Thursday, April 25, 2019
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US Zionists Attack Gaza Flotilla Participants and Turkey

Prime Minister ErdoganPart I
On Monday June 14 five elected Democratic Representatives, all from New York, got together to vilify the Gaza aid flotilla participants. By doing so Anthony Weiner (NY 9th district), Charles Rangel (NY 15th district), Carolyn Maloney (NY 14th district), Eliot Engel (NY 17th district) and Jerrold Nadler (NY 8th district) all vied with each other for the distinction of being the furthest out of touch with reality. In pursuit of this distinction here is some of what they said.

All of them agreed that there certainly ought to be an investigation of the events surrounding the flotilla. However, that investigation should not be of Israel’s actions, which the Representatives unanimously agreed were legal and justified. No, the investigation should be of the flotilla participants themselves who were, they claim, infiltrated by terrorist activists sponsored by the Turkish charity IHH which allegedly has ties to Al-Qaeda and Hamas. Their proof? Well, they really didn’t have any, but they are sure the Israelis do. In the meantime no foreigner connected with the flotilla should be allowed to enter the United States where they are intent to spread propaganda and do the country harm.
Representative Maloney insisted that IHH once plotted to blow up the LA airport (an old and unsubstantiated allegation) and that the flotilla wasn’t trying to help suffering Palestinians but rather was attempting to get weapons to Hamas (it has been definitively demonstrated that there were no shipments of weapons on any of the flotilla ships).
Representative Weiner equated the flotilla with a hypothetical ship sailing from Yemen full of anti-American activists plotting an attack on Brooklyn or Queens. (This leaves me wordless.)
Representative Rangel said that Israel’s blockade of Gaza was just like the US blockade of Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis. (As I recall there was no attempt to half starve the people of Cuba due to the presence of Soviet missiles).
Representative Nadler asked the small crowd gathered to hear the group how they would feel if New York was under missile attack from New Jersey. Wouldn’t each of those missiles constitute war crime? He continued to say that Israel should never had let the flotilla participants go, particularly the ones we know are terrorists because they had $10,000 in their pockets. (Having grown up in norther New Jersey I can assure Rep. Nadler that he has nothing to fear from that direction. As to the oft cited $10,000, there might well have been an effort to bring badly needed foreign currency into Gaza. Thanks to Israeli barbarism there are nearly an infinite number of things that those dollars could have been used to purchase (perhaps cement). Since Rep. Nadler is fond of analogies, I might ask if he or his family contribute to the B’nai B’rith? There have been allegations that part of B’nai B’rith's funds regularly find their way to illegal Israeli settlements. If they do make such contributions, what does that say about the Nadlers?)
Representative Engel affirmed that "the flotilla was out to do no good" and its participants should not be allowed to come here and "spill their...hatred and terrorist rhetoric." (We are not informed how Rep. Engel knows the flotilla was out to do ill. Perhaps he got it out of an AIPAC briefing book. But we are informed that he definitely does not like President Obama because he is too "wishy washy" when it comes to Israel)
Actually, the allegations issued by the five Representatives so closely mimicked statements coming out of Israel that one wonders if the five were not, on this occasion, acting as agents of a foreign power.  But that is probably going too far. These Representatives all come from districts with high concentrations of Zionist voters. And, since their voters are fervent believers in the rightness of all that Israel does, how can their elected politicians disagree? Indeed, they are politically required to publically agree, and do so regularly. Things like proof and accuracy are irrelevant. Their reward is the filling of their election coffers with more than adequate monies from various Zionist sources. For them this is not about foreign policy. It is very much a domestic affair.
Part II
However, these five politicians are allied to others who are very much concerned with US foreign policy. Their allies are neo-conservatives such as Richard Perle, James Woolsey, John Bolton, Daniel Pipes, Michael Rubin, Robert Pollock, Stephen Schwartz and Daniel Feith. One might recognize some of these names from the world wide harm most of them did while serving in one capacity or another under President George W. Bush. Now they have turned their ire on Turkey’s government for sponsoring the Gaza aid flotilla and orchestrating international criticism of Israel. It makes no difference to these men that Israel illegally attacked the aid flotilla on the high seas and murdered one American and eight Turkish nationals.
Using various neo-conservative organs such as the Wall Street Journal, the National Review and the Weekly Standard, as well as a think tank called the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), these individuals and others now picture Turkey as "representing a major element in the global panorama of radical Islam" (Schwartz in the Weekly Standard). Its government leaders, such as Prime Minister Erdogan and Foreign Minister Davutoglu, are now "demagogues appealing to the worst elements in their own country and the broader Middle East" (Pollack in the Wall Street Journal).
Hyperbole comes naturally to these fellows as does general destruction and mayhem. However, my favorite accusation from this quarter comes from a report issued by JINSA which says "Turkey, as a member of NATO, is privy to intelligence information...the security of that information (and Western technology in weapons in Turkey’s arsenal) is suspect. The United States should seriously consider suspending military cooperation with Turkey as a prelude to removing it from the [NATO] organization." There is no proof that I know of that this is anything but ideologically driven speculation by the folks at JINSA. What this bit of advice does tell us though is that JINSA and other neo-conservative "intellectuals" are hypocrites with remarkably short historical memories.
Turkey has never betrayed any US secrets and has never compromised US military technology. Not so Israel. In 1993 the US government discovered that Israel had sold two billion dollars worth of hi-tech US military equipment to Communist China. It was the same James Woolsey who is now attacking Turkey who, as director of the CIA in 1993, told the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs that the Chinese "hope to tap Israeli expertise for co-operative development of military technologies." And indeed, the Israeli Defense Ministry Director General at that time, David Ivri, confirmed that "there are security relations [between Israel and China]." Allegations that Israel had once again compromised US security by selling US military technology to China reappeared in 1996. As late as 2006 there were renewed accusations that the Israeli military contractor, Emit, had illegally exported advanced drones to China. Clearly the neo-cons are worrying about the wrong country.
The primary reason way both the New York Congressional Representatives, and their neo-conservative allies can get away with these horrible distortions of reality is that their non-Zionist audience, that is the American people in general, are deeply ignorant of the facts about Israeli behavior and US foreign policy in the Middle East. In regard to these topics the people live in a "closed information environment" manipulated by the government and mainstream media. What really paves the road to hell is not "good intentions," but rather the vast ignorance that allows propaganda to do its insidious work. That is what is going on here.

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