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Zionism vs Judaism

israel/flagZionists and Israelis had recruited politicians, writers, media outlets, Christians, and Jews to defend the Israeli international crimes and Israeli occupation of Palestine. While many of those recruits are conscious mercenaries; defending Israel’s crime for the money, many others are brainwashed and psychologically programmed since their childhood with delusional ideologies and religious beliefs to stand by Israelis no matter how great their crimes may be.

Resistance to the Zionist project in the Middle East was an expected natural response. Thus opposing tactics (myths and lies) had been hatched and rehearsed to neutralize and defuse such resistance. Attack has been adopted as the best method of self defense. Armed resistance is described as terrorism and is met with brutal military force. Political activism is tarnished as anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish, self-hating Jewishness, hatred and incitement among many others.  To hide their religious war campaign in the Middle East the term Zionism is used to camouflage Judaism.

Many of my articles have been labeled as anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish. I am not in the habit or in the business of arguing with my critics. Everybody is entitled to her/his own opinion. Yet I like to cite one article “The Demonization of the Jews” by Mr. Steve Amsel  (calling himself desertpeace) since his article touched on the subject of my present article (Zionism vs Judaism).

Besides accusing me of being anti-Semitic for my articles (Israeli Myths & Judaic Pagan God) and wondering how such articles could help the Palestinian cause, he also throws out the myth of “Judaism is not Zionism”. To prove this point Mr. Amsel (the desertpeace) cites the fact that some Jews demonstrate in New York City against the racist Zionist state of Israel, and other Jews join the Palestinian demonstrations against the apartheid/separation wall.

I would like, first, to point out to dear Mr. Amsel that my Palestinian Arab roots go back thousands of years ago to the Semitic speaking tribes indigenous to Palestine. Thus I could never be anti-Semite (anti-self) compared to self-hating Jew. Despite the Jewish attempts to monopolize the term people understand that Jews are not the only Semitic-speaking tribe. Many of the Hebrew words are the same Arabic words with a little semantic twist.

As for the accusation of being anti-Jewish or anti-Judaic I like to invite Mr. Amsel and all my readers to refer to any internationally acknowledged Bible to verify that all the quotes I mentioned in my articles, criticized above, are authentic literal quotes from the Judaic Torah; Five Books Moses in the Old Testament. According to observant Jews, as Mr. Amsel noted, the Torah was handed down to Moses on Mount Sinai by God. This makes it the most sacred Judaic scripture. Citing quotes from this most sacred Judaic scripture does not make me anti-Jewish; rather it reveals the ugly racist and genocidal realities of this so call divine Torah (god’s gift).

This brings us to the answer Mr. Amsel is seeking to his question of how these anti-Jewish/anti-Judaic viewpoints help the Palestinian cause. Revealing the fallacy of the Judaic racist genocidal myths, especially their racist divine right of god’s chosen people in god’s chosen land, exposes their illegitimate claim over the Palestinian land, their false claim of the right of return, their false claim of Israel’s self defense, and their war crimes in the theft and colonization of Palestine.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jews (people from many nations subscribing to Judaism) are normal people with humanitarian emotions, sentiments, and rationality, who can sense the injustices done in this world. They can see the crimes, and sense the injustice committed against the Palestinians by the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

Jews demonstrating against Zionist Israel can be divided into two main groups; Israeli Jews living in Israel (occupied Palestine), and international Jews living outside of Israel. The few international Jews are motivated by their humanity to demonstrate against the inhumane racist ethnic cleansing policies of the Zionist Israeli government against the Palestinians, the same way they are motivated to defend the human rights of any other group.

Israeli Jews, of whom many have been in the Israeli army and had witnessed, experienced, and suffered the horrors of the war, demonstrate alongside the Palestinians in protest against the policies of the Israeli government are motivated, rather, by fear and exhaustion.  

During the last 62 years Israeli families had gone through six wars. Many of their family members have been killed and a large percentage of those who survived became mentally sick and drug addicts. Murdering other humans (Palestinians), especially children and women, has devastating psychological and spiritual affects on the psyche of a segment of the Israeli soldiers as can be seen in the documentary “Flipping Out”. Israelis are exhausted by wars and want to enjoy living peacefully and happily. Unfortunately for them the expansionist policies of their government perpetuates armed conflict with their Arab neighbors.

Fear is another motivation for those Israeli Jews. Secular Israeli Jews are afraid from the increasingly influence of the extremist fundamentalist religious groups represented in the Israeli Knesset by Shas; a Zionist political party that had won 11 seats in the 2009 election. Shas encourages and supports the illegal Zionist settlements (colonies) in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, and call for the ethnic cleansing and transfer (deportation) of the Galilee pre-1948 Palestinian Israeli citizens out of the country.

Based on the religious ideology of colonizing the Promised Land the Israeli policies are greatly influenced by the expansionist covetousness of the extremist religious groups, who had lately established an influential religious government within the Israeli government.

Settlements (colonization) sabotage peace talks and gains only more armed conflict.

Despite their humanitarian and peace seeking goals these two Jewish groups exhibit an ideological schizophrenia. Although they oppose the inhumane expansionist policies of the Israeli government they still support the illegal establishment of the state of Israel on occupied Palestinian land, denying thus the Palestinian right of return to their own land, and their right to receive proper compensation for all the damages and the suffering inflicted on them by Zionists and Israeli Jews.

These two groups of Jews, along with the rest of the Jews in the world, have been brainwashed and indoctrinated since childhood in their homes, in their synagogues, and in their educational systems with the Judaic teachings. Their own psyches, their personalities, and their social structures are built around the teachings of the Torah instilling in them the racist concept of being god’s chosen people whose destiny is to live in god’s promised land, to build a temple so that god would descend and live among them spreading peace all over the world.

Acknowledging the rights of Palestinians and the illegitimacy of Israel would mean the collapse of their personalities, their social structures, and their lives. They wouldn’t have this.

Finally, we come to the main theme of this article; is Zionist different than Judaism?

We need first to understand that Judaism had originally taken teachings from different ancient religions such as Indian Veda, Persian Zoroastrian, ancient Egyptian Aton and White Brotherhood teachings and even the very old Atlantic religious teachings. These teachings were mixed and evolved to form a new mystical religious system (the Cabala) to suite the life of a group of people; the Israelites. We are told that there are written and oral (although really written) teachings. The written teachings were offered to regular people, while the oral teachings were exclusive to an elite group of people (rabbis). Many power hungry rabbis had distorted and manipulated the teachings in order to control the people and to gain prestige. Finally the Torah (The Five Books of Moses) was introduced as God’s gift to the Israelites through Moses. The teachings of the Torah had become the core of Judaism every Jew should abide by.

The Torah teaches that Jews are God’s chosen holy seed elevated over the rest of other nations. It teaches that God had made a covenant with the Jews, sealed in the flesh of their foreskin, to give them the land of Canaanites (part of which present day occupied Palestine) as their promised land, so they would build Him a temple to live in. Thus it had become a mitzvah (a religious duty) for the Jews to purge and cleanse this Promised Land from all heathens, to settle in the land and to build the temple.

Zionist ideology had stemmed from the core of the Torah teachings. It calls for all the Jews of the world to allegedly return to God’s Promised Land, purging it, cleansing it, and building the temple to fulfill their covenant with God.

Opposite to the claims of many misinformed and misguided good intentions writers, such as Mr. Amsel and other non-Jewish writers, Zionism is Judaism incarnated in a different name.

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