs, in coordination with the Israeli occupation police kidnapped the Palestinian-Hamas MP, Muhammad Attoun at the entrance of the Red Cross in al- Quds, in a move which sparked an outrage among local Palestinians. Attoun was later released and deported from al-Quds to Ramallah. He spent more than two months in Israeli jail for illegally living in al-Quds. According to reports, his residential permit to reside in the city was revoked five years ago. “We are the original residents of this country, it is the occupant Israel that should leave this country, not the Palestinians”- Attoun said to journalists, as he was crossing the Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem (al-Quds).

Another Hamas lawmaker, Mohammad Abu Tir was deported one year ago. The two MPs are representing the occupied Palestinian city of al-Quds, in the legislature of the Palestinian Authority. A third deputy and former minister, Mohammad Khaled Abu Arfa Tawtah, also threatened with deportation were at the time of the kidnapping in the protest tent, outside the headquarters of the International Red Cross in al- Quds in July 2010. The three lawmakers sought sanctuary in the Red Cross compound in occupied city of Al-Quds.

The Zionist occupant’s activities are open violations of international law, which forbids expulsion of a population of occupied territory. The three lawmakers trusted the reliance on international community intervention. Their choice of the Red Cross compound to be used as a safe shelter while waiting for such intervention, also exposed the hypocrisy of the international donor, which financier humanitarian aid organizations with a fraction of finding’s supplied to the Zionist occupant, including military and financial assistance.

Palestinian MPs and ministers which are facing deportation, were kidnapped by the occupant, following the Palestinian Legislative Council elections in 2006, which final results proved that Hamas won the election with 74 seats to the ruling-Fatah’s 45 seats, providing Hamas with the majority of the 132 available seats and the ability to form a majority government on their own. The occupation authorities decided to hold Palestinian MPs and ministers, the legal representatives of the Palestinian people for several years before releasing, then confiscating their residential permits to expel them from their hometown.
This ethnic and religious expulsion of citizens from the Palestinian capital is a violation of all international resolutions, evidently indisputable to the international community. Still there are no protests against the pressure on the Palestinian people to make concessions on their inalienable rights, which clearly indicate a criminal complicity with the Zionist state.

Thousands of Palestinians are confined outside their own city, al-Quds. On the outside of camp She’ fat, the occupier is erecting a border fence to prevent more than 70,000 Palestinians inhabitants of the camp to enter al-Quds. For several years, military checkpoints have been built on the outskirts of She’ fat camp, to make serious difficulties for thousands of Palestinians citizens to attend their studies and/or work, and their children have been kidnapped and molested by the occupation forces. The population in and around the camp have been protesting for several days.

The al-Aqsa Mosque

Regarding the al-Aqsa Mosque, the Zionist occupier continues its criminal conduct of sharing the area of the mosque between Muslims and Jews. The temporary wooden bridge installed two years ago, is now replaced by an iron bridge. The iron bridge is wide enough to allow the occupation military and Jewish settlers to enter al-Aqsa Mosque in mass. A few years ago the historic hill, which gave access the to the door of al-Maghariba, collapsed because the occupier rejected the Muslim community the maintenance of their own sacred place, the holy mosque, that is the time when the occupant installed a temporary wooden bridge.

Today, despite official protests from the Jordanian government and UNESCO, the occupant has constructed a steel bridge, which not only have destroyed important Palestinian heritage of the city, but also allows the Zionists to invade the al-Aqsa mosque. Only popular protests in Egypt and Jordan, has protracted the fateful date of a permanent construction of this bridge. The Palestinians demanded its cancellation, not to postpone it, and popular mobilizations are underway in Arab countries, including Jordan and Egypt, to stop these criminal actions of the occupant.

Meanwhile the international community despite attacks on religious rights of the Palestinian people including the Muslims obviously takes pleasure in a complicit silence.

The Cemetery of Ma'manullah

The Cemetery of Ma'manullah is threatened by hordes of profane Zionist officials. Ma’manullah is a historic Palestinian cemetery, where hundreds of Arabs including Muslims is laid to rest, since the time of Salaheddin. Hence, the occupant has decided to raze the ground of the cemetery to build a museum of "tolerance" on the top of the sacred ground of the historic Palestinian cemetery. These activities are cynical disregards of and no respect for the sacred, a quite significant characteristic among Zionists spoilers.

No scientific proof of a Jewish temple.

A new archaeological discovery has proved that there is no temple and that never have a Jewish temple been built in the place of the al-Aqsa Mosque. Since the occupation of the eastern part of al-Quds in 1967, Zionist so-called archaeologists dug around and under the mosque, in attempts to prove their vision of reality, spreading mythical stories in which Zionists has based their entire racist and predatory existence. Since years back, Zionist scientists, assisted by British and other European masters in fraud were able to illustrate a genius manifest, which is a deliberate falsification of world history. Still suspecting or having knowledge of a fraud conducted, which constitutes historical dimensions, the international community play dumb and deaf to the calls for truth and reasons of the mythical story fabricated by the arrogant devil, the Zionist occupant.
"Biblical Gardens"

In an expedited manner, the colonization continues without abruption in and around the city of al-Quds. Thousands of housing developments erected for settlers are planned for years ahead. Meanwhile, simultaneously Palestinian land and properties, under the ordain of the so called, "absentee property" confiscated in 1948 and 1967, is delivered to colonial enterprises for housing or other projects such as the infamous so called, "Biblical Garden".
The project, “Biblical Garden” is a proof of the ultimate wickedness in Zionist thinking. The true historical Biblical Garden is a garden planted with various flowers, plants and tree species that for long time have existed, and still exists in many Palestinian fields. What the Zionist settler (claiming a birth-place in this country) is marketing and selling as “Biblical” - is the stolen and confiscated Biblical land and property of Christian and Muslim Palestinians.
"Israel", is today an unstable, illusory state which in its erection 1948 resulted in the devastation of over 500 Palestinian villages, and the uprooting of olive trees, dating back to Roman times. It must be the one truly perverse and essential forger to dare speaking of Biblical Gardens. Where in the world are the historians, archeologist, geographers, other scholars and researchers, with the characteristic of advanced knowledge, moral and courage to denounce the falsification of world history and the historic heritage of the Palestinian Arab?

A wake-up-call

The Zionist settler-state shamelessly reveals in bright day - light, an ongoing ethnic and religious cleansing of al-Quds. Claiming its right to replace the Maqdisi Palestinians with Jewish settlers from around the world. Today, the Palestinian population makes up for about 33% of the inhabitants in the occupied city of al-Quds, there are attempts to reduce the 33% to 12% over the next few years. We are writing this essay, a wake- up-call to mobilize intelligent people around the world to support and protect the Palestinian population and precious, irreplaceable antiquities of the historic Maqdisi, against the predatory activities of the Zionist occupant, and the complicity of degenerated Western powers!

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