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Judaization of Islamic Al-Aqsa Mosque

Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Jewish collective consciousness had been, for thousands of years, programmed with the racist religious myth of god’s chosen people in god’s Promised Land with a temple in its center; Jerusalem, in which god’s spirit would reside. The Pharasaic’s (now termed Zionist) colonial great Jewish-only Israel project would be meaningless without “The Temple”; the Jewish religious dimension.

Zionists, a clone of crusaders, are painting themselves with a religious color to cover their greedy colonial appetites and their drive for political control.

Authentic Abrahamic teachings and Islam have a lot of common history, but Pharasaic/Zionist Israeli Jews are trying to bury all Islamic history and claim all holy places as only Judaic.

After the Six-Days War the Israeli army acquired the keys and took control of the Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil (Hebron) where Patriarch Abraham is said to be buried. Under the protection of Israeli army and at the encouragement of Israeli government and Jewish religious leaders extremist Jewish colonizers evicted Palestinian residents in the surroundings of the Mosque, and established instead an armed colony protected by Israeli soldiers. They started harassing Palestinian Muslim prayers while the army restricted Palestinian access to the Mosque.

Eventually Israeli authority divided the Mosque into Jewish and Muslim sides. Clashes erupted between the two groups and culminated in 1994 with a massacre, when the Jewish extremist soldier Baruch Goldstein entered the Mosque fully armed and gunned down praying Muslims murdering 29 of them in cold blood. 35 more Palestinian Muslims were killed by Israeli guards during the ensuing riot.

Since then the Israelis installed metal detectors at the gates of the Mosque to inspect Palestinian prayers but allow entry to fully armed Israelis. Palestinians below the age of 50 are denied entry. Identity cards of Muslim prayers are held by Israeli guards on entrance to the Mosque and are returned on departure. No such restrictions apply to Jews.

Three days after the end of Six-Day War the Israeli government hastened to carry on what seems to be a pre-planned destruction of the Moroccan Quarter (Mughrabi Quarter) in Jerusalem. Palestinian residents were forcefully evicted, and the whole quarter was completely razed to the ground including 135 homes, two mosques; the Moroccan Mosque and the Buraq Mosque, and the Afdhalleya School. The quarter was adjacent to the Buraq Wall; part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. The Israeli municipality built a 120 square meter plaza , later expanded to 20,000 square meter, to allow Jews access to what they call the Wailing Wall (the Buraq Wall) claiming it a part of the old Solomon Temple.

Al-Aqsa Mosque is the third holiest place for Muslims and the direction; the Qibla, they face during their daily prayers. The Mosque has been a center point for Jewish Israeli/Muslim Palestinian violent clashes that are being gradually intensifying. Moshe Dayan, the Israeli Defense Minister during the Six-Day war, recognized the importance of Al-Aqsa Mosque to the whole Muslim World and anticipated major confrontation if something happened to it. Thus he ordered his invading Israeli soldiers out of the Mosque taking with them the Israeli flag they raised on top of the Mosque and retuning its keys to the Islamic Mufti.

Successive Israeli politicians did not follow suit, rather they encouraged Jewish extremist religious groups such as Temple Mount Faithful to continue their attempts to enter the Mosque demanding the rebuilding of their alleged temple in its place. In 2000 Ariel Sharon, then Israeli Prime Minister insulted and provoked Muslims when he forced his way into the Mosque’s compound accompanied and protected by 1,000 armed guards. The Palestinians response came as a five-year uprising known as the Aqsa Intifada.

The Israeli government financed religious groups to intensify their residence within the walls of the Old City especially around the Mosque.
The Israeli government financed religious groups to intensify their residence within the walls of the Old City especially around the Mosque. Many Yeshivas (Jewish religious schools) were also built right adjacent to the walls of the Mosque. Extremist Jewish religious students routinely harassed Muslim prayers. Israeli forces imposed harsher restrictions against Muslim prayers barring young Muslims below the age of 50 to enter the Mosque and the Old City. Despite the many check points the Israeli forces erect, thousands of young Muslim prayers would conduct their Friday prayers in the streets leading to the Old City right at the Israeli check points.

Extremist Israeli political leaders and fanatic Jewish religious groups continued year after year, especially during the Jewish holiday of Sukut, their provocations and callings for entry into Al-Aqsa compound to erect a corner-stone for their future temple. Yet they never dared to force their way into the compound until the recent couple of years. The Israelis are taking the opportunity of the Arab and Muslim Worlds being distracted and ravaged by all the violence and conflicts, falsely called the Arab Spring, to conduct a graduated forced entry and desecration of the Al-Aqsa compound under the protection of armed Israeli forces. They hope that the Muslims would get accustomed to the Jewish existence in the Mosque similar to what happened in the Ibrahimi Mosque.

Encouraged by the lack of response from Arab governments, especially the Jordanian government, who is the recognized legal guardian of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Israeli government imposed more restrictions on Muslim prayers barring them complete entry to the Mosque between the period of 7:00 am to 11:00 am five days a week, dedicating this period of time to Jewish only entry into the compound.

Starting with the first week of this month; October 2014, armed Israeli forces started raiding Al-Aqsa mosque in the mornings using stun and smoke grenades to forcefully evict Muslim prayers, and then escort Jewish extremists through the compound to perform their religious dances. This provocation led Muslim Palestinians to head to Jerusalem to defend their Holy Mosque, thus sparking more violent confrontations. Such confrontation is incited by the Israeli police posting a video on YouTube demonstrating how the Israeli police have oppressed Muslim prayers and protected religious Jews by escorting them through the compound. This video will encourage more Jews to violate Muslim religious places.

Since 1967 till today, a total of 47 years, the Israeli archeological department has been digging under and around the Al-Aqsa Mosque searching for any evidence to substantiate their claims that the Solomon Temple was erected on that site. All what they uncovered were only Islamic and Roman artifacts. Even after reaching the foundational rocks of the Mosque they have not found any shred of artifact proving that the temple had ever existed on the site. Yet despite all the scientific evidence the myth of the temple still exists and gains strength due to the Yeshivas (Jewish religious schools) and political Rabbis’ indoctrinations of the naïve younger Jewish generations. Such indoctrinations serve only to increase the superiority complex of god’s chosen and beloved people, and the contempt and hatred to all goyims (non-Jews) especially the Palestinians, in the heart of the young Israeli generations.

Such superiority, hatred and contempt are translated into violent attacks against Palestinians. Last Tuesday October 14th, while Jewish fanatics were desecrating Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Israeli colonizing group “El ‘Ad” targeted Silwan Jerusalem neighborhood again, and under the protection of armed Israeli security forces, had occupied 23 Palestinian homes. So far this colonizing group had occupied a total of 29 homes in that neighborhood. (http://almawqef.com/spip.php?article10884&lang=ar in Arabic).

Also in the same day at least 35 Israeli military vehicles accompanied seven buses loaded with 300 religious Jews to pray into what they claim to be Joseph’s Tomb; a Muslim mosque in the suburb of Palestinian city of Nablus. This sparked clashes in several areas near the mosque. The Israeli settlers retaliated on Thursday October 16th by setting fire to Abu Baker al-Saddiq mosque in a Nablus nearby village of Aqraba.

If similar terror attacks were perpetrated against Jewish homes and synagogues western Zionist controlled media outlets would cry “terrorism”, instead they are directing westerner’s attention to ISIS, Ebola disease and police violence. In such environment we are destined to witness more Israeli/Palestinian violent clashes.

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