Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Another Aqsa Intifada


The Palestinian anger has been simmering patiently for so many generations. It had been contained by the seemingly promising political agreements such as Oslo Accord and the Peace Negotiations; both had long proved their futility and utter failure. The present new Palestinian generation, who could be called the post-Oslo generation, had been bloated since their childhood with the futile promises of peace, freedom and statehood, are now erupting into wide spread angry protests; another Intifada. 

Recognizing the Palestinian Authority’s utter inability to acquire the slightest political gain, especially when its officials don’t even enjoy the simple movement freedom within its designated ruling area, and being tired of the futile political process and of the Israeli intransigence, this new young Palestinian generations decided finally to assert their own existence and to demand their own rights by themselves.

For the last 67 years, Palestine has been subjected to a wiping-off-existence process by extremist Zionist Jews, whose colonial plan is to supplant their alleged history and their alleged religious right unto Palestine. They perpetrated many massacres against Palestinian communities, committed the ugliest forms of wide spread ethnic cleansing causing Palestinian refugee crisis, demolished whole Palestinian towns, built their own illegal colonies, waged wars of attrition against unarmed Palestinian civilians, besieged and starved almost two million Palestinians in Gaza Strip open air concentration prison, attacked all its Arab neighbors, financed, armed and encouraged terrorist groups to destroy the whole region, and even after political negotiations with Palestinians succumbing to build their own state on only 22% of Palestine proper, the Israelis are still gobbling Palestinian land and building their own extremist colonies.

To top it all, and encouraged by the silence of the international community, by the complacency of many Arab leaders, and by the intra Arab conflict, those religiously motivated Zionist Jews, in an attempt to assert their religious myths, are trying to claim the Islamic religious places as their own. They succeeded in claiming smaller mosques as their own, in dividing the Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil (Hebron) calling it the cave of their Patriarchs and claiming and controlling part of it. Similar attempts to claim and control the Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound, what they claim to be their alleged temple mount, had so far failed since every attempt had flared violent clashes with Muslim Palestinians, who attempt to protect their third holiest site.

Israel did not learn from previous failed experiences when in 1929 Zionist Jewish extremists attempted to claim their wailing wall; part of the Compound causing the Palestinian Al-Buraq Uprising. They did not learn from the August 1969 Palestinian protests that were the result of an attempt to burn Al-Aqsa Mosque by an Australian Zionist Jew; Dennis Rohan. They even did not learn the lesson of the 2000 violent Al-Aqsa Intifada that was ignited by Ariel Sharon’s inflammatory visit to the Mosque. For the Zionist Jews the control of the Compound, the destruction of the Mosque, and the building of their alleged temple for their god to descend and live in, according to their religion, is the zenith of Jewish control over the whole world. Thus extremist religious Israeli MPs accompanied with their extremist religious constituents keep violating the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque under the protection of an army of fully armed Israeli police with the tacit approval of the present religious government.

This present Palestinian eruption (the second Al-Aqsa Intifada or uprising) seems to be different than the previous Intifadas that had been mainly directed and coordinated by political factions. This is a spontaneous anger eruption; not planned nor coordinated by any faction, that had extended to all major West Bank towns; Jerusalem, Ramallah, Al-Bireh, Bethlehem, Al-Khalil (Hebron), Nablus, Jenin, and to the whole Gaza Strip as well as to the 1948 occupied Palestinian cities. This anger eruption had surprised the Israeli government with its intensity and wide spread. They did not anticipate that it would extend to 1948 occupied Palestinian cities and even into deepest parts of their own Israeli communities.

To subdue the protestors Netanyahu has escalated, to an unprecedented level, the rules of confrontations giving the Israeli soldiers free hands that include extrajudicial murder of protestors, demolitions of their homes, jailing of their parents and siblings, imprisonment and torture and deportation of their families to Gaza Strip. Netanyahu called in the army reserves, and even, for the first time, marine commandos including trained military snipers, and deployed them into Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and other West Bank cities. Yet, with all their weapons of tear gas, pepper spray, rubber coated bullets, and live bullets, and despite their inhumane savage attacks they could not control the situation. Up to date, Saturday October 31st , they succeeded only in murdering in cold blood 68 Palestinians, wounding 1900 others, and arresting large scores of other Palestinians; 105 of them in night raids within a 24 hours period.  

