Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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The Untapped Power of Arabia

Arab summitArab leaders have so far failed to protect their people, their countries, their own interests and their holy places. While dedicating their 22nd summit meeting in March 2010 to Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the Al-Aqsa Mosque (their 2nd holiest place), they allotted only $500 million to support Palestinian Jerusalemites. Although this is an increase over the previous $150 million, it is trivial compared to the $14 billion that Israel is spending on Judaizing the city and destroying all its Arabic characteristics.

The allotted $500 million is supposed to be deposited into a special fund by the Arab League. So far not one single dollar has been deposited. These millions would, undoubtedly, have the same fate as the $5 billion promised to re-build Gaza; not a single dollar has been received by the people who would benefit from them. Gaza is still waiting. One would question how it is that these millions will be deposited into the fund when many Arab country members have not even paid their regular yearly dues to the League.

The 22 Arab leaders, some of whom are the richest men in the world, should be ashamed of themselves when compared to the American Jewish Zionist Irving Moskowitz, who for many years contributed an average of $100 million a year to extremist Zionist colonizers to build on usurped Palestinian land, specifically in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), illegal colonies and Talmudic Yeshivot (schools teaching extreme Judaic holy wars against all Goyims (non-Jews), Christians as well as Moslems).

Israel does not allow Palestinians to build homes in Al-Quds or to rebuild the foundations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque which the Israeli archaeological dig deliberately weakened. While a building permit is completely free to any Jew, it costs a Palestinian $35,000 to $40,000.

As for the Israeli occupation of Palestine in the heart of the Arab world—a core issue for all Arabs—the Arab leaders demonstrate their surrender and defeatist approach by seeing the Israeli occupation as a Palestinian rather than an Arab issue, and by viewing their aid and contributions to Palestinians as a charitable rather than a national cause. They have taken what they term a “peaceful choice” as their strategic approach to the Israeli occupation. They offered Israel their “Peace Initiative”, blessing the Israeli occupation of 80% of Palestine proper and guaranteeing Israeli security. Israel blew this initiative to smithereens the same day it was offered eight years ago.

Although the secretary general of the League, Amre Moussa, urged Arab leaders to consider the possibility of the collapse of this Peace Initiative, they insisted on it even though there have been no Israeli partners for peace since its declaration.

The Arab leaders blessed the advice of Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to Palestinians for what he termed “nonviolent resistance” against the Israeli occupation. The term “nonviolent resistance” is an oxymoron. Resistance embeds violence in its core. How can one nonviolently resist a racist terrorist colonial armed-to-the teeth state like Israel? How can a Palestinian family nonviolently resist Israeli bulldozers destroying their homes and razing their farmland under the protection of armed Israeli soldiers? Let us not forget that Rachel Corrie was savagely murdered by one of these bulldozers. Man’s history, since its beginning, does not have one single case of a nation gaining its freedom and independence through this silly nonviolent resistance.

Those who are deceived by such terminology should take note of what happens weekly in the villages of Bil’in, Ni’lin and Ma’sara, where Palestinians, demonstrating nonviolently against the construction of the apartheid wall on their land, are met with tear gas, live bullets, beating and imprisonment by Israeli soldiers. On Sunday March 28, Palestinian Christians, waving palms and olive branches and accompanied by Palestinian leaders, members of International Solidarity Movement, and Israeli peace activists, marched peacefully from Bethlehem towards Al-Quds to celebrate Palm Sunday. Halfway to the Israeli check point they were attacked, beaten and arrested by Israeli soldiers. Israeli activists were immediately released, internationals were deported, while Palestinians were detained.

The sad reality is that Arab leaders serve only to assert and perpetuate the division of the Arab World that was planned by the British/French Sykes-Picot secret agreement of 1916. This political, economic and ethnic division weakened the Arabs and made them vulnerable for western control, exploitation and occupation.

One may ask what Arab leaders could do to protect themselves, their people, and their countries from the fourth strongest colonizing army backed by the strongest military country in the world. The answer is, theoretically, simple; become a global super power.

The Arab World has all the required assets to become a global super power. It is located in the middle east, a very strategic global location linking three major continents, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Any trade route between these three continents has, in one way or another, to pass through the Arab World. Extending from the Atlantic Ocean west to the Persian Gulf east, the Arab World enjoys a diverse geological topology abundant with natural and human resources. Rich agricultural land, water, minerals, and especially gas and oil, combined with a human labor force of millions, constitute a solid base for strong economy.
The first step to becoming a super power is for the divided Arab countries to unite in one geopolitical, economical, and military entity to form some type of Arab united states or an Arab federation. Such unity could be established with less difficulty than the establishment of the USA, since the residents of these Arab countries, unlike the multinational, multiracial, multilingual and multicultured American counterparts, share the same language, same race, same history, same culture, and the vast majority believe in same religion. Rather than being classified according to their divided states of Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian … etc, one would be classified as an Arab citizen.

Such an Arab federation would eliminate artificial borders to unite the states into one country that would unite banking systems, military armies, educational systems, and social services. This unity would create many fields for investing money (especially oil money) into real development projects rather than depositing and investing that money into economies of foreign countries, especially USA, through which much of that money is siphoned to support terrorist, military-occupying Zionist Israel, an Arab sworn enemy.

A huge labor force of millions of Arab youths is now unemployed and unproductive, creating a burden on their countries. Money could be invested into educational and vocational systems to educate and train this available labor force so young generations can be employed, become productive, boost local industries, and form a strong middle class that would strengthen the fabric of the nation.

Once united, this large Arab federation, as large as the USA, Russia or Canada, could assert itself as an active contributor to global affairs. Similar to other big players, it could protect itself and pursue its interests through economic relations, sanctions and boycotts, as a large consumer market and a large industrial producer.

By uniting their different armies together under one command and developing its own military industrial complex, this Arab federation could deter and protect its citizens and its country from any invading army and could put an end to the Zionist expansionist dream.

Arab leaders are like the elephant who trembles in front of the mouse. Despite even their divided strength, Arab leaders do not have the political will to oppose their enemies. They should take a lesson from Libyan Mo’amar Gadhafi, who stood up against Switzerland and the US last February, forcing them to retract their positions and to apologize. Gadhafi called for a jihadi economical boycott against Switzerland and the denying of visas to citizens of European Schengen bloc—to which Switzerland belongs—for banning minarets on mosques built in Switzerland and for banning travel against some Libyan citizens, including Gadhafi himself. When Philip Crowley, US Assistant Secretary of State, criticized Gadhafi’s jihadi boycott call, Libyan officials summoned the US charge d’affaires in Tripoli and called in US oil firms in Libya to express “indignation” and Gadhafi’s “personal insult” by Crowley’s remark. The American foreign office then hastened to offer its apologies for Crowley’s remarks.

Although not militarily as strong as terrorist Israel, Arab leaders could still stand up against Israeli aggression, deportation of Palestinians, and expansion. The least they could do is to withdraw their useless Peace Initiative, stop conforming with Israel, close Israeli embassies in their capitals and call back their own ambassadors from Tel Aviv, and threaten to impose some type of oil embargo or restriction against countries supporting Israel, including EU and US. Unfortunately Arab leaders are far from such a brave position.

The further the Arab leaders bend their backs to maintain their illusory “peaceful choice”  approach, the more pleasure Zionists take in raping them and ravaging their countries. One wonders if these Arab leaders have any shred of decency and pride.

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