Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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The Systematic Palestinian Genocide

Palestinian GenocideIsrael is at it again. Israel is executing a new phase of its genocidal strategy against Palestinians. Israel’s military genocidal “Operation Protective Edge” is its third major and the most intensified military onslaught, after 2008/09 and 2012 onslaughts, against the largest ever 1.8 million densely populated open air concentration prison camp of the Gaza Strip; Israel’s new-weapons test field, whose population have been starved and bombarded throughout the last seven years.

It is not a secret any more that Zionist Jews had long developed the colonial “Israel Project”; an extremist religiously motivated pure Jewish state of Israel in the heart of the Arabic Middle Eastern region. Palestinians are the Zionist’s main obstacle to this colonial project. The Zionist solution is the ethnic cleansing, forced mass transfer, and total genocide of Palestinians. This genocide is to be graduated for fear of provoking international conscious. Successive Israeli governments have always maneuvered around every peace negotiation and peace offers that could have resolved the Israeli/Arab conflict; even those offers that granted Israel most of Palestine in order to achieve total peace in the whole region.

In 2007 when the international community gave the Palestinians the chance to elect a new government, the Palestinians elected a Hamas majority government. For their democratic choice the Palestinians were punished by the self-acclaimed democratic western countries, which conspired with Israel and some Palestinian collaborators to topple the Hamas government. They succeeded only in dividing the Palestinians into Fatah-led government in the West Bank and Hamas-led government in the Gaza Strip. The self-righteous American administration labeled the democratically elected Hamas government as a terrorist organization.

Palestinian/Israeli futile peace talks have stretched over the last three generations without any tangible results except for more Israeli militarized colonies on expropriated Palestinian territories. Palestinian patriots on both sides; Hamas and Fatah, pushed for the formation of a civil Fatah-Hamas Unity Government to administer the civil affairs of Palestinians. Despite Israel’s rejection this Palestinian Unity Government received initial approval and acceptance from Obama’s American administration, from the European Union, and from the United Nations. Afraid that this Palestinian Unity Government might develop some political strength the Israelis resorted to their old tactic of perpetrating a false flag attacks to justify their attack to destroy this Unity Government in its infancy and to further their genocidal strategy.

It is no secret that Zionists had perpetrated seemingly anti-Semitic false flag attacks against Western Jews in order to coerce them to immigrate to Palestine and to justify the establishment of what they called a safe Eretz Israel, where Jews could live peacefully without being persecuted. We need to remember the Zionist strategy as planned by Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism. In his diary Herzl wrote:

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews become worse, this will assist in realization of our plans. I have an excellent idea … I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth … the anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews … The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.”

Ariel Sharon, Israeli Prime Minister 2001-2006, explained this Zionist false flag attack openly when he stated:

“Even if it means blowing up one or two synagogues here and there, I don’t care … what you don’t seem to understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it.”

The murder of the so-called three Israeli religious teen ager students, who in reality were Israeli soldiers who terrorized Palestinian families in the Hebron area, gave Netanyahu’s government a seemingly rightful justification for its aggression against all Palestinians. Netanyahu accused Hamas of killing the three Israeli soldiers despite the fact that neither Hamas nor any Palestinian faction had claimed responsibility for the act, something Palestinian factions used to brag about. It is a tactic of the Palestinian factions to kidnap Israeli soldiers to exchange them with Palestinian political prisoners similar to Gilad Shalit incident. Even if the Palestinians had killed these three soldiers they would have buried them in a deep grave rather than in a shallow one if they wanted to cover the killing for fear of reprisal. The killing of the three Israeli soldiers seems to be the Israeli false flag attack, an Israeli religious sacrifice (a shoa), Netanyahu needed to justify Israel’s further aggression against Palestinians.

Netanyahu’s government jumped on this opportunity, and sent Israeli troops to conduct dawn raids on Palestinian homes in every town, kidnapping Palestinian children, teen agers, and political figures from both Hamas and Fatah, especially those who sought the formation of Unity Government. Accusing Hamas of killing the three Israeli teen ager soldiers Israel broke the 2012 ceasefire agreement and sent its fighter planes to bomb Gaza Strips. In self-defense Hamas and other Palestinian factions in Gaza responded by firing rockets towards Israeli colonies and cities built on occupied Palestinian land.

Zionist Israeli Jews harbor extreme religiously motivated hatred, stemmed from militarily distorted Judaic teachings, against all non-Jews generally, and against Palestinians specifically; Christians as well as Moslems. They are not bashful about this hatred and exhibit it routinely and openly in their political, social and religious rhetoric. Israeli government disdains and continuously breaks all international and humanitarian laws. They conduct espionage, spying, and false flag attacks against every country of the world including their best ally and benefactor; the USA. 

Their Knesset leaders call for the genocide of all Palestinians especially their mothers and children, and demand the destruction of all Palestinian towns (Knesset member Ayelet Shaked). Their religious leaders (Rabbi Yahov Arie from Ramat Gan built on Palestinian occupied land) issue religious edicts such as that of 7/17 calling for the total annihilation of Palestinians the same way Jews annihilated biblical Midians (Numbers 30:2-42). The Israeli citizens are saturated with such hate that they demonstrate in the streets of towns calling for “Death to all Arabs”, and perpetrate arson and write graffiti on Christian as well as Moslem holy places reflecting the same hateful sentiment. They picnic on top of hills overlooking Gaza Strip enjoying and cheering for the one-ton bombs and sophisticated missiles raining on Gaza cities, while they enjoy popcorn and soda pops.

