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The Power Elite, and Al-Qaeda

Al-QaedaThe terrorist attack of 9/11 had been used to launch WWIII called “Global war on terror”. The American administration had enlisted world political bodies such as UN, EU, and NATO to wage wars in different kinds of shapes and intensity against other countries; Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Iran. 

This global war on terror had been deliberately manipulated to take the shapes of underlying war against Islamic extremism, war against Islam, clash of civilizations, and Judeo-Christianity against Islam. This conflict had been carefully planned and executed. It is only one link in the chain of perpetual wars along the history of mankind.  

Man went to war against his brother to steal his property and his wealth. Unfortunately, war is a dangerous business and many men were killed rather than accumulating wealth. A group of people found a better and safer way of making their fortune. They manufactured weapons and sold them to desperate countries, which would pay large sums of money for such weapons to defend themselves. To continue their flourishing business those weapon manufacturers need to create conflict and enmity between nations. False flag terror attacks have been the most effective methods of creating such conflicts.  

WWII ended when communist Soviet Union and capitalist United States worked together to destroy strong Japan, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. During the war the military industrial complex in both Soviet Union and the US had been strengthened and well established. WWII was supposed to be the “good war” that would have ended all wars. That would have been devastating to the military industry.  

The cold war between communist Soviet Union and capitalist US and their competition in claiming parts of the world had kept the military industries in both countries flourishing. Billions of dollars had been spent on weaponization and a large part of the countries’ economy became dependent on the military industry. The American military budget exceeds the sum of all military budgets of all other countries of the world. Military industry constituted the largest portion of the backbone of the American economy. 

The threat of communism, considered the greatest enemy of the US, was used to justify the huge military budget that sustained the military industry and American economy. After the collapse and capitalization of communist Soviet Union the American administration could not justify the huge military budget; there are no more enemies to be afraid of. Also the American economy could not depend on selling the expensive American products to WWII devastated countries any longer. The war had destroyed the industries of these countries. Yet they have now rebuilt their industries and their products exceeded similar American products in reliability and most importantly in price.  

The American economy had suffered a lot and the status of the US as the strongest economical and military country in the world was threatened. Something needed to be done to regain this status. 

Deregulation, allowing the American jobs to be outsourced (exported) to other countries, was meant partly to tie and to make subservient the economies of the outsourced countries to the American economy. Outsourcing jobs did not help the military industries since military secrets could not be revealed to other countries. Although outsourcing had helped boost the revenues of other American corporations it had created huge unemployment crisis that in turn created housing crisis.  

There exists a global power elite that controls and manipulates the economies and the government systems of many countries. This power elite consists of very influential group of people, who believe themselves to be chosen (Zionist Jews are not the only people believed to be chosen) as the light unto this world, who are smarter than the rest of the nations, and whose mission is to manage the world under one governing organization as they see fit. This delusional mission goes back into very ancient history and could be seen in the kings and military leaders, who perceived their only mission in life was to conquer the world.  

The sole job of this power elite is to draw plans to increase their power. Such plans include wars, political assassinations, coup de tats, financial melt downs, economical crisis, political conflicts, and brainwashing nations among many others. The US, the most powerful country on earth, has been chosen to be their executive tool to accomplish their plans.  

The collapse of the Soviet Union had left the Middle East and the whole region of South East Asia open for this power elite to conquer. After the defeat of communism a new enemy was needed to sell the conquest to the American people. A false flag terrorist attack, similar to Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam and Pay of Pigs operation in Cuba among others, was perpetrated against the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.  

The attacks of 911 were probably planned in late 1980’s. It was postponed after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing accident. Some of the explosives, transported into the public parking garage beneath the Trade Center, exploded accidentally. To cover the incident Muslims including Omar Abdel-Rahman “The Blind Sheikh” and others were accused and imprisoned. The investigation of the incident was just as suspicious and questionable as the investigations of 911 Commission. Sheikh Abdel-Rahman was originally a CIA operative, whose job was to enlist Muslim Mujahedeen to fight Soviet troops in Afghanistan.  

After a wait period and careful preparation the attacks of 911 took place. Before the dust settled Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were pronounced as the culprit terrorists. A new public enemy was created and the global war against terror was launched and gradually had evolved into a full-fledged holy crusade against the Muslim World.  

Scientific studies and many investigations done by 911 truth groups have discredited the investigation of the 911 Commission. There are a lot of evidences indicating that 911 was a false flag terrorist attack planned by the power elite and executed with the cooperation of Israeli Mossad operatives (the dancing Israelis documenting the attack). 

Al-Qaeda was portrayed as an internationally strong military Islamic movement, whose aim is to fight the Christian and Israeli infidels in order to spread the Islamic faith. Although the American invasion of Afghanistan had bombed its camps and killed the majority of its followers, Al-Qaeda is still described as a very powerful multinational terrorist organization with possible weapons of mass destruction and branches in every country.  Originated in the caves of Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda is described by mainstream media as an international terrorist group with endless financial resources, military power, and man power that exceed those of the US, UN, NATO, and UN combined. Such description justifies the military interference of the US and its allies in the affairs of every country. Joining the American war on terror many governments took advantage of this description to persecute local oppositional groups and oppress freedom activists calling them Al-Qaeda branch.  

Bin Laden and his followers were originally recruited, financed, trained and armed by the CIA to fight against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. The name Al-Qaeda was reported by Robin Cook, the former British MP and Minister of Foreign Affairs, to be a computer database file, maintained by the CIA, which contained the names of all the Mujahedeen supported by the CIA.  

The goal of 911 terror attack is to fool the world in general and the American people, specifically, into believing that there exists a global enemy; Islamic extremism in the form of Al-Qaeda, and the whole world should combine, under one leadership, to combat it. The global war on terror and spreading the American democracy are used to justify sending armies into the Middle East and South East Asia, mainly the Islamic World, to destroy countries, to rebuild them, to reshape them, to control their economy, and to enslave their people as was done in Afghanistan and Iraq. Other countries and more wars are next on the list.

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