Palestinian attacks on Israeli soldiers and armed Israeli veterans, especially within the heart of the Israeli communities, caused high levels of panic among the Israeli population, who rushed to arm themselves and carry their own weapons wherever they went. Walking through any Israeli town one would get the impression that he is walking through an old Wild West town with weapons hanging down on the side of every citizen. Israelis’ panic and pathological hatred towards Arabs are exposed through social media videos showing Israeli soldiers and armed Israeli seemingly civilians screaming “death to Arabs”, shooting Palestinians point blank and then keep kicking them while incapacitated. Their hatred and rage blinded them so much so they started attacking, shooting and stabbing other Israeli Jews, who look like Arabs.

This panic reached to high level officials in the Israeli government to a point that led Netanyahu stupidly declare that Hitler just wanted to expel the Jews from Germany to go to Palestine, but the Palestinian Haj Amin Al-Husseini ordered Hitler to burn the Jews. Netanyahu rushed to the Americans and to the Jordanian King to help him convince the Palestinian Authority to suppress the enraged Palestinians. Secretary of State John Kerry (Kohn, a Jew) travelled to Amman, Jordan to meet the Jordanian King, Netanyahu and Abbas to plan a bailout for Netanyahu. Abbas faced a lot of pressure from the US, Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to put an end to this Palestinian eruption. He was threatened by financial cut to the PA as well as enticed by more financial rewards.

Palestinian attacks on Israeli soldiers and armed Israeli veterans, especially within the heart of the Israeli communities, caused high levels of panic among the Israeli population, who rushed to arm themselves and carry their own weapons wherever they went.
Abbas found himself in a tight corner. He does not want an Intifada because it would threaten his position and his legacy at the end of his political career days. For the first two weeks of the Intifada he kept quiet and urged his security forces to control the protesters hoping for a short lived demonstration. Then he gave a speech similar in content to that he gave in the UN in the month of September calling for “peaceful resistance” –a ridiculous term - to the continued Israeli land confiscation to expand colonies, and blaming Israel for not living up to the terms of Oslo Accord and abandoning the peace negotiations. He also gave his empty threats of not being able to continue security cooperation with Israel if negotiations do not resume.

The fact is the PA is an Israeli proxy governing apparatus, whose main job is to contain Palestinians and suppress any resistance and rejection to the status quo. The PA is a paid employee working for the Israeli government. It gives the illusion that Palestinians are governing themselves and absolves the Israeli government from any blame.

The officials of the PA, starting with Abbas all the way down to the simple door guard, don’t want to stir any changes so that they keep on receiving their American/Israeli paid salaries and keep their political positions, that allow them to snatch economic monopolies fattening their pockets. Every Palestinian is aware that Abbas’ son had acquired a monopoly over the Palestinian communication sector, has purchased a five stars hotel in Amman, Jordan, and that Abbas himself is building a multi-million palace for himself. Other officials follow suit as much as they are allowed to. Corruption in the PA is deep down to its core.

The spread and accessibility of social media had quickly exposed Israeli terrorism against Palestinian civilians. This has greatly changed the attitude of many Western politicians and scholars, whose criticism of Israel has been lately increased, and had strengthened the BDS movement. Academic boycott of Israeli universities, and Western MPs’ and law makers’ reprehensions of Israeli ambassadors for their government’s behavior are on the rise.  To cover their crimes the Israeli soldiers are deliberately targeting local and international reporters as could be clearly seen on social media. 

To contain the violence Jordanian King requested the Security Council to have an exceptional session to deal with the situation. As usual, when it comes to the Palestinian issue, the Security Council produces nothing but a call for calm and for negotiation to achieve the two states solution, a solution that has become totally unachievable due to Israeli continuous land colonization. Ban Ki-moon, whose only political talent is to express concern, has again expressed his concern that the Israeli/Palestinian violence may turn into a religious struggle that might stir the anger of the Islamic world and end up scorching the whole Middle East. Such concern clearly shows how ignorant Ki-moon is of the nature of the Israeli/Palestinian struggle.

The Zionist Greater Israeli colonial project in the Middle East is built around and is inspired by the Judaic supremacist terrorist religion. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is an undeniably pure religious conflict in its nature. It is not just a conflict between Judaism and Islam as the Western Christians, naively, believe (deceived). It is a conflict between Judaism against Christianity as well, for Judaism does not accept the others while true Islam and true Christianity do.

This Palestinian second Al-Aqsa Intifada is just a small sample of the violence Israel would have to face if the international community allow extremist Judaic settlers to continue their attacks against Al-Aqsa until they destroy it. This could lead to a devastating world war.

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