The Jewish hatred of non-Jews and their strategy of exterminating Palestinians is very well expressed in the words of Israeli demographer Aron Soffer known as “Arab-counter”, who is the head of research and lecturer at the Israeli Defense (Terrorist) Forces National Defense College and a founder of University of Haifa and the architect of the Israeli apartheid system, quoted by the Jerusalem Post on October 10, 2007, and exposed on youtube. Soffer stated:

“When 2.5 million people live in a closed off Gaza, it’s going to be a human catastrophe. Those people will become even bigger animals than they are today, with the aid of an insane fundamentalist Islam. The pressure at the border will be awful.  It’s going to be a terrible war. So if we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill … all day … every day. If we don’t kill, we will cease to exist.”

And kill the Israelis are perpetrating against the unarmed civilian Palestinians in Gaza for the last three weeks. They have used the most sophisticated American made and supplied weapons. They bombed Gaza cities with one-ton bombs destroying tens of thousands of civilian homes, schools including a school for the disabled children, hospitals and their physicians, medic ambulances and medic teams, and churches and mosques. This week reports coming from Gaza indicate that Israel is again using internationally banned bombs, poisonous gas and new experimental weapons. So far (Tuesday July 22nd) close to 630 Palestinians were killed 76% are civilians; mostly children and women, and about 4,000 were injured according to UN’s OCHA. At least 100,000 Palestinians have been displaced.  The Israeli onslaught is still going on.

Zionist bought and controlled western puppet governments, especially the American administration, hastened to distort the facts and to justify, support and encourage Israel’s terrorism and genocidal crimes against Palestinians with their usual worn-out allegations of self-defense. Obama’s hypocritical “Israel has the right to defend itself” grants the colonizer terrorist Israel justification for further massacres while denying the occupied oppressed imprisoned in the concentration camp of Gaza Palestinians the right for self-defense. He feels sorry for the occupying Israel mothers but has no sympathy for the occupied oppressed Palestinian mothers. No sympathy is expected from this children butcher in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the supporter of anti-Syrian and anti-Iraqi terrorist groups.

During an interview on one of Indian TV channels Bill Clinton borrowed the most ridiculous statement of Golda Meir, once an Israeli Prime Minister, and stated:

“Hamas has the strategy of forcing Israel to kill their (Palestinian) children in order to gain the sympathy of the world”

He is not just summing different factions of Palestinian freedom fighters under one umbrella and dehumanizing them, but he also insults the intelligence of his audience. We have not forgotten that Clinton had bombed the children of Somalia in 1993, the children of Bosnian Serbs in 1995, and led NATO’s bombing campaign against Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999.

The American Senate follows suit of its Zionist-appointed Presidents. The Senate sub-Committee has voted on Thursday July 17th to double the amount of tax payers’ money it would give Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system in 2015. In addition to the $3.1 Billion US is already giving to Israel each year, Congress now wants to send another $621 million (Congress doubles money for Israel’s Iron Dome) as a reward for Israel’s genocidal crimes. To make matters worse, the same bill would make $500 million cut to the American information technology defense budget. Where does the Congress’ loyalty stand?

The western media jumped on the pro-Israeli biased band wagon describing the Israeli onslaught as an “offensive operation” and a battle between two equal armies started by “Hamas terrorist group”. The BBC’s title “Israel under renewed Hamas attack is a clear example of this bias. ABC News distortion of facts was clearly seen by its broadcaster Diane Sawyer allegedly mixing up Palestinian victims as Israelis. Honest reporters, who dare to report real factual news, are pulled out of the area (NBC News reporter Ayman Mohyeldin), or re-assigned to another area (CNN’s Diana Magnay).

The EU and UN adopted the pro-Israeli biased American approach although expressing alleged concern about the number of Palestinian civilian casualties. The EU hastens to threaten new economic sanctions against Russia for the alleged downing of the MH17 Malaysian airline, yet does nothing to deter Israeli terror. 

Most of the neighboring Arab governments are dumb silent in a tacit agreement with Israeli onslaught exposing their Israeli/American collaboration against the Palestinians. They seem to only finance, train, and arm terrorist groups that attack other pro-Palestinian Arab governments in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. They don’t understand that their own genocide in on the Zionist agenda after the genocide of Palestinians. 

Egyptian government, who joined Israel in its illegal and inhumane siege against Gaza Strip for the last seven years, and who brokered and guaranteed the 2012 ceasefire, has offered another ceasefire offer without even consulting the Palestinian factions in Gaza. The goal of this Egyptian ceasefire is, again like the previous one in 2012, to save Netanyahu’s government and to re-establish the inhumane status quo of the siege.

Despite the immoral pro-Israeli bias of the western governments and the collaborating silence of many Arab regimes, the whole world stands with Palestine (theworldstandswithpalestine). International mass demonstrations in support of Palestinians and condemnation of Israeli terror and its American support are marching in the capitals of the world including European and American cities. Demonstrators are calling on their governments to boycott and to cut all ties with Israel.

Perpetrating such unprecedented barbaric genocidal terror Israel should not question the wide spread of anti-Jewish (anti-Semitic) sentiments. For their unconditional immoral support for this Israeli terror, Americans should not ask “Why do they hate us?”